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(Last Updated 11/9/2020)

Num Title Author Vols Pgs. Description
7238 101 Best Super Foods Hornick, Betsy 3 477 The 101 best super foods are discussed, including their benefits, selection and storage preparation, serving tips and recipes.
1888e 50 Fast and Fabulous Recipes - Pasta 'n More   1 80 Directions for use of Pasta 'n More appliance along with 50 recipes.
1697e NFS All About Burgers   1 59 Hamburger cookbook. Compiled by Helping Hands for the Blind.
957e All American Muffins Ladies Home Journal Magazine 1 47 One muffin recipe to represent each state.  Excerpted from Ladies Home Journal.
2815e Alpha-Bakery Gold Medal 1 57 Recipe for each letter of the alphabet that children and parents can make together. Companion book.
1981e NFS Alum-Yum I.S.L.I. Alumni Association 1 67 A collection of recipes from the alumni and friends of the I.S.L.I. 
1254e NFS America's Bake-Off Cookbook Pillsbury Classics No. 2 F06770 3   Pillsbury's 31st Bake-off Recipes.
7019e NFS Ask Your Neighbor Favorite Recipes Gaddy, Charles 2 319 A collection of recipes gathered from the editor's popular radio program in North Carolina, including helpful household hints.
1416e NFS Back of the Box Gourmet McLaughlin, Michael 3 197 A selection of favorite back of the box recipes.
7256e NFS Baker's Easiest-Ever Chocolate Recipes Kraft Foods Inc. 1   Chocolate recipes.
7257e NFS Baking Illustrated Cook's Illustrated Magazine 2   Favorite cookies and brownies.
1721e Basic Carbohydrate Counting American Dietetic Association and American Diabetic Association 1 20 Guide to healthier eating for diabetics by counting carbohydrates.
1904e Bean Cookbook, The Northwest Bean Growers Assn 2 250 Recipes for bean dishes.
7056e NFS Bertolli Mediterranean Menu Bertolli Nutrition Center 1 74 Menus from the Mediterranean cuisine.
1871e NFS Best Ever Fryer Cookbook, The   2 226 This cookbook delves into the hows and whys of deep-frying: the best oils to use, correct temperatures and frying times, technical tips for using your deep fryer, and safety guidelines.
1701e NFS Best of Georgia Cookbook, The   2 250  
1267e NFS Best of the Zucchini Recipes Cookbook, The Dandar, Helen 3 219 Over 400 "blue ribbon" recipes from around the country, soups to desserts.
1224e Best Recipes From the Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans and Jars Dyer, Celia 5 339 These are the recipes you meant to clip and save -- the ones on that jar label, those cans, on the back of the box.
1200e NFS Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook Banton Books 3 164 Featuring over 1200 recipes--600 of them brand new--making this cookbook even more indispensable than ever.
2521e NFS Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook Meredith Corporation 3   Recipes for children/juniors for appetizers through desserts using Kraft food products.
7020e NFS Better Homes and Gardens Vegetable Cookbook Better Homes and Gardens 3 445 Explicit instruction for a variety of uses of 20 kinds of fresh or frozen vegetables. Includes soups and salads, general instructions for canning and freezing, and charts on seasoning, cooking and nutritional values.
1602e NFS Betty Crocker and Gold Medal General Mills 2 217  
7016e Betty Crocker Chicken and Fish Betty Crocker 2 212 Summer recipes. Includes a section of dinners for two.
7084e Betty Crocker Diabetes Cookbook   5 648 This book includes not only diabetic recipes, but medical and nutritional information to help develop a healthy eating plan.
7112e Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cooking   4 526 A collection of recipes that are safe for celiacs (and others avoiding gluten). Includes more than 150 delicious gluten-free recipes, including contributions from popular gluten-free bloggers.
7064e NFS Betty Crocker's Casserole Cookbook Betty Crocker 2 301 More than 125 casserole recipes to tempt every taste and match any occasion.
7153e NFS Beyond TV Dinners Canter, Patricia; Cole, Mike; Hatlen, Betsy; LeDuc, Paula 1 210 Three levels of recipes for visually handicapped cooks.
1830e Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes Smotherman, Chuck; Carrie, Holcomb Mills, Eds. 6 963 Hundreds of recipes from appetizers to desserts from Better Homes and Gardens.
7068e NFS Bisquick Baking Mix Bisquick 1 80 Various recipes using Bisquick baking mix.
1008e NFS Book of Chocolates & Petits Fours Smith, Beverly Sutherland 2 152 Candies, cookies, and pastries.
981e NFS Book of Favorite Recipes, A Women's Ministries So.Ave Methd  4 317 Recipes and kitchen hints.
7054e NFS Bravo! Italian Cooking Scheer, Cynthia 1 82 Italian cooking recipes.
1612e Bread Electric Nightingale, Suzan 2 190 A gourmet recipe book created especially for automatic home bread machines.
1845e Cake Mix Doctor, The Byrn, Anne 5 877 Recipes for desserts starting with cake mixes.
1297e Calvary Cooks Calvary Lutheran Church 2 289 Basic grouping of recipes by the women of the church. Small section for children.
912e NFS Campbell Cookbook: Most for the Money Main Dishes Campbell Kitchens 3 276 Main dish recipes using economical Campbell soups as a key ingredient.
1931e NFS Campus Cuisine Housing Service Office Un of Calif. 2 123  
1872e NFS Casserole Cookbook, The Helping Hands for the Blind 1 93  
1999e Celebration of Soups, A Ackart, Robert 4 640 Over 250 soup recipes.
1994e Chicken   2 250 Chicken Recipes--soups, appetizers, salads, light meals, hearty dishes, and pasta.
7051e Chicken--Pillsbury Pillsbury 2 272 Chicken recipes for meals, fixin's, grilling.
7325 Chinese Favorites Favorite Brand Name Recipes 1 90 More than 45 quick and delicious dishes.
1329e NFS Chocolate Lovers II Cookbook   3 616 Cakes, desserts, pies, candies and beverages, all using chocolate.
1800e Collection II: Simple & Elegant Recipes, The Attic Angel Assoc. 5 644 The second cookbook from the Attic angel members with a full range of recipes.
384e NFS Collector's Cook Book Casseroles Woman's Day Kitchen 1 29  
880e NFS Come For Brunch II Cookbook Pillsbury Company, Classic #39 2 168 Brunch dishes for appetizers, salads, and main dishes.
1518e NFS Cook For A Cause Madison Urban Ministry 2 132 Local celebrities (Madison, Wis) donated favorite recipes -- for AIDS research.
1781e Cooking for Comfort Burros, Marian 2 378 More than 100 recipes that are as satisfying to cook as they are to eat.
1710e NFS Cooking From Quilt Country Adams, Marcia 3 462 Nearly 200 hearty recipes from Amish and Mennonite kitchens. Companion to the 13-part PBS series.
1873e NFS Cooking in a New Dimension   1 203  
1604e NFS Cooking Tips   1 63  
1978e NFS Cooking with French Fried Onions: Helping Hands for the Blind Presents   1 160  
1607e Cool And Easy Cooking For Today With Bisquick Betty Crocker 1 68 Recipes ranging from Eggs Benedict with Scones to Tuna-Cheese Rings to Inside-Out-Sandwiches.
943e NFS Coolers, Cocktails and Punches Dole Processing Foods Company 1 25  
1838e NFS Crock Pot Cookbook, The Farberware Co. 1 37  
7125e Crockpot - The Original Slow Cooker Recipes   1 66 Original Crockpot slow cooker recipes.
1995e Crock-Pot: The Original Slow Cooker Cookbook Sunbeam Products 1 82 Original slow cooker Crock pot recipes.
7203 Cuisinart Instruction & Recipe Book Cuisinart 1 79 Instruction and recipe booklet for Smart Stick Two Speed Hand Blender CSB-79.
1977e NFS Cultural Cooking and Baking   1 168  
1722e Daily Meal Planning Guide Eli Lilly & Co. 1 28 Guide to healthy eating for diabetics.
7001e NFS Dash of This, A Can of That: The True No Measure Cookbook Park, Morgan M.; Crum, Sherri A.; Kichtenfels, Susan M. 1 151 Convenient, simple and tasty no measure cookbook.
901e NFS Dazey Chef's Pot Model DCP-6 and DCP-3 Dazey Product Co. 2 133 Instructions and recipes for your Dazey Chef's pot.
1990e Diabetic Cooking Cool Summer Recipes   1 120 Cool summer recipes and diabetic information.
7076e Diabetic Cooking: Holiday Entertaining Publications International 1 138 Special recipes with health and holiday entertaining in mind.
1339e Diabetic Recipes Pippin, Marilyn B. 1 93 Recipes for all kinds of food. Also includes exchange lists, list of resources.
7272 down to earth Weight Watchers 2 320 More than 130 vegetarian recipes featuring winning points.
1715e Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss Shapiro, Dr. Howard M. 7 714 For the same number of calories, you can choose a little of the bad foods or a lot of the good foods.
1655e Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss Shopper's Guide Shapiro, Dr. Howard 2 220 The companion to the best-selling Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Weight Loss will lead you straight to the great-tasting brand-name foods you need to help you lose weight for good. 
7181 Dump Cakes & One-Bowl Baking   1 104 Discover recipes for dozens of incrediby easy and irresistibly delicious dump cakes including pound cakes, coffeecakes, snack cakes, and bundt cakes. Each recipe starts with a cake mix.
7221 Dump Soups   1 105 Favorite brand name recipes.
1186e Duncan Hines Celebrated Baking Favorite Recipes Magazine Publications International 1 140 Recipes created with a busy lifestyle in mind. Desserts, bars, cookies, cholesterol-free etc.
7314 Easy Breads Taste of Home 1 166 70 recipes for breads, sweet rolls, biscuits, scones and more.
857e NFS Easy Does It Cookbook Burns, Carol; Miller, Liz 2 207 Steps to freeze 12 meals in a day.
7282 Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook, The Garza, Lindsay 3 348 This gluten free cookbook is your ultimate solution to make gluten-free weeknight meals easy.
1976e NFS Easy Gourmet from Stanford Mother's Club of Stanford U. 2 114  
1109e Easy Homemade Desserts General Foods Corp. 4 258 Cakes, pies, between-time treats, company desserts, and more made with Jell-O brand pudding.
7187 NFS Eat and Stay Slim Better Homes & Gardens 3 219 Sets you on the path to healthy eating and is a sustainable reprogramming of your relationship with food and food portions. It never says you can't have something, but rather gives you lots of choices for what you can eat and be perfectly satisfied.
1754e Eating Hints for Cancer Patients National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute 1 101 How to eat and things to try before, during and after radiation treatment.
1975e NFS Entrees and Soups: Cooking in the Dark Recipe Collection   4 238  
1226e NFS Even More Recipes - From the Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans and Jars Dyer, Ceil 7 404  
1953e Everybody's Natural Foods Cookbook Jacobs, Andrea 3 178 Natural foods cookbook
7164e Everyday Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, The Sharpe, Diane 1 115 An interesting mix of genuine Mediterranean recipes that are specially designed to simplify and add variety to your meals, while achieving your health goals.
1714e Exchange Lists For Meal Planning American Diabetes Assoc., Inc. 1 116 Diabetic exchange lists, 2003 edition.
850e NFS Fan Fare II -- Winning Recipes From Badger Fans Women's InterColleg. Sports Club 4 383 Drinks, appetizers, soups, main dishes and more.
7301 Farmer's Market Vegegarian Pillsbury 2 225 A Pillsbury Classic farmer's market vegetarian cookbook. 
7239 NFS Fast & Fresh Salads Sherwood, Kate 1 72 Created by, the recipes emphasize variety and taste - salads that can be tossed together quickly and really enjoyed. Each recipe lists the calories, total fat, saturated fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, cholesterol, and sodium content.
1274e NFS Favorite Recipes St. Procopius Parish 5 448  
1326e NFS Favorite Wish-Bone Recipes/Collectors Recipe Series Consumer Communication 1 12  
1266e Feed Me! I'm Yours - A Recipe For Mothers Lansky, Vicky 2 256 Recipes and ideas for home-made baby foods, decorations, party games, practical helps.
7283 Fish and Seafood Recipes   1 121 Fish recipes for suppers, lunches, soups, appetizers and from the grill.
1333e NFS Food Editors' Favorites: Desserts Ostmann & Baker, Eds 4 354 This book is the ultimate recipe collection for dessert lovers. It contains over 150 taste tempters from the personal files of food editors and writers.
1334e NFS Food Editor's Treasured Recipes Meredith Corporation 3 278 Contains recipes from publications such as: Better Homes and Gardens, Country America, Country Home, Ladies' Home Journal, Midwest Living, Traditional Home and Metropolitan Home.
7023e NFS Forgotten Recipes Rodack, Jaine 2 340 The best of American cooking from popular culinary magazines.
7230 Fresh from the Oven Cookies   1 46 Cookie recipes.
1428e From the Bethel Banquet Table Women's Ministries Board 2 321  
7199 Fun with Ramen Noodles   1 108 Recipes made with Ramen Noodles.
1780e George Foreman the Next Grilleration G5 Cookbook, The Roussou, Deb 2 246 Recipes for the indoor grill, Model No. GRP90WG.
1779e George Foreman the Next Grilleration G5 Owner's Manual Salton, Inc. 1 33 Instructions for the indoor grill, Model No. GRP90WG. P/N 61772.
7061e Good Food for Good Health Colorado Dietetic Assoc. 1 102 Recipes from the book "Simply Colorado". Easy to prepare foods submitted and triple-tested by Colorado registered dietitians.
1403e NFS Good Taste of Fin 'N Feather -- Favorite Recipes, The Manns, Jerrie 6 417 Favorite recipes of the Fin 'N Feather Resort.
1469e Grazing Across Wisconsin Family Recipes Telephone Pioneers of Wisconsin 5 785 Collection of family recipes from Wisconsin telephone employees.
7160e Great Chefs of Lodi   2 340 A compilation of recipes appearing in the Lodi Enterprise with everything from appetizers to desserts.
3309e NFS Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook Brennan, G.; Frankeny, F.; Dr. Seuss 1 114 Child's cookbook based on the famous Dr. Seuss book.
3450e NFS Grilled Pizza Sandwich and Other Vegetarian Recipes Johnson, Kristi 1 44 Have you ever munched on Wormy Apple Croissants? How about Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi? These are not your ordinary cookbooks! Easy step-by-step instructions guide you through each unique recipe. Equipment lists, safety tips, and difficulty ratings for each recipe are also included.
7081e Grilling Williams-Sonoma 1 150 All the information the home grilling cook needs--from equipment and basic techniques to recipes and a complete glossary.
1959e Ground Beef Cookbook Various 4 610 Favorite Recipes of Home Economics Teachers.
1723e Healthy Food Choices American Dietetic Association and American Diabetic Association 1 20 Guide to healthy eating for the whole family.
1760e Heavenly Delights Bethel, Delorse 1 163 Complete range of traditional Southern recipes.
7311 Hellmann's Favorite Receipes Publications International 1 77 Whether you are making dinner or hosting a party, you'll find plenty of best-loved recipes that can be made in a snap.
7255e NFS Hershey's Classic Recipes Hershey Food Corp. 1   Recipes.
1974e NFS Holiday Desserts: Helping Hands for the Blind Presents   1 72  
1973e NFS Holiday Entertainment: Helping Hands for the Blind Presents   1 77  
1301e Home Bakery Book, The Sango Electric Co. 1 49 Recipes for breads, rolls, pizza dough, etc.
7124e Home Cooking   2 226 Recipes from the Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped.
952e NFS Homemade is Better Tupperware Home Party 6 572 Make ahead basic mixes; menus; meals for one or two; use of Tupperware kitchen equipment.
1970e Hooray for Quick Meals Family Living 1 104 Recipes for quick entrees, desserts, breads and beverages.
1947e Hooray for Salads Riverwood Press 1 106 75 All-time favorite recipes.
1965e Hooray for Sweets Family Living 1 121 Recipes for cookies, bars, fudge and other treats.
1862e Hooray! A Cookbook for Single Me! Splittstoesser, Shirley; Lynch, Annette 2 278 A cookbook for beginners, with easy, single-serve recipes.
7123e I Want that Recipe First Baptist Church 2 270 A collection of recipes from the First Baptist Church of Doyline, LA.
1736e NFS In Good Times Moreland, Alyson 2 331 Slow cooker recipes with Weight Watchers Winning Points.
7330 Instant Pot, The Randolph, Laurel 3 423 Featuring more than 100 simple and great tasting recipes for this incredibly versatile appliance, this Instant Pot cookbook is a must-have for new owners and experienced enthusiasts alike.
1737e NFS Just Like Home Haynes, Alyson Moreland, Ed. 2 334 130 recipes for classic favorites made light featuring Weight Watchers' WINNING POINTS.
884e NFS Kenmore Microwave Cooking Polshek, Ellyn - Editor 7 479 Use, care, recipes and menu planning.
3234e Kid's Cookbook, The: Kid-Tested Recipes from the West Village Nursery School West Village Nursery School 1 53 Kid-tested recipes from a nursery school.
1103e NFS Leaflets of Recipes /Louisiana Coop Ext Service, Louisiana Linder, Diane; Dr. 1 97 Simple recipes for casseroles, skillet dishes, vegetables and fruit salads. Tips on cooking methods, growing, nutrition, cooking, shopping and foods.
1861e Let's Cook With Fruits & Vegetables Northeast Valley Health Corporation 2 288 Volume one is in English and volume two in Spanish. WIC-approved foods are high-lighted.
750e NFS Let's Eat Edgewood H.S. Auxillary 7 569 All-around family cookbook.
7178 Light & Healthy Microwave Cooking Emal, Janet; Taylor, Elizabeth 3 442 Easy meal planning, microwave recipes with dietary guidelines.
1689e Light & Luscious Oxmoor House 5 702 Recipes from appetizers to desserts, a "light" version and a "luscious" version for when calories matter and when they don't.
1327e NFS Lipton Cup-a-Soup Recipes   1 15 Collector's Recipe Series.
7312 Lipton Recipe Secrets Publicaitons International 1 76 Tasty recipes that are quick and so easy. Whether you are making dinner or hosting a party, you'll find plenty of best-loved recipes that can be made in a snap.
1859e Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup Mix Magic Publications International 1 65 Simple recipes with Lipton's soup mixes.
7052e NFS Little New England Cookbook, A Bloch, Barbara 1 44 New England's famed cuisine--from Vineyard Bay Scallops and fresh Boiled Lobster to Boston Brown Bread and tart Cranberry Conserve--is highlighted in this delightful regional collection.
7021e Low Calorie & Low Fat Recipes Pillsbury 2 256 Pillsbury's most requested low calorie & low fat recipes.
7079e Low-Carb: Favorite All Time Recipes Favorite All Time Recipes 1 100 46 recipes with 7 grams of carb or less.
7281e NFS Madam Sauce Piquante's Cookbook II   3   Homemade recipes from the south.
7039e NFS Maggie Nettles Presents The Kitchen Korner Nettles, Marguerite 1 103 Recipes from "Maggie's Kitchen Korner" column in "Newsreel Magazine: By and for the Blind" has recipes for all occasions, along with special poems about friendship at the beginning of each selection and helpful household hints.
7075e Main Course Salads Modern Publishing 1 60 A variety of salad recipes.
1577e NFS Malt-O-Meal Magic Malt-O-Meal Co. 1 67 A book containing recipes for snacks, breads, cookies, and desserts using Malt-O-Meal cereals.
1466e NFS Manson Family Cookbook, The Manson, Thomas; et. al. 3 241 A general cookbook.
1796e Marilyn Harris Cooking School Cookbook, The Harris, Marilyn 3 528 Full-range cookbook with cooking tips, including a wine guide.
7007e NFS Mediterranean Cuisine Shan, Anita, Dr. 1 57 Mediterranean recipes.
973e NFS Microwave Cooking Guide Pub-Tappan Co. 3 254 Use of oven plus recipes.
1917e NFS Microwave Light   1 52 Low calorie microwave recipes.
1225e NFS More Recipes From The Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans, & Jars Dyer, Ceil 5   More recipes from the backs of boxes, bottles, cans and jars.
1423e NFS New and Healthier Approach to Deep-Fry Cuisine, The Hoffman, Mable 4 343 Over 200 tested recipes including appetizers, main dishes and desserts.
7048e NFS New Easy Recipes from Campbell's Soups Helping Hands for the Blind 1 151 A variety of recipes using Campbell's Soups, from soups, ragouts, and tacos to main course meals.
1734e New Soy Cookbook, The Sass, Lorna 1 177 Tempting recipes for tofu, tempeh, soybeans and soymilk.
7065e Now Eat This! DiSpirito, Rocco 4 442 Transforms 150 of America's favorite comfort foods into deliciously healthy dishes--all with zero bad carbs, zero bad fats, zero sugar, and maximum flavor. Also provides time-saving shortcuts, helpful personal advice and nutritional breakdowns for each recipe.
1424e NFS Now You're Cooking with Nesco Metal Ware Corp. 1   Recipes for use with the Nesco line of appliances.
1338e Nutrasweet Spoonful Recipe Collection, The Nutra Sweet Company 1 95 This recipe collection contains over 30 all new recipes that range from Appetizers and Salads to Entrees and Desserts. All recipes contain NutraSweet Spoonful.
7113e NutriBullet Natural Healing Foods NutriBullet 2 300 Supercharge your health in just seconds a day. Learn about your immune system and how it works.
7115e NutriBullet Pocket Nutritionist NutriBullet 1 38 The handy in-store companion, which teaches: Which foods should be organic, how to choose a well rounded weekly menu, how to select the freshest produce, and exactly how much produce to buy.
7114e NutriBullet User Guide & Recipe Book NutriBullet 2 194 The user guide and recipe book is full of delicious and nutritious life boosting recipes that will rejuvenate your body and make you feel better.
749e NFS Old Mr. Boston Deluxe Official Bartender's Guide Cotton, Leo 4 420 Mixed drinks, bar hints, liquor dictionary.
7211 One-pot meals McFadden, Christine 1 108 Simple and delicious easy to make recipes.
1757e Only the Pot Nose Baldwin, Peggy C. 7 1238 Complete cookbook from appetizers to desserts, with a section on household hints.
7308 Oreo Sweet Treats Publications International 1 81 OREO's 100th Birthday Collection, filled with sensational desserts perfect for birthdays or any celebration. Features classic OREO recipes, no-bake treats, one-bite desserts, party and kid favorites, and more.
1219e NFS Our Daily Bread St Luke Church Festival 86 5 334  
1997e Our Favorite Desserts Riverwood Press 1 110 Dessert recipes from "Family Living".
1979e Our Favorite Family Feasts   1 36 Menus for 6 family gatherings.
1971e Our Favorite Party Fare Family Living 1 119 Snack and beverage recipes.
1220e NFS Our Favorite Recipes New Salem Presb. Church Women's Assoc. 1 66  
1270e NFS Our Favorite Recipes St. Andrews Parish 3 248 Many orthodox recipes-Russian, Slavic, and others.
1967e Our Favorite Simple Suppers Family Living 1 116 Casual everyday meals will be a breeze with these 69 recipes for casseroles, pasta, chili, soups, salads, breads, and more.
7254e NFS Our Special Readers' Favorite Recipes   1   Recipes.
1956e Ovens of Brittany Cookbook, The Allen, Terese 2 355 The Cookbook has stories and professional hints, as well as a good collection of popular recipes from the restaurants.
7286 Pampered Chef, The All The Best Pampered Chef 2 266 Appetizers, main dishes, desserts and more from the Pampered Chef Test Kitchens.
7057e NFS Party and Picnic Cookbook, The Helping Hands for the Blind 2 268 Includes recipes for parties and picnics, from appetizers to soups and brunches and main courses, with desserts included as well.
1989e NFS Pasta Parragon Pubs. 2 228 A collection of over 100 essential pasta recipes.
7055e NFS Pasta Cookbook Helping Hands for the Blind 1 86 Covers cooking with different types of pasta, including recipes from appetizers to main courses.
995e NFS Pillsbury Bake-Off Cookbook Pillsbury Classic No. 62 Kos, Ronald J. Publisher 3 279 Winning Recipes from the 32nd Bake-Off.
7196 Pillsbury Fast & Healthy Cookbook General Mills 3 421 Flavorful recipes that are higher in fiber and other nutrients than most recipes, yet lower in fat and calories. They're also fast—all can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, with a whole chapter of recipes ready in just 20 minutes.
7062e NFS Pillsbury Incredible Crescents Pillsbury 1 110 Crescents make good cooking convenient and delicious, and this book contains our newest collection of recipes. We've gathered many of our favorites for all kinds of appetizers, main dishes and sweets.
1576e Pillsbury Model 1016 Automatic Bread & Dough Maker Pillsbury 1 62 Manual and recipes.
1343e NFS Prizewinning Recipes by You Bisquick 1 42 Best of the bake-off contest recipes.
7188 Quick & Easy Microwave Meals Evans, Susan 1 94 Over 50 microwave recipes for breakfast, snacks, meals and desserts.
7071e NFS Quick & Easy Pasta Simmons, Coleen; Simmons, Bob 3 224 Features 100+ recipes with sections on extra-quick recipes, savory appetizers and soups, innovative pasta salads, pastas with vegetable, seafood, poultry and meat. Special section on making your own pasta. 
1585e Quick-n-Easy Convection Oven Deni 2 196 Cookbook for the Deni oven. Instructions for Model 10100 in a separate volume (52 additional pages).
7101e Rachael Ray My Year in Meals Ray, Rachael 8 1200 Rachael Ray offers a glimpse into her own kitchen diary. From everyday meals to complicated culinary feats, Rachael reveals what she herself cooks for her family and friends for one whole year.
7310 Ragu Family Favorites Publications International 1 81 Family favorite recipes using Ragu.
1522e NFS Recipes and Memories From Our First 25 Years Volunteer Braillists & Tapists 3 247 VBTI's own cookbook; recipes and anecdotes about its volunteers.
1091e NFS Recipes for the Body and Soul Women's Committee, Greater Framingham Community Church 2 113 Recipes and helpful hints for freezing food.
7133e Recipes for the Turbo Blend Two Speed Vitamix   2 242 Recipes for the Turbo Blend Two Speed Vitamix.
862e NFS Recipes From Miss Daisy King, Daisy 2 210 Menus and recipes from a tea room.
1519e NFS Recipes From Our House To Yours  Point Chapel Assembly of God 4 327 A general cookbook from a Louisiana Church.
978e Recipes Old & New with Minute Rice General Foods Consumer Center 1 22  
1903e Rival Crock-Pot Simple 1-2-3 Slow Cooker Recipes   2 248 Recipes for slow cooker.
1699e NFS Rivercity Collection Horwedel, Elena, Editor 1 48 General cookbook compiled by Tri Visual Services. 
3388e NFS Salad People and More Real Recipes: New Cookbook for Preschools & Up Katzen, Mollie 1 152 This cookbook, by celebrity author Mollie Katzen, contains 20 easy to prepare, healthy recipes for kids. Contains kitchen tips, safety and behavior rules, and thoughts on what children can learn from cooking.
7058e Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cooking Lee, Sandra 2 278 Quick marvelous meals and nothing is made from scratch.
7072e NFS Savory Salads Better Homes and Gardens 4 196 Includes everything from side salads to main entrees from Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchens.
1972e NFS Selected Recipes from Forum Feasts    1 171  
1221e NFS Sharing Recipes -- A Book of Favorite Recipes St. James Catholic Church 6 409  
1580e Sharp Microwave Oven Operation Manual & Recipes   1   Carousel R-318B and R-320B.
7284 Simply Better Easy Potlucks Better Homes and Gardens 1 91 Creative ideas for covered dishes, grilled foods, salads, sides, and desserts for a potluck.
1260e NFS Simply from Scratch Recipes Vol. 3 The Pillsbury Company 3 223 Breads, rolls, quick breads, cookies, bars, pies, cakes.
7309 Skippy Favorite Recipes Publications International 1 74 Fuel the Fun! Favorite recipes using Skippy peanut butter.
1298e NFS Slo-cooker Plus, The West Bend 2 110 Slo cooker recipes.
1801e Taste for Living Cookbook, The Ginsberg, Beth; Milken, Mike 2 304 Recipes for making food delicious while following principles of sound nutrition, especially for cancer patients.
944e NFS Tasty Visions Pittsburgh Blind Assoc. 3 286 Favorite recipes from the Pittsburgh Blind Association. Everything from soup to nuts.
821e NFS Tasty Visions II -- Favorite Recipes Pittsburgh Blind Assoc. 3   The second in an offering of favorite recipes from the Pittsburgh Blind Association. Everything from soup to nuts.
1337e NFS T-Factor Fat Gram Counter, The Pope-Cordle, Jamie 3 209 Total fat grams, grams of fiber, calories, grams of saturated fat, milligrams of cholesterol and milligrams of sodium for over 1900 foods.
1870e NFS Time Saver Cookbook, The   1 154  
7150e NFS Timeless Recipes With Minute Rice General Foods 1 80 Minute rice recipes.
1468e Toastmaster Bread Box (TM) Bread Maker Guide & recipe book Toastmaster, Inc. 1 104 Manual for this appliance.
7053e NFS Uncle Ben's Quick and Easy Dollar-Wise Dinners Uncle Ben's 1 16 Quick and easy dinners using Uncle Ben's rice.
41e Unusual Old World and American Recipes Nordic Ware 1 81 A cookbook they tuck inside the box when you buy a new pan for the kitchen. It has 47 pages and is full of recipes. 
1533e Weber Gas Barbecue Cookbook Weber Stephen Product Co. 1 155 Recipes for use with the 1000 LX series of barbecues.
1806e Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook Gagliardi, Nancy 7 1186 Over 500 simple, scrumptious and healthy recipes. Includes nutrition and POINTS information.
7278 weightwatchers soups and stews Weight Watchers 2 270 88 recipes with a SmartPoints value of 6 or less.
1696e NFS Welcome to Miss Jackie's Kitchen Pirro, Jacqueline 1 185 Here is a great cookbook written by a cook who is blind. She gives hints about her kitchen work and adds a humorous touch to these delicious recipes. There are sections on breakfast dishes, sandwiches and salads, entrees, pasta dishes, side dishes, breads and muffins, desserts and additional menu suggestions.
1534e West Bend Automatic Bread & Dough Maker  Recipes & instructions 2   Recipes and instructions for the West Bend Bread and Dough Maker.
1330e NFS White Canes & White Thumbs Tri-Cnty Branch Penn. Assoc. for Blind 5 204 Ordinary recipes for main dishes, salads, cakes, pies, etc.
1767e Wild About Southwest Cooking Blount, Mary Jane, Ed. Mgr. 1 196 Lots of tortillas and chiles.
3231e Winnie the Pooh's Picnic Cookbook Milne, A. A. 1 58 Children's cookbook for picnics.
3235e Winnie the Pooh's Teatime Cookbook Milne, A. A. 1 62 Children's cookbook. Recipes for teatime!
1434e Winning Recipes from Wisconsin With Love The Cooks of Wisconsin 2 238  
1700e NFS Zacky Farms Chicken Cookbook   2 113  
7151e NFS Casserole Cook Book, The Good Housekeeping 1 99 Good Housekeeping casserole cookbook.
7307 I can't belive it's not Butter! Publications International 1 85 Recipes for side dishes, appetizers, main dishes and even desserts.
7326 Irish Cooking Favorite Brand Name Recipes 1 90 Discover the magic of Irish cooking with more than 45 delicious recipes.

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