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Num Title Author Vols Pgs. Description
3653e NFS 26 Fairmount Avenue DePaola, Tomie 1 39 Tomie's family starts building their new house at 26 Fairmount Avenue in 1938, just as a hurricane hits town, starting off a busy, crazy year. 
2611e NFS 263 Brain Busters Phillips, Louis 1 75 A collection of mathematical and verbal brain-teasing questions interspersed with "brain vacation" jokes.
3771 NFS A New School Year: Stories in Six Voices Derby, Sally 1 33 Six children ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade walk through the excitement, jitters, and small pleasures that accompany the first day of school.
3205e NFS Absent Author, The Ray, Ron 1 212 Duncan and his two friends investigate the apparent kidnapping of famous mystery author Wallis Wallace.
3626 NFS Abuelita, Full of Life Costales, Amy 1 21 Jose is not sure what to expect when his grandmother from Mexico moves in, except that he will certainly have to change his ways. What he disovers is that he doesn't mind one bit. Abuelita is full of surprises, and full of life. This book is written in Spanish and English.
2405e Addy Learns A Lesson (American Girl: Addy, Book 2) Porter, Connie 1 68 Addy and her mother arrive in Philadelphia to begin life as free people. Everything is new to them in the big city. 
2463e Addy Saves the Day (American Girl: Addy, Book 5) Porter, Connie 1 67 After the Civil War ends, many families like Addy's are searching for their loved ones.
2406e Addy's Surprise (American Girl: Addy, Book 3) Porter, Connie 1 61 Addy's Christmas surprise for Momma is different from what she had planned. And a surprise awaiting Addy is better than she even dared to hope for.
61e NFS Adventures of Pinocchio, The Collocli, C. 3 230 Story of a naughty puppet come to life.
3173e NFS Aesop For Children, The   1 156 Fables.
2746e Aftershock (Mindwarp: Book 6) Archer, Chris 1 148 Toni's 13th birthday is a disaster when weird things happen to her -- and then it becomes dangerous.
2322e Aladdin (Disney's) Singer, A. L. 1 88 Adapted from the film by A. L. Singer.
2917e Alanna (Song of the Lioness: Book 1) Pierce, Tamora 2 282 Alanna disguises herself as a boy and enters the service of a knight.
2339e Alice Goldberg, Whoopi 1 38 Alice and her two friends (one of whom is an invisible rabbit) have an adventure-filled trip to 4444 44th Street to collect a prize she hopes will bring her wealth.
2238e Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Carroll, Lewis 2 308 Alice follows a hare underground and has strange adventures and meets fantastic characters.
2922e Alien Blood (Mindwarp: Book 2) Archer, Chris 1 161 Terror comes from within ... Wisconsin teen's life changes after an accident -- could the alien stories be true?
2923e Alien Scream (Mindwarp: Book 3) Archer, Chris 1 148 Fear sounds the same in any language. Another Wisconsin teen turns thirteen and is suddenly fluent in every language -- and someone wants him dead.
2921e Alien Terror (Mindwarp: Book 1) Archer, Chris 1 143 When you look in the mirror ... who looks back? Wisconsin teen doesn't believe the alien rumors until weird things happen to him and his life is in danger.
2825e All Boats Have Pretzels Curley, Joan J. 1 32 Tasha's Grandmother comes to visit Martha's Vineyard to share memories and pretzels.
2553e All Through the Year O'Donnell, Mabel 5 225 A first grade anthology.
3383e NFS Almost Astronauts--13 Women Who Dared to Dream Stone, Tanya Lee 2 245 An interesting and informative account of women's efforts to shatter existing norms and enter into highly non-traditional occupations in aeronautics. The struggle of these 13 women reflects the struggle of all those who have dreams out of sync with the age in which they live. Grades 6 and up.
3335e NFS Almost Gone: The World's Rarest Animals Jenkins, Steve 1 28 Each endangered animal is introduced in a single paragraph that typically contains a fact or two about range, behavior, diet, and those conditions that threaten its welfare. A middle section memorializes animals no longer on Earth. elem, k-3rd grade. Some tactiles.
3018e NFS Always and Forever Durant, Alan 1 11 A family of forest animals learn to cope with the death of a loved one.
77e NFS Amazing Adventures Verlick, Mary 1 39  
3136e NFS Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy 1 24 A literal-minded housekeeper causes a ruckus in the household when she attempts to make sense of some instructions. 
3135e NFS Amelia Bedelia Helps Out Parish, Peggy 1 35 Amelia Bedelia shows her niece Effie Lou how to follow instructions to the letter as they dust the potato bugs and sow seeds. 
2621e America the Beautiful Wisconsin Stein, R. Conrad 2 211 Introduces the geography, history, government, economy, industry, culture, historic sites, and famous people of the state which calls itself "America's Dairyland."
3237e Among the Hidden (Shadow Children: Book 1) Haddix, Margaret Peterson 1 187 In a future where the Population Police enforce the law limiting a family to only 2 children, Luke has lived all his 12 years in isolation and fear.
3366e Among the Imposters (Shadow Children: Book 2) Haddix, Margaret Peterson 2 222 Luke Garner, an illegal third child, is living among others for the first time at Hendricks School for boys and is trying to blend in, but lives in fear that his behavior will betray him.
2547e NFS Anastasia At Your Service Lowry, Lois 2 193 A long, boring summer -- that's what Anastasia has to look forward to when her best friend goes off to camp. She's thrilled when old Mrs. Bellingham answers her ad for a job as a Lady's Companion.
2457e NFS Anastasia On Her Own Lowry, Lois 2 170 Family's new organized schedule for housekeeping makes Anastasia sure she can run the house while mom's away.
2454e Anastasia's Chosen Career Lowry, Lois 2 187 A seventh-grade assignment requires Anastasia to choose her future career.
2265e And Now Miguel Krumgold, Joseph 2 282 A twelve-year-old boy longs to go on a sheep drive, but when his prayers are answered, there's danger.
2567e Animal Encyclopedia for Children Few, Roger 2 271 This encyclopedia features more than 300 creatures living in 9 of the earth's major habitats.
3618e NFS Animal Friends: A Collection of Poems for Children   1 17 Animal Friends -- A collection of poems for children.
3728e NFS Anne Frank Life in Hiding Hurwitz, Johanna 1 60 From July 1942 until August 1944, a young girl named Anne Frank kept a diary. Keeping a diary isn't unusual. Lots of girls do. But Anne's diary was unique. It chronicled the two years she and her family spent hiding from the Germans who were determined to annihilate all the Jews in Europe. 
3315e NFS April Fools!  Minarik, Else H; Hahner, Cris 1 7 It's April Fools' Day, the perfect day for playing tricks. Little Bear wants to have some fun with his friends, but if he's not careful, they might just play a trick on him first!
654e NFS Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret Blume, Judy 2 178 Margaret was almost 12, full of questions and confused about religion.
3203e NFS Arthur and the Forbidden City Bessen, Luc 1 212 In order to find his grandfather's lost treasure and save the Minimoy's, Arthur and his companions travel into the forbidden city.
3188e Arthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club (Arthur: Book 2) Brown, Marc 1 41 Arthur and his friends' favorite books have been banned, and they work together to get the books back on the shelves.
2018e Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions Musgrave, Margaret 1 16 Explains some traditions and customs of 26 African tribes beginning with letters from A to Z.
2619e NFS Asi Es Josefina Tripp, Valerie 1 103 9-year-old Josephina tries to run the household after her mother dies. Spanish language.
2606e NFS Attack of the Mutant (Goosebumps: Book 25) Stine, R. L. 1 128 Skipper Matthews has an awesome comic book collection. His favorite one is called The Masked Mutant. It's about an evil supervillain who's out to rule the universe!
3176e NFS Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery Cushman, Doug 1 15 Aunt Eater loves mysteries so much that she sees mysterious adventures wherever she looks.
3435e NFS Babe. Pig in the City. Korman, Justine; Fontes, Pon 1 132 While Farmer Hoggett is laid up in casts and unable to work the farm, Mrs. Hoggett receives a visit from the bank. Now--with Babe's help--she must raise enough money to save the farm from foreclosure! In this hilarious story, Babe and Mrs. Hoggett get stranded in the big city on their way to the state fair. That means they won't collect Babe's appearance fee--and the race is on to pay the bank before it's too late. But first Babe and friends must survive in the big city!
2587e Barking Ghost, The (Goosebumps: Book 32) Stine, R. L. 1 121 It's a dog-gone nightmare! Scared of his own shadow. That's what everyone says about Cooper Holmes. But when the Holmses move into a new house deep in the woods, scary things really do start happening.
2020e NFS Bears on Hemlock Mountain, The Dalgliesh, Alice 1 34 8 year-old Jonathan fears to travel over a mountain.
247e NFS Benjie Lexau, Joan M. 1 24 Benjie was very bashful. He went out with his granny one day and she lost her favorite earring. He went out to look for it when she napped and how did he manage when he wouldn't speak?
174e NFS Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The Robinson, Barbara 1 82 A funny and memorable Christmas story for all ages.
2063e NFS Big Book For Peace, The Durell, Ann; Sachs, Marilyn 2 58 A book to enjoy, to think about, and to share. Some stories are funny and fanciful; others are serious and moving.
2059e NFS Big Snow, The Hader, Berta; Hader, Elmer 1 12 How the animals prepare for winter.
611e NFS Big Wave, The Buck, Pearl S. 1 55 The story of Kino and Jiha, two brave Japanese boys, who are not afraid of danger and death.
2802e Biggest Earthquake Ever, The Chapman, Sarah 1 6 The biggest earthquake ever took place in Valdiva, Chile, May 1960.
2554e NFS Birds Do The Strangest Things Hornblow, Leonora 1 50 Describes 22 birds with unusual habits or characteristics, including the ostrich, kiwi, honey guide and hornbill.
3647e NFS Birthday Storm, The (Sassy) Draper, Sharon 1 139 Sassy and her sparkle sack are back for another adventure with an ecology theme! It's summer vacation, and Sassy and her family are headed to Florida to visit Grammy for her birthday.
2991e NFS Bittle Cotler, Joanna 1 9 The family pets tell about the new baby in the house.
2801e Black Bear Cub Lind, Alan 1 11 Mother bear teaches her cubs how to live and have fun in the forest.
3551e NFS Black Beauty Sewell, Anna 2 304 A heartwarming tale told from the perspective of a horse named Black Beauty whose courage and perseverance sustain him as he travels from one owner to the next, often experiencing cruelty and mistreatment.
185e NFS Black Fairy Tales Berger, Terry 2 146 Princes, princesses, kings, and queens wear beautiful animal skins, live in kraals, and meet fearful ogres in these ten fairy tales from the Swazi, Shangani, and Msuto peoples of South Africa.
2863e Black Horse, The Mayer, Marianna 1 26 A Celtic folktale of a young man who gets a lot of help from a magical black horse.
3328e NFS Blind Colt Rounds, Glen 1 74 Adventures of a blind colt as he roams with a band of mustangs and is adopted and trained as a saddle horse by ten-year old Whitey.
3441e Blue Day Book for Kids Grieve, Bradley Trevor 1 13 A lesson in cheering your self up. Perfect for those downer days when your child needs a pick-me-up.
3637 NFS Blue Day Book for Kids, The Greive, Bradley Trevor 1   This story explains what blue day feels like, what may cause it and how to get over it. The story is told with great humor and is useful in helping young children understand uncomfortable feelings and what can be done about them.
2948e Bobbsey Twins at School, The (Bobbsey Twins: Book 4) Hope, Laura Lee 1 199 The Bobbsey twins deal with a circus train wreck, the loss of a pet cat, and an ice cream thief at a party.
2919e Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge, The (Bobbsey Twins: Book 5) Hope, Laura Lee 1 193 The twins and their cousins spend a snowy winter break at Snow Lodge and solve an old mystery of some missing money.
2989e Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore (Bobbsey Twins: Book 3) Hope, Laura Lee 1 199 The Bobbsey twins spend the summer at the beach.
2950e Bobbsey Twins in the Country, The (Bobbsey Twins: Book 2) Hope, Laura Lee 2 231 The twins put on a circus show, attend a parade, plant gardens, start a barnfire, go to a camp and make friends, and much more.
2928e Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat, The (Bobbsey Twins: Book 6) Hope, Laura Lee 2 223 The Bobbsey Twins and their cousins have a summer vacation on a houseboat and discover a stowaway on board.
2995e Bobbsey Twins, The (Bobbsey Twins) Hope, Laura Lee 1 183 Two sets of twins spend their winter trying to solve the mystery of a ghost.
2154e NFS Book of Greek Myths D'Aulaire, Ingri; Parin, Edgar 3 204 The gods and goddesses of ancient Greece described as if they were alive today.
12e NFS Book of Riddles Cerf, Bennett 1 6 Easy-to-read, easy-to-remember riddles.
3583 NFS Book With No Pictures, The Novak, B. J 1 15 This is a simple and ingeniously imaginative book that can inspire laughter as it introduces young children to the idea that words are a source of great fun.
2484e NFS Books by Beatrix Potter Potter, Beatrix 1 15 Contains: Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes, Cecily Parsley's Nursery Rhymes, Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit, Story of Miss Moppet.
1140e NFS Bouncy Baby Bunny Finds His Bed, The Bowden, Joan 1 13 Bouncy Baby Bunny was too bouncy in bed for his brothers and sisters, so they kicked him out of bed. The baby bunny tried to sleep at other animals' homes, but he was too bouncy for them, too. What will the bunny do?
3170e NFS Boxcar Children, The (Boxcar Children: Book 1) Warner, Gertrude 1 101 The Aldens begin their adventure by making a home in a boxcar. Their goal is to stay together.
2046e NFS Boy Who Ate the Moon, The King, Christopher 1 8 After eating the moon, a boy takes a strange journey. 
2880e Boys' War, The Murphy, Jim 1 121 Confederate and Union soldiers talk about the war.
2847e Brainstorm! Tucker, Tom 2 185 The stories of twenty American kid inventors.
3706 NFS Branch, The Messier, Mireille 1 17 Explores a young child's experience with loss and renewal. Though the little girl is heartbroken that her special perch in the tree is gone, the kindness and vision of her neighbor, combined with her own creativity and determination, help her recognize that it can have a new life in a different form.
3757 NFS Bravo! Poems About Amazing Hispanics Engle, Margarita 1 37 Musician, botanist, baseball player, pilot -- the Latinos featured in this collection come from Latin American countries and many different backgrounds. The reputations of those described in this book range from "some who were celebrated in their lifetimes but have been forgotten by history," to others who "achieved lasting fame."
2692e Breathing Not Required Bossle, Michele Martin 1 132 Sports stories.
2330e NFS Bridge to Terabithia Paterson, Katherine 1 176 Jess and Leslie create an imaginary kingdom and become friends.
371e NFS Brighty of the Grand Canyon Henry, Marguerite 3 228 Story of a young Indian boy.
3244e Brisingr (Inheritance Trilogy: Book 3) Paolini, Christopher 9 1415 The further adventures of Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, as they continue to aid the Varden in the struggle against the evil King, Galbatorix.
3411e NFS Brooklyn Nine, The Gratz, Alan 3 370 Follows the fortunes of a German immigrant family through nine generations, beginning in 1984, as they experience American life and play baseball. Through the years the Schneider family has dodged bullets on a battlefield, pitched perfect games, and dealt with the devastating loss of family and the Brooklyn Dodgers.
908e NFS Bugs Snakes and Creepy Things Maeser, Annie 1 53  
2905e Burning, The Allen, Judy 2 194 2 teenage girls are in the middle of a mystery involving witches, the supernatural and a big surprise.
2934e By The Shores of Silver Lake (Little House: Book 5) Wilder, Laura Ingalls 2 310 The Ingalls family moves to Dakota Territory while Pa works for the railroad and finds a homestead near Silver Lake.
2388e NFS Cabin Faced West, The Fritz, Jean 2 91 Story conveying loneliness, hardship, and despair of pioneer life.
575e NFS Caddie Woodlawn Brink, Carol Ryrie 3 288 Adventures of Caddie Woodlawn, a 12-year-old tomboy, in Western Wisconsin in 1864.
2286e NFS Calf for Christmas, A Lindgren, Astrid 1 23 A young boy helps the misfortunes of a family when he finds a calf.
3184e Calling on Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Book 3) Wrede, Patricia C. 2 347 Queen Cimorene and others have to stop the wizards from taking over the Enchanted Forest.
2780e Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the U.F.O. Adler, David A. 1 40 What are those strange colored lights in the sky? Will a contest be won with a photo of a U.F.O.?
2730e NFS Cambios Para Josefina Tripp, Valerie 1 83 Josefina and her sisters try to find a way to stop their Aunt from leaving. Spanish language.
2817e Carver Radin, Ruth Yaffe 1 57 A blind and fatherless boy hides his desire to be a wood carver like his dad.
2478e NFS Caryn Navy Verheyden-Hilliard, Mary Ellen 1 15 The biography of a blind mathematician and computer specialist living in Madison, Wisconsin.
3592 NFS Case For Loving, The Alko, Selina; Qualls, Sean 1 21 In 1958 Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter decided they wanted to marry. Unfortunately for them, it was against the law in Virginia. A white man and a black woman could not marry. This is the true story of Richard and Mildred and their fight to make unconstitutional the laws which prevented interracial marriage.
3041e NFS Case of the Bear Scare, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 18) Preller, James 1 50 Is a bear on the loose in Jigsaw's town, or is someone trying to scare Ms. Gleason's class silly? 
3045e NFS Case of the Best Pet Ever, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 22) Preller, James 1 62 When the prize gold medal disappears, Jigsaw and his dog enter the contest so they can solve this mystery. 
3048e NFS Case of the Double Trouble Detectives, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 26) Preller, James 1 63 Is Jigsaw's town big enough for two detectives?
3053e NFS Case of the Food Fight, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 28) Preller, James 1 54 Jigsaw tries to prove that Joey should not be blamed for starting a food fight in the school cafeteria.
3049e NFS Case of the Frog-jumping Contest, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 27) Preller, James 1 58 When the carnival's champion jumping frog mysteriously disappears, Jigsaw and his partner Mila suspect foul play. 
3046e NFS Case of the Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 24) Preller, James 1 58 Will the hunt for clues help them solve this back-to-school mystery?
3042e NFS Case of the Golden Key, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 19) Preller, James 1 58 What's hidden in the attic of the new boy in town? 
3156e NFS Case of the Kidnapped Candy, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 30) Preller, James 1 58 When the class's Valentine candy disappears, they try to figure out who stole it. Jigsaw Jones Mystery. 
3776 NFS Case of the Library Monster, The (The Buddy Files: Book 5) Butler, Dori Hillestad 1 86 My Name is Buddy. I am a dog. I am also a detective." Buddy is in the school library and kids are taking turns reading with him. While Buddy listens to a ghost story, he hears rustling in the shelves behind him.
3648e NFS Case of the Lost Boy, The (The Buddy Files: Book 1) Hillestad Butler, Dori 1 73 King has a very big mystery to solve. His family is missing, and he's been put in the P-O-U-N-D. Why doesn't his beloved human (Kayla) come to get him? 
3841 NFS Case of the Missing Family, The Butler, Dori Hillestad 1 88 King, the golden retriever, has settled in with his new family, but he's never given up on finding his first family. One night he sees people taking things out of his old house and loading them into a van. Wha'ts up? He is a brave, funny and loyal dog. Will he finally solve his mystery?
3839 NFS Case of the Mixed-up Mutts, The Butler, Dori Hillestad 1 85 The golden retriever, King continues to search for his first family. What has happened to them? Before he can solve that, he has another case  Two dogs, Muffin and Jazzy, have been switched! How can Buddy get poor Muffin and Jazzy back to their real owners?
3043e NFS Case of the Race Against Time, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 20) Preller, James 1 66 He lost his grandfather's watch! Can he find the watch before time runs out? 
3050e NFS Case of the Snowboarding Superstar, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 29) Preller, James 1 60 Can Jigsaw solve the case before his family packs their bags for home?  
3047e NFS Case of the Vanishing Painting, The (Jigsaw Jones Mystery: Book 25) Preller, James 1 63 Unless Jigsaw can decipher the puzzle in time, Geetha's painting will be lost forever! 
2687e Cat Burglar, The Krailing, Tessa 1 38 Sam, Jo, Mattie and Katie have a cat-sitting job to protect Sophia the cat from a cat burglar.
2790e Cat Who Wore a Pot on Her Head, The Slepian, Jan; Seidler, Ann 1 9 Funny things happen because a cat with a pot on her head can't hear her mother clearly.
2037e Catwings Le Guin, Ursula K. 1 19 Kittens have to leave their home in the slums, using their wings, for life in the country.
2058e NFS Catwings Return Le Guin, Ursula K. 1 52 Wishing to visit their mother, two winged cats leave their new country home to return to the city, where they discover a winged kitten in a building imminently to be demolished.
2739e Cay, The Taylor, T. 1 142 Twelve-year-old white boy and a black man find understanding after being on an island together.
2672e Certain Small Shepherd, A Caudill, Rebecca 1 39 A Christmas story of a small mute boy who speaks to a man and his wife at Nativity.
2060e NFS Chair For My Mother, A Williams, Vera B. 1 15 After a fire at their home Rosa and her mother buy a chair. Celebrates family love and determination.
2486e Changes for Addy (American Girl: Addy, Book 6) Porter, Connie 1 58 The long struggle to reunite Addy's family finally ends.
2421 Changes for Felicity (American Girl: Felicity, Book 6) Tripp, Valerie 1 64 The Revolutionary war breaks out, and things change. Felicity and Elizabeth pledge their friendship.
2630e Changes For Josefina (American Girl: Josefina, Book 6) Tripp, Valerie 1 74 Josefina's family holds a party to celebrate the end of the Christmas season.
2841e Changes for Kaya (American Girl: Kaya, Book 6) Shaw, Janet 1 76 Kaya searches for her horse and encounters a mountain fire.
2472e Changes for Kirsten (American Girl: Kirsten, Book 6) Shaw, Janet 1 62 The trials and celebrations of a pioneer girl who settles on the frontier.
2777e Changes for Kit (American Girl: Kit, Book 6) Tripp, Valerie 1 67 Kit writes to the newspaper to find help for the hobos.
2316e Changes for Molly (American Girl: Molly, Book 6) Tripp, Valerie 1 64 Molly schemes and dreams on the homefront during WWII.
2197e Changes for Samantha (American Girl: Samantha, Book 6) Tripp, Valerie 1   9-year-old girl takes action to save her orphan friend.
3449e NFS Charley's First Night & When Charley Met Grampa Hest, Amy 1 23 Charley's First Night is a comforting, sweet story of a puppy's first night in his new home and is simply told and as warm and cozy as a blanket. When Charley Met Grandpa: It's a snowy day, and Grampa is coming by train for a visit. Henry can't wait for him to meet his new puppy, Charley.
3162e NFS Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dahl, Roald 1 183 Charlie finds the last of the Golden Tickets and wins the trip of a lifetime to Mr. Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
56e NFS Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Dahl, Roald 2 191 A delightful story bound to enchant Willy Wonka fans.
2646e NFS Charlotte's Web White, E. B. 3 194 The story of a little girl named Fern who loved a little pig named Wilbur--and of Wilbur's dear friend Charlotte A. Cavatica, a beautiful large grey spider who lived with Wilbur in the barn.
3416e NFS Chickadee Erdrich, Louise 2 243 In 1866, Omakayas's son Chickadee is kidnapped by two ne'er-do-well brothers from his own tribe and must make a daring escape, forge unlikely friendships, and set out on an exciting and dangerous journey to get back home.
2423e NFS Child of the Owl Yep, Laurence 4 307 The story of a Chinese girl and her culture.
1182e Child of the Silent Night Hunter, Edith Fisher 1 82 The story of Laura Bridgman, born 1829, deaf and blind. Much about the early history of Perkins School, ways of living and travel during this time.
383e NFS Children Come Running, The Coatsworth, Elizabeth 1 69 A unique collection of UNICEF greeting cards.
2386e NFS Children of Christmas Rylant, Cynthia 1 67 Stories for the Season. A Richard Jackson Book.
2826e Children's Daily Devotional Bible, The Morgan, Robert J. 7 804 A collection of short Bible stories for daily devotionals for children ages 6-11.
2245e Child's Christmas in Wales Thomas, Dylan 1 25 With lovely poetic lilt, this simple tale captures the child's eye-view and an adult's warm remembrance of the time of presents, good things to eat, and, in the best of circumstances, newly-fallen snow. 
3673 NFS Child's Garden of Bible Stories, A Gross, Arthur 1 97 Todays classic version offers 60 Old and New Testament Bible stories.
2909e Chinese Cinderella Mah, Adeline Yen 2 280 True story of a girl unwanted in China who becomes an American doctor and returns to her homeland.
2285e NFS Christmas Carp, The Tornqvist, Rita 1 22 The days before Christmas, Grandpa buys a Christmas tree, and Thomas buys a carp (a traditional Christmas dinner course) which he name Peppo. Peppo swims in the bathtub while Thomas feeds him and pretends he is a whale. But as Christmas dinner draws near, Thomas grows very sad. He wants to keep Peppo for a pet.
2278e NFS Christmas Day Kitten Herriot, James 1 11 The famous veterinarian/writer shares the true story of how an independent-minded stray cat gives a woman and her three Basset hounds a Christmas present.
2854e Christmas Ghost, The Smith, Janice Lee 1 64 Adam's class is planning a Christmas feast, but is there a ghost in the coatroom?
2475e NFS Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, The Wojciechowske, Susan 1 27 A woodcutter's wounded heart is healed through a Christmas miracle.
3171e NFS Christmas Mouse, The Wenning, Elisabeth 1 32 A little mouse living in the church of an Austrian village assuages his hunger by feasting on the organ bellows and causing the priest and the organist to quickly compose a song for Christmas Eve mass, the now famous "Silent night, holy night.
1141e NFS Christmas Story, The   Werner, Jane 1 10 A Little Golden Book.
2002e NFS Cinderella Random House, Inc. 1 24 The classic story of a beautiful girl, her evil stepmother and stepsisters, and the fairy godmother who helps her meet the prince of her dreams.
886e NFS Clarence the TV Dog Lauber, Patricia 2 157 A mother and children are given a puppy that causes all sorts of problems. Middle school age.
2690e Claudia and Mean Janine (Baby-Sitters Club: Book 7) Martin, Ann 1 158 Claudia and her sister, Janine, may as well be from two different planets. Claudia, who pays more attention to her art than her grades, feels she can't compete with her perfect sister. But when something terrible happens to their grandmother, the two sisters discover they're more alike than they originally thought.
2459e Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls (Baby-Sitters Club: Book 2) Martin, Ann 2 184 A phantom phone-caller is breaking into houses if no one answers the phone.
3151e NFS Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type Cronin, Doreen 1 9 Farmer Brown's cows find a typewriter and start making demands.
1144e NFS Clifford, the Big Red Dog Bridwell, Norman 1 30 The story of a special friendship between a girl and her dog.
2946e Cobra Connection, The Foley, Louise Munro 1 124 Choose Your Own Adventure series. International agents want some top secret information and you can help them--but can you get away in time?
3588 NFS Code Talker Bruchac, Joseph 3 343 A novel about the Navajo Marines of World War II. 16 year old Ned Begay enlisted in the U.S. Marines during World War II and was trained as a code talker, using his native language to radio battlefield information and commands in a code kept secret until 1969.
2698e Competition Dinosaur Detective #7, The Calhoun, B. B. 2 187, 148 Fenton helps dad figure out identity of dinosaur bones. 2 copies, one in contracted braille (148 pages) and one in uncontracted braille (187 pages).
2651e Complete Adventures of Curious George, The Rey, Margaret; Rey, H. A. 1 96 Curious George: Flies a Kite, Gets a Medal, Goes to the Hospital, Rides a Bike, Takes a Job.
3530e Complete Winnie-the-Pooh, The Milne, A. A. 2 318 Contains Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner.
3578e NFS Conquering the Sun's Empire Ordway III, Frederick I.; Wakeford, Ronald C. 1 190 Exploring the solar system.
2456e Count Your Way Through Africa Haskins, Jim 1 13 Learn to count in Swahili from one through ten.
2610e Cow-Tail Switch, The Courlander, Harold; Herzog, George 1 124 Western African Folktales.
2190e NFS Cranberry Halloween Devlin, Wende 1 34 On Halloween night people of Cranberryport almost lose money for a new dock.
3630 NFS Crenshaw Applegate, Katherine 1 177 This is a story of a 10-year old boy, Jackson, whose imaginary friend (a seven-foot-tall talking cat) helps him cope with a family crisis--an impending eviction notice. Crenshaw is the companion that Jackson needs to realize that the weight of the world is not on his shoulders.
2800e Crossing, The Paulsen, Gary 1 111 The story of a Mexican boy on the streets of Juarez who is saved by an American soldier.
2479e NFS Crow and Weasel Lopez, Barry 1 79 A Native American tale. Two young men leave their homeland.
2576e Cuckoo Clock of Doom, The (Goosebumps: Book 28) Stine, R. L.  1 125 Michael gets younger by the minute when he turns back the hands on a cuckoo clock.
2858e Cult of Crime (Hardy Boys Casefile: Book 3) Dixon, Franklin W. 2 167 The Hardy boys set out to rescue a friend but find themselves the victims of a human-sacrifice cult.
2043e NFS Daisy Rothschild Leslie-Melville, Betty 1 21 An unusual look into the world of the giraffe.
2824e Dandelion Slayers, The Curley, Joan J. 1 22 A cottontail family visits the yard across the street and enjoys a special snack.
3331e NFS Dangerous Book for Boys Igguiden, Conn; Igguiden, Hal 4 553 For every boy from 8 to 80, covers the essential boyhood skills such as building tree houses, learning how to fish, finding true north, and even answering the age-old question of what the big deal with girls is.
3844 NFS Daniel Finds a Poem Archer, Micha 1 11 What is poetry? Is it morning dew? Is it crisp leaves cunching? Could it be a cool pond? Maybe poetry is all of these things...and more. Daniel is on his way to creating his own poem after visting his animal friends. This story celebrates the poetry found in the world around us.
2248e NFS Dark Tower and Other Stories, The Lewis, C. S. 4 245 The dark tower, with a note by W. Hooper.--The man born blind.--The shoddy lands.--Ministering angels.--Forms of things unknown.--After ten years, with notes by R. L. Green and A. Fowler.
3030e Dawn and the Impossible Three (Baby-Sitters Club: Book 5) Martin, Ann M. 1 203 Dawn tries to fit in with the Club, but Kristy doesn't like her and she landed a nightmare job.
3414e NFS Day of the Pelican, The Patterson, Katherine 2 236 In 1998 when the Kosovo hostilities escalate, thirteen-year-old Meli's life as an ethnic Albanian, changes forever after her brother escapes his Serbian captors and the entire family flees from one refugee camp to another until they are able to immigrate to America.
3174e NFS Day the Dragon Came to School, The Tenaille, Marie 1 9 Daniel the dragon spends a day in the second grade, joining students in singing, gym and lunch.
2918e Dealing With Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Book 1) Wrede, Patricia C. 2 293 A tomboy princess flees her kingdom and becomes a dragon's assistant, but her magical problems are just beginning.
2198e Dear Mr. Henshaw Cleary, Beverly 1 104 Through a series of letters to his favorite author, a 6th grader confronts his feelings about his absent father and being the new kid in school.
2844e Dear Mrs. Ryan, You're Ruining My Life Jones, Jennifer B. 1 148 A 5th grader tries to get his mom to stop writing about him in her book and make a romantic connection between her and his school principal.
3632 NFS Death of the Hat, The Janeczko, Paul 1 88 A look at poems through history inspired by objects--earthly and celestial--reflecting the time in which each poet lived.
2843e Death's Door Byars, Betsy 1 142 Herculean investigation of an attempted murder leads to a mystery bookstore named Death's Door.
587e NFS Deenie Blume, Judy 2 193 A teenager planning to be a fashion model discovers she has scoliosis.
3433e Demigod Files, The (Percy Jackson & the Olympians) Riordan, Rick 1 168 How do you handle an encounter with Medusa on the New Jersey interstate? What's the best way to take down a minotaur? Become an expert on everything in Percy's world with this must-have guide to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.
2752e Desert Giant Bash, Barbara 1 15 A documentary of the life cycle and ecosystem of the Saguaro cactus and the desert animals it supports.
2460e Diamond Tree, The Schwartz, Howard; Rush, Barbara 1 85 Jewish tales from around the world.
3288e NFS Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Book 1) Kinney, Jeff 1 120 Greg is happy to have Rowley, his sidekick, along for the ride. But when Rowley's star starts to rise, Greg tries to use his best friend's new found popularity to his own advantage, kicking off a chain of events that will test their friendship in hilarious fashion.
3163e NFS Dinosaurs Before Dark Osborne, Mary 1 42 Jack and his sister find a magic treehouse which takes them back to see live dinosaurs. Magic Tree House Series #1.
3293e NFS Do Unto Otters Keller, Laurie 1 14 Mr. Rabbit wonders if he will be able to get along with his new neighbors, who are otters, until he is reminded of the golden rule.
3584 NFS Do You Still Love Me? Burg, Sarah Emmanuelle 1 11 Carrot is having a bad day. This morning her mommy and daddy had an argument, and she feels terrible. Do they still love each other? Carrot wonders. Do they still love her?
3175e NFS Dr. DeSoto Goes to Africa Steig, William 1 12 Expert mouse dentist is called to Africa to work on the sore tooth of a desperate elephant.
2829e Dracula is a Pain in the Neck Levy, Elizabeth 1 54 Robert's Dracula doll causes trouble at camp. Is the real Dracula jealous?
3318e NFS Dragon Slippers George, Jessica Day 3 402 Orphaned after a fever epidemic, Creel befriends a dragon and unknowingly inherits an object that can either save or destroy her kingdom.
2627e Dragonwings Yep, Laurence 2 342 In the early twentieth century a young Chinese boy joins his father in San Francisco and helps him realize his dream of making a flying machine.
3627 NFS Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl's Courage Changes Music Engle, Margarita 1 13 Born in Cuba in the 1920's, Millo Castro Zaldarriaga dreamed of drumming the rhythms of her native country, but was told that only boys could learn to play drums. Finally her father agreed to find her a teacher who was amazed at her talent and helped her change others' attitudes. Millo became a world famous musician who played alongside many jazz greats. 
3147e NFS Duck for President Cronin, Doreen 1 10 When Duck tires of working for Farmer Brown, he decides to run for President.
2914e Early Thunder Fritz, Jean 2 310 In pre-revolutionary Salem, 14-year-old Daniel begins to re-examine his loyalty to the King as the townspeople are further divided.
2904e Earthquake at Dawn Gregory, Kristiana 2 196 A historical fiction story of two girls caught up in the aftermath of the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906.
3313e NFS Easter Egg Disaster Ruelle, Karen Gray 1 20 Harry and Emily, cat siblings, make a mess when they try to dye and hide Easter eggs.
2733e Edad Antigua, La Peris, Carme; Rius, Maria 1 23 Spanish language.
2736e Edad Comtemporanea, La Peris, Carme 1 22 Spanish language.
2734e Edad Media, La Rius, Maria 1 24 Spanish language.
2737e Edad Moderna, La Rius, Maria 1 23 Spanish language.
3206e NFS Edmund Fitzgerald, The Wargin, Kathy-Jo 1 20 Describes the voyage and sinking of the giant transport ship which was caught in a storm while crossing Lake Superior in Nov. 1975.
3217e Eldest (Inheritance Trilogy: Book 2) Paolini, Christopher 7 1232 Eragon is adopted into the Ingeitum clan and sent to finish his training so he can further help the Vaden on their struggle against the Empire.
2396e Eleanor Roosevelt - A Life of Discovery (4/94) Freedman, Russell 3 209 The timid and lonely child of unhappy parents, her accomplishments exceeded expectations.
2389e NFS Elijah's Angel Rosen, Michael J. 1 25 A story for Chanukah and Christmas.
2409e Elizabeth Gail and the Music Camp Romance Stahl, Hilda 1 126 How could Elizabeth help strange Kyle and give her best to her piano studies?
3758 NFS Ellen's Broom: A young girl discovers a family tradition Lyons, Kelly Starling 1   During slavery, Ellen's parents could only marry using the broom that is mounted on their wall. They jumped over it and into a new life together. In this rare story from the Reconstruction period in US history, we follow Ellen as she acconmpanies her parents to their legally recognized marriage ceremony and learns the history of the family broom.
2284e NFS Ellis Island Christmas, An Leighton, Maxine Rhea 1 24 Christmas is uncertain for Krysia, a Polish immigrant coming to Ellis Island.
2201e NFS Elmer and the Dragon Gannett, Ruth Stiles 1 50 Elmer and a flying baby Dragon help the King of the Canaries find treasures.
3637 NFS Emily's Blue Period Daly, Cathleen 1   Emily's life is a little mixed up. Her dad has moved out and everything is changing. "When Picasso was very sad," says Emily, "he only painted in shades of Blue. And now I am in my blue period."
2645e Emily's Runaway Imagination Cleary, Beverly 2 194 Based on the author's early childhood on a farm in Yamhill.
348e NFS Encyclopedia Brown Shows the Way Sobol, Donald J. 1 70 Encyclopedia Brown, 5th grade detective, solves 10 mysteries.
349e NFS Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective Sobol, Donald J. 1 69 Mysteries and cases to solve.
3410e NFS Encyclopedia Horrifica: The Terrifying TRUTH! About Vampires, Ghosts, Monsters, and More Gee, Joshua 2 172 Vampires, ghosts, monsters, and more--ENCYCLOPEDIA HORRIFICA invites you to join our quest for the terrifying truth about all things ghoulish and ghastly. But beware! Surprises lurk at the turn of every page.
2807e Endings Smith, Wardhaugh 1 90 Short stories for young readers.
3346e NFS Endymion Spring Skelton, Matthew 3 470 Having reluctantly accompanied his academic mother and pesky younger sister to Oxford, 12 year old Blake Winters is at loose ends. Then he stumbles across an ancient and magical book, secretly brought to England in 1453 by Gutenberg's mute apprentice to save it from evil forces, and which now draws Blake into a dangerous and life threatening quest.
3440e Eragon (Inheritance Trilogy: Book 1) Paolini, Christopher 6 900 In Alagaesia, a fifteen-year-old boy of unknown lineage called Eragon finds a mysterious stone that weaves his life into an intricate tapestry of destiny, magic, and power, peopled with dragons, elves and monsters.
3326e NFS Ernie's Big Mess Roberts, Sarah; Mathieu, Joe 1 16 Bert and Ernie argue over Ernie's messiness, so Ernie looks for another place to stay.
2200e NFS Fables Lobel, Arnold 1 40 Short, original fables with fresh, unexpected morals poke subtle fun at human foibles through the antics of animals.
2747e Face The Fear (Mindwarp: Book 8) Archer, Chris 2 157 Ethan, Jack, Toni and Ashley--now stranded in the dark future--must break into the evil Omegas' headquarters to rescue Elena and Todd. But nothing goes according to plan. Will our heroes be lucky enough to escape with their lives?
3655e NFS Family, Familia Gonzales Bertrand, Diane 1 22 Young Daniel doesn't share his dad's excitement over going to the family reunion. What's the big deal? It's just going to be a bunch of old people he doesn't know, sitting around and telling stories about other old people he doesn't know. Once there, though, Daniel is in for several pleasant surprises.
2693e Fancy Feet Giff, Patricia Reilly 1 35 It's not easy being good all the time. Stacy just had to try on the gold shoes her friend brought to school to sell in the class store. Now the shoes are lost, and Stacy's friends think she stole the shoes.
2674e Fantastic Mr. Fox Dahl, Roald 1 56 Someone's been stealing from the 3 meanest farmers around, and they know the identity of the thief--it's Fantastic Mr. Fox!
2253e NFS Farmer Boy (Little House: Book 2) Wilder, Laura Ingalls 4 324 The life of a boy on a farm in New York in the 1860's.
2908e Fat Man, The Gee, Maurice 2 257 A poor New Zealand boy is terrified of the Fat Man, who disappeared years ago and has come back for his revenge.
2451e NFS Father's Big Improvements Emerson, Caroline D. 2 129 Father introduces new inventions to the family home in the 1880's.
2407e Felicity Learns a Lesson (American Girl: Felicity, Book 2) Tripp, Valerie 1   Felicity receives a guitar for her birthday from her Grandfather, that belonged to her Grandmother.
2416e Felicity Saves the Day (American Girl: Felicity, Book 5) Tripp, Valerie 1   Felicity's friend wants to join the Revolution.
2130e NFS Felicity's Surprise (American Girl: Felicity, Book 3) Tripp, Valerie 1 66 Felicity is invited to a dancing lesson at the Governor's Palace. Mother promises to make a beautiful new gown for her. As the event draws near, Mother becomes dreadfully ill.
2628e Feliz Cumpleanos, Josefina! Tripp, Valerie 1 91 Spanish Book.
2951e Field Guide, The (Spiderwick Chronicles: Book 1) DiTerlizzi, Tony; Black, Holly 1 79 Children in an old house experience mysterious events and meet up with a mischievous "Boggart."
3837 NFS Fifty Cents and a Dream: Young Booker T. Washngton Asim, Jabari 1 27 Born into slavery, Booker T. Washington could only dream of learning to read and write. After his emancipation, he journeyed 500 miles to attend Hampton Institute with only 50 cents in his pocket. Working his way through school, he eventurally became a legendary educator of freedmen.
2593e Fig Pudding Fletcher, Ralph 3 180 A growing-up story with humor and tragedy told by the eldest child of a large family.
2945e Fire On Ice Packard, Edward 1 99 Choose your Own Adventure series. You are a boy who's just moved and you want to join an ice hockey team, but which one? You decide!
3577e NFS First Book of Stones, The Cormack, M. B. 1 80 Covers types of rocks, formations, what is made from stone, and how to keep your own rock collection.
67e NFS First Four Years, The (Little House: Book 9) Wilder, Laura Ingalls 2 117 Adventures of Laura as a wife and mother in pioneer times.
3777 NFS First Step, The: How One Girl Put Segregation on Trial Goodman, Susan E. 1 35 In 1847, an African American girl named Sarah Roberts attended school in Boston. One day she was told she could never come back. She didn't belong. The Otis School was for white children only.
3152e NFS First Thanksgiving, The Jackson, Garnet 1 7 This story describes the first Thanksgiving celebration and tells how Native Americans helped the Pilgrims through that first difficult year.
2429e Fish Do The Strangest Things Hornblow, Leonora; Hornblow, Arthur 1 37 Describes 17 fish that have peculiar characteristics and habits, including fish that spit, fly, climb trees, blow up like balloons, and sleep out of water.
2798e Five True Dog Stories Davidson, Margaret 1 36 Five short stories about dogs who were special.
2748e Flash Forward (Mindwarp: Book 7) Archer, Chris 2 182 The teens find themselves flung into the future.
2259e Fledgling, The Langton, Jane 3 222 The tale of a young girl desperate to fly.
1181e NFS Flight of the White Wolf Ellis, Mel 3 204 The never-ending story of Russ and his Wolf.
3321e NFS Fluffy Meets the Dinosaurs McMullan, Kate; Smith, Mavis 1 16 Fluffy the class guinea pig joins the students on a trip to the museum, where he carefully studies the exhibits and imagines tracing his ancestry back to the dinosaurs.
3322e NFS Fluffy Saves Christmas McMullan, Kate; Smith, Mavis 1 18 Fluffy the class guinea pig shares the Christmas party at school, goes home for the holidays with Jasmine, and meets Santa twice, at the mall and once in a dream.
3295e NFS Fluffy's 100th Day of School McMullan, Kate 1 11 Fluffy the guinea pig enjoys himself when Ms. Day's class has a party to celebrate the one hundredth day of school.
3306e NFS Fluffy's Thanksgiving McMullan, Kate; Smith, Mavis 1 16 After starring as an ear of corn in his school's Thanksgiving play, the classroom guinea pig enjoys a holiday at Maxwell's home, where he scares Grammy and battles a monster.
3307e NFS Fluffy's Valentine's Day McMullan, Kate; Smith, Mavis 1 16 Fluffy endures a bath and shampoo on Valentine's Day, but when another guinea pig named Kiss is placed in his play yard, his patience snaps.
3424e NFS Fly Guy Trilogy Arnold, Ted 1 39 3 Fly Guy Books: Hi! Fly Guy, Super Fly Guy, and Shoo Fly Guy.
3767 NFS Follow the Moon Home Cousteau, Phillippe; Hopkinson, Deborah 1 36 A tale of one idea, twenty kids, and a hundred sea turtles.
3454e NFS Foot in the Mouth: Poems to Speak, Sing and Shout, A Janeczko, Paul 1 89 A collection of lively rhymes and tricky tongue twisters, poems for more than one voice, bilingual poems -- from classic Shakespeare and Lear to anonymous rhymes to contemporary riffs on everything under the sun. These poems just might inspire kids to memorize them!
2957e Forest Lisle, Janet Taylor 1 197 12 year old Amber's invasion of an organized forest community of squirrels starts a war between humans and beasts.
3103e NFS Fran That Time Forgot, The Benton, Jim 1 42 When her embarrassing middle name is revealed at school, mad scientist Franny K. Stein experiments with time in order to return to the past and give herself a more dignified name. Franny K. Stein Mad Scientist Series.
3408e NFS Frankenstein: The Young Collector's Illustrated Classics Shelley, Mary 1 82  
3768 NFS Frog and Friends Bunting, Eve 1 25 Frog and his friends discover THING in Frog's pond, share a beautiful blue scarf, and meet a hippo who has run away from the zoo.
2638e NFS Frog And Toad All Year Lobel, Arnold 1 40 Fables of Frog and Toad.
2131e From Anna Little, Jean 2 239 Nine-year-old Anna, who has vision problems, moves from Germany to Canada.
2831e From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Konigsburg, E. L. 2 180 Claudia plans to run away for a while to the art museum, where she finds a mysterious statue.
2569e Front Porch Tales Gulley, Philip 1 146 Discover honesty, wisdom, humor and depth in these small town stories.
2449e NFS          
Le Mieux, Anne ch        
2544e NFS Fudge-A-Mania (Fudge Series: Book 4) Blume, Judy 2 166 A summer journey into the lives of kids who get into interesting situations. 
709e NFS Fuzzies: A Folk Tale Lessor, L. Richard; Ricci, Patricia 1 28  
3705 NFS Garvey's Choice Grimes, Nikki 1 87 This book of poems describes Garvey's uncomfortable relationship with his dad who wants him to be a sports jock despite the fact that he is chubby and not athletically inclined. It describes his relationships with his more accepting mom, his sister who teases him but is supportive and his friendships with boys who share and encourage him to accept himself as he is.
2436e Gathering of Days, A Blos, Joan W. 2 177 A 13-year-old girl grows up in New Hampshire in the 1830's.
2797e George Washington's Mother Fritz, Jean 1 18 George's mother always knows what's best for George.
3319e NFS George's Secret Key to the Universe Hawking, Lucy 2 282 Adventures of a young boy and his neighbor friend as they travel through a computer portal into outer space, where they explore mysteries such as black holes and the origins of the universe, while trying to evade an evil scientist.
3232e German Shepherd, The: Learning About Dogs Wilcox, Charlotte 1 36 An introduction to this intelligent, fearless dog, which includes its history, development, uses, and cares.
3654e NFS Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown Danziger, Paula 1 15 Amber Brown is excited to be starting second grade--and a little nervous, too. But Amber Brown decides she's ready for whatever happens, and second grade had better be ready for Amber Brown!
2978e Get Well, Good Knight Thomas, Shelly Moore 1 15 3 dragon friends are sick. The Good Knight brings them soup from the wizard, but they won't touch it. What is he to do?
2778e Ghost Camp (Goosebumps: Book 45) Stine, R. L. 1 129 Harry and his brother are dying to fit in at Camp but the camp has many weird traditions.
2953e Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips (Bailey School Kids: Book 5) Dadey, Debbie; Jones, Marcia T. 1 47 Great-Aunt Mathilda lives alone, so who's that in the attic window? Could it be dead Uncle Jasper? But who ever heard of a hungry ghost?
3298e NFS Giant Rat of Sumatra or Pirates Galore, The Fleischman, Sid 2   A cabin boy on a pirate ship finds himself in San Diego in 1946 as war breaks out between the U.S. and Mexico. Plucked from the sea by the most notorious pirate in the Pacific, Shipwreck discovers his adventure is only beginning.
2643e Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, The Dahl, Roald 1 44 Billy joins the Ladder-less Window Cleaning Co. and gets more than he bargained for.
2030e NFS Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, The Goble, Paul 1   A girl has a special rapport with horses.
3325e NFS Girls' Book of Wisdom, The Dee, Catherine 1 146 Collection of quotations from famous women, including suffragists, pioneers, politicians, moms, musicians, athletes, and actors, grouped into categories such as "friendship", "confidence", and "creativity".
2560e Giver, The Lowry, Lois 2 240 Explores the possible development of societies searching for perfection.
2947e Go Eat Worms (Goosebumps: Book 21) Stine, R. L. 1 134 Teenage boy collects worms and has a worm farm in his basement. He enjoys his hobby--until the worms revolt!
3392e NFS Goats, The Cole, Brock 2 252 Bullied by their camp mates, a boy and a girl are marooned on an island, but unite, survive, and rise above human cruelty. One reviewer calls this book "one of the most unflinching, important novels ever written for children." For middle school and teen readers.
2779e Going For Great Brockmann, Carolee 1 127 6th grader Jenna worries that her stage fright will spoil her performance at a flute competition.
1165e Golden Treasury of Mother Goose, The Retold by, Werner, Jane 1 48 67 childhood favorites.
2551 NFS Goodbye, My Island Rogers, Jean 1   The story of an Eskimo girl and her life on the island.
3634 NFS Granddaddy's Turn Bandy, Michael; Stein, Eric 1 15 A young African American boy who idolizes his grandfather walks with him from their farm to town so he can vote for the very first time in his life. Proudly the boy takes a photo of his granddaddy holding his ballot. When granddaddy can't read a very difficult text, he is told that he cannot vote. Fast forward to the little boy now a grown man and old enough to vote for the first time in 1976. He takes the photo of his granddaddy with him to the polls.
2535e NFS Grandfather's Christmas Camp McCutcheon, Marc 1 27 Quiet heartwarming story about the spirit of Christmas and love and respect for all life.
3019e NFS Grasslands Seely, Debra 2 183 In the 1880's, 13 year old Thomas moves from the aristocratic Virginia home of his grandparents to a poor Kansas farm to live with a father he barely remembers.
2356e NFS Great Gilly Hopkins, The Paterson, Katherine 3 204 An eleven-year-old foster child tries to cope with her longings and fears as she schemes against everyone who tries to be friendly.
2939e Great Northern Diver Esbensen, Barbara Juster 1 12 Introduces the elusive loon, one of the most primitive birds in North America.
2967e Gremlins Don't Chew Bubble Gum (Bailey School Kids: Book 13) Dadey, Debbie; Jones, Marcia T. 1 54 The substitute school teacher does all sorts of weird things with electricity, and appliances blow whenever she walks by. Is she a gremlin?
3308e NFS Groundhog Day Book of Facts and Fun, The Old, Wendie C.; Billin-Frye, Paige 1 43 This book of facts and fun provides plenty of information about groundhogs and the origin of Groundhog Day.
3168e NFS Guide Dog Mystery (Boxcar Children Mysteries: Book 53) Warner, Gertrude 1 90 When helping out a guide dog training school, several people seem obsessed with a dog named Ginger.
2001e NFS Gus and the Baby Ghost Thayer, Jane 1 26 Gus, the ghost, and Mr. Frizzle, the museum keeper, have a difference of opinion about the baby ghost abandoned on the museum doorstep.
2428e NFS Gwinna Berger, Barbara Helen 2 105 A story of needing others, giving, love, faith and being true.
3273e NFS Hailstones and Halibut Bones O'Neill, Mary 1 31 A classic poetry book. O'Neill explores the spectrum in 12 poems with 12 different colors.
2695e Half Magic Eager, Edward 2 206 Four children discover a magic coin that grants wishes by halves.
2125e NFS Hannah Whelan, Gloria 1   A teacher comes and changes the life of nine-year-old Hannah, who is blind and lives on a farm in 1887, just as braille is coming to America.
3229e Hannah Montana Face-off Alfonsi, Alice 1 94 Miley is faced with a dilemma when her face appears on a billboard with a huge zit. Part 2 -- Miley and her friend on a camping trip.
3228e Hannah Montana Truth or Dare King, M. C. 1 86 Hannah gets a little too involved in a fan's personal life. Part 2 -- Her dad has a reputation for getting terrible birthday gifts.
2441e Happy Birthday, Addy! (American Girl: Addy, Book 4) Porter, Connie 1 60 Addy and her parents have moved to a boarding house. There Addy meets an inspiring friend, M'dear. Like many people who grew up enslaved, Addy doesn't know when she was born, so M'dear urges Addy to claim a day for her birthday. 
2417e Happy Birthday, Felicity! (American Girl: Felicity, Book 4) Tripp, Valerie 1   As her tenth birthday approaches, Felicity is excited by her grandfather's visit, but she is also concerned about the growing tensions between the colonists and the British governor in Williamsburg.
2615e Happy Birthday, Josefina! (American Girl: Josefina, Book 4) Tripp, Valerie 1 75 Josefina hopes to become a "curandera" or healer like Tia Magdalena, and she is tested just before her tenth birthday when a friend received a potentially fatal snakebite.
2290e Happy Birthday, Kirsten! (American Girl: Kirsten, Book 4) Shaw, Janet 1 53 On a Minnesota farm in the mid 1800's, the hard working members of the Larson family find time to celebrate Kirsten's tenth birthday.
2310e Happy Birthday, Molly! (American Girl: Molly, Book 4) Tripp, Valerie 1 62 When an English girl comes to stay at Molly's during World War II, she and Molly learn to bridge their differences and ultimately enjoy a wonderful, mutual birthday party.
2767e Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter: Book 2) Rowling, J.K. 6 516 Harry's 2nd year at Hogwart's--magic, mayhem, mystery.
3621 NFS Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2 (Harry Potter) Rowling, J.K.; Tiffany, John; Thorne, Jack 3 347 As an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and a father, Harry Potter struggles with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs while his youngest son, Albus finds the weight of the family legacy difficult to bear.
2769e Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter: Book 4) Rowling, J.K. 10 1127 Harry's adventures at age 14.
2768e Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter: Book 3) Rowling, J.K. 6 652 A notorious prisoner has escaped, and now he's after Harry.
2765e Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter: Book 1) Rowling, J.K. 4 461 Harry's adventures at age 10 when he finds out he's a wizard. 
3453e NFS Heart on Fire: Susan B. Anthony Votes for President Malaspina, Ann 1 25 Recounts the suffragist Susan B. Anthony's first trip to the ballot box on November 5, 1872, her subsequent arrest, and trial.
1121e NFS Heidi Spyri, Johanna 1 30 A young orphan girl is sent to live with her grumpy grandfather in the Swiss Alps.
2243e Helen Keller Davidson, Margaret 1 52 The bestselling biography of Helen Keller and how, with the commitment and lifelong friendship of Anne Sullivan, she learned to talk, read, and eventually graduate from college with honors.
3292e NFS Helen Keller and the Big Storm Lakin, Patricia 1 7 A true incident in the life of the young Helen Keller in which she gets stuck in a storm and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, rescues her.
2804e Henny Penny Galdone, Paul 1 8 Convinced the sky is falling, Henny Penny and a band of gullible friends march off to tell the king, only to meet their end at the hands of a wily fox. Tongue twisting rhymes and a surprise ending.
3137e NFS Henry and Mudge and the Bedtime Thumps Rylant, Cynthia 1 21 Henry worries about what will happen to his big dog Mudge during their visit to his grandmother's house in the country.
3139e NFS Henry and Mudge and the Wild Goose Chase Rylant, Cynthia 1 17 Henry and his dog Mudge tangle with a grumpy goose when they visit a farm.
3140e NFS Henry and Mudge In the Green Time Rylant, Cynthia 1 8 For Henry, summer means going on a picnic and going to the top of the big green hill.
3141e NFS Henry and Mudge In the Sparkle Days Rylant, Cynthia 1 8 In the winter Henry plays in the snow, shares a family dinner and gathers around a fireplace.
3138e NFS Henry and Mudge: The First Book Rylant, Cynthia 1 26 Henry, feeling lonely on a street without any other children, finds companionship and love in a big dog named Mudge.
2447e Henry Huggins Cleary, Beverly 1 123 Henry wants some excitement in his life, and then it arrives in the form of a dog.
2262e NFS Hershel's Houseboat Muchnik, Michoel 1 15 Mendel and Rachel have a happy day with Hershel on his houseboat and with their friend Berel who sings about the omnipresence of Hashem for everyone around to hear.
2419e Hey World, Here I Am Little, Jean 1 87 Kate relates to things in her world through poems and short stories.
3845 NFS Hidden Figures Shetterly, Margot 1 27 Katherine, Dorothy, Mary and Christine, all African American women, were good at math. Really good! It was their understanding of numbers, their intelligence, their hard work and their persistence that caused NASA to hire them to do the math that would essentially send the United States into the space race for the very first time.
2012e NFS High Rise, The Willard, Nancy 1 26 Wanting to prepare a cake for her mother's birthday, a girl receives help in the middle of the night from an angel.
3204e Hoboken Chicken Emergency Pinkwater, D. Manus 1 183 Arthur goes to pick up the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner but comes back with a 260-pound chicken.
3699 NFS Home At Last Williams, Vera 1 25 A book about fear, adoption, family, and the joy of fatherhood.
3202 NFS Homework Machine, The Gutman, Dan 1 152 Four 5th grade students, their teacher and mother, each relate events surrounding a computer programmed to complete homework.
3017e NFS Honeysuckle House Cheng, Andrea 2 181 What does an all-American girl with Chinese ancestors and a new immigrant from China find in common?
3012e NFS Honus and Me Gutman, Dan 3 175 Joe gets a job cleaning an attic and finds a piece of cardboard. He's holding the world's most valuable baseball card! Suddenly he is face-to-face with the player on the card ... For intermediate readers.
3028e Hoops Myers, Walter Dean  3 247 A former professional basketball player tries to prevent a teenage player from repeating his point shaving scandal.
3005e Horse and His Boy, The (Chronicles of Narnia: Book 5) Lewis, C. S. 2 254 A slave boy and the daughter of a lord run away to the land of the talking beasts.
2842e Hostage Roberts, Willo Davis 2 164 Eleven-year-old Kaci and her elderly neighbor are held hostage during a robbery.
2845e How Come the Best Clues are Always in the Garbage? Bailey, Linda 2 226 A sixth grader "detective" sets out to find a thief who stole money from her mom.
2346e NFS How Many 3-cent Stamps in a Dozen or How Logical Are You Hover, Herman 1   How Many 3-Cent Stamps in a Dozen? -- fun quizzes.
3320e NFS How Raggedy Ann Got Her Candy Heart Palmer, Jan; Gruelle, Johnny 1 7 An accident involving a runaway kite and a can of paint threatens to damage the doll Raggedy Ann, but ultimately it leads to her acquiring a red candy heart.
3387e NFS How To Steal A Dog O'Connor, Barbara 2 216 Georgina Hayes is desperate. Ever since her father left and they were evicted from their apartment, her family has been living in their car. Her Mama is working two jobs and she is left to take care of her younger brother. When she spots a missing dog poster with a reward of $500, she decides to "borrow" a dog and claim the money. What happens next is the last thing she expected.
3312e NFS How to Talk to Girls Greven, Alec; Acedera, Kei 1 19 Nine-year old Alec Greven turns the tables on matters of the heart with his unique advice on how to talk to girls. Based on his sharp observations during recess, class, and his own personal experience, Greven gives tips on everything from overcoming shyness to getting a girl's affection.
2764e NFS Hundred Dresses, The Estes, Eleanor 1 35 A Polish girl has only one dress but she brags that she has one hundred dresses.
2803e Hurricane Andrew Clements, Andrew 1 8 Information about Hurricane Andrew, which struck Florida in 1992.
3580 NFS I Am Malala Yousafzai, Malala 2 276 Young reader's edition of Yousafzai's best selling memoir, the Nobel Peace Prize winner retells her experiences at home and at school and discusses the impact of the Taliban presence in Pakistan.
3770 NFS I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark Levy, Debbie 1 39 Get to know celebrated Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she proves that disagreeing does not make you disagreeable!
3736e NFS I Face The Wind Cobb, Vicki 1 16 Ever lose your hat in a strong wind? Ever feel the wind pushing you from side to side? Know why you can feel the wind, but never see it? You will! Renowned science author Vicki Cobb makes scientific principles easy for even the youngest kids to understand.
156e NFS I Met a Man Ciardi, John 1 33 Children's poems.
2882e I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade Wilson, Diane Lee 3 348 Oyuna tells her granddaughter the story of how love for her horse enabled her to win a race and bring good luck to her family in Mongolia in 1285.
2992e I Took the Moon for a Walk Curtin, Carolyn; Jay, Alison 1 9 A small boy and his friend, the Moon, discover the beauty of the world after dark.
3165e NFS Icebergs and Glaciers Wilson, Barbara 1 42 Subject: Icebergs and glaciers.
2580e If You Lived At The Time of Martin Luther King Levine, Ellen 1 60 When did the civil rights movement begin? Were children involved in civil rights protests? What was the March on Washington? This book tells you what it was like during the exciting era when Martin Luther King led the fight against segregation.
2609e If You Traveled On The Underground Railway Levine, Ellen 1 40 This book tells you what it was like to be a slave trying to escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad.
671e NFS Iggie's House Blume, Judy 2 124 When Winnie's best friend moves away, a family with three children moves into the house.
2750e I'm Nobody! Who Are You? Dickinson, Emily 1 72 A poem.
2448e NFS In the Dinosaurs Paw Giff, Patricia Riley 1 58 Richard Best has a magic ruler which makes all his wishes come true. Then he loses the ruler.
2920e In the Hand of the Goddess (Song of the Lioness: Book 2) Pierce, Tamora 2 267 Alanna is still disguised as a boy while studying to become a knight and is forced into battle to protect her prince.
2055e Indian in the Cupboard, The Banks, Lynne Reid 3 244 A birthday present of a plastic Indian, a cupboard, and a little key brings adventure to a 9-year-old boy.
2507e NFS Insects Do The Strangest Things Hornblow, Leonora; Hornblow, Arthur 1 42 A Step-Up Nature Book which describes 19 insects with unusual characteristics.
2772e Invasion, The (Animorphs: Book1) Applegate, K. A. 2 184 The Earth is being invaded, but no one knows about it. When Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco stumble upon a downed alien spaceship and its dying pilot, they're given an incredible power.
3157e NFS Invisible Fran, The (Franny K. Stein Mad Scientist: Book 3) Benton, Jim 1 44 When Fran creates a robot to show her school friends, she ends up learning something from them.
3155e Ironwood Tree, The (Spiderwick Chronicles: Book 4) DiTerlizzi, Tony; Black, Holly 1 77 When Mallory Grace is kidnapped, her twin brothers search for her near an old quarry among dwarves and goblins.
2647e NFS Island of the Blue Dolphins O'Dell, Scott 3 207 The gripping story of young Karana, who survives by herself for eighteen years on a deserted island off the California coast.
2682e Islander, The Rylant, Cynthia 1 67 A young man learns to accept love and loss.
2572e It Came From Beneath The Sink (Goosebumps: Book 30) Stine, R. L. 1 123 Kat and her brother have just moved to a great new house. It would be perfect, if only their dog, Killer, would cheer up and stop growling at something under the kitchen sink.
5020e It's All Greek To Me (Time Warp Trio: Book 8) Scieszka, John 1 70 As they are about to go on stage, Joe, Fred, and Sam are transported back to the time of Zeus and the other gods in Greek mythology, who, strangely enough, behave much as the characters in the trio's class play.
3406e NFS It's Back to School We Go: First Day Stories from Around the World Jackson, Elle 1 32 In easy-to-read text, describes what the first day of school might be like for a child in Kenya, Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Peru, Germany, India, Russia, and the United States.
2792e It's Like This, Cat Neville, Emily Cheney 2 188 Reveals the developing maturity of a 14-year-old New York City boy, who with his cat, explores the city.
2261e It's Not The End of the World Blume, Judy 2 188 When her parents divorce, a sixth-grader struggles to understand.
3591 NFS Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla Applegate, Katherine 1 20 The story about Ivan, a gorilla that was taken from its natural habitat in Africa to live captive in a US shopping mall until finally petitioners secured his release to Zoo Atlanta, a premier facility that houses gorillas in natural habitat.
3778 NFS J. T. Wagner, Jane 1 52 To the guys on the block, J. T. is the kid who stole the radio out of the red convertible. His mother is bewildered -- "He's just gone bad, that's all... Stealin' and lyin' and I don't know what all." But all the sensitivity, responsibility, and care of which ten-year-old J. T. Gamble is capable emerges when he finds an old, one-eyed, badly hurt alley cat.
2805e Jackie Robinson and the Story of All-Black Baseball O'Connor, Jim 1 30 A biography of the first black baseball player to play in the major leagues when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Also traces the history of all-black baseball teams.
3332e NFS James and The Giant Peach Dahl, Roald 1 146 When James Trotter loses his parents in a horrible rhinoceros accident, he is forced to live with his two wicked aunts. Then one day, a man in a green suit gives James a bag of magic crystals. When he spills the crystals on his aunts' withered peach tree, he sets the adventure in motion.
2868e Jerusalem, Shining Still Kuskin, Karla 1 20 The spirit of Jerusalem still shines after 3,000 years of being battered and burned and rebuilt.
3106e NFS Jokes from the Krusty Krab Lewman, David 1 21 Based on the TV series. SpongeBob Squarepants Series.
2731e Josefina Aprende Una Leccion Tripp, Valerie 1 87 Spanish language.
2732e Josefina Entra En Accion Tripp, Valerie 1 87 Spanish language.
2539e Josefina Learns A Lesson (American Girl: Josefina, Book 2) Tripp, Valerie 1 74 Josefina and her sisters distrust learning to read and write, as well as other changes their Tia Dolores is bringing to the household.
2618e Josefina Saves the Day (American Girl: Josefina, Book 5) Tripp, Valerie 1 74 In 1825 when Josefina trusts a trader in Santa Fe with an important deal, she makes a surprising discovery about this young American who leaves town without paying her.
2581e Josefina's Surprise (American Girl: Josefina, Book 3) Tripp, Valerie 1 74 The second Christmas after their mother has died, Josefina and her three sisters find that participating in the traditions of Las Posadas helps keep memories of Mama alive.
2958e Journey MacLachlan, Patricia 1 80 Left by their mother with their grandparents, two children feel as if their past has been erased until their grandfather finds a way to restore it to them.
2622e Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp Panagopoulus, Janie Lynn 2 176 A Dream Quest Adventure. A story exploring the lumbering era of the western Great Lakes.
2348e Journey to Prehistoric Animals/Journey to Dinosaurs Texas Instruments 1 9 Voyager Educational Product.
3638 Jungle Book, The Mason, Jane B.; Stephens, Sarah Hines 1 104 Mowgli is a boy who was raised by wolves. He lives in the jungle and spends his days climbing trees, eating honey, and swimming in forest pools. An exciting retelling of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale.
2788e Jungle Jack Hanna's What Zoo-Keepers Do Hanna, Jack 1 21 Describes the work zookeepers do to care for various animals living in zoos.
3000e Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business (Junie B Jones: Book 2) Park, Barbara 1 54 Junie B. thinks that her new baby brother is a real baby monkey, which caused trouble in her kindergarten class.
3001e Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth (Junie B Jones: Book 3) Park, Barbara 1 47 When her kindergarten class has Job Day, Junie B. goes through much confusion and excitement before deciding on the "bestest" job of all. 
3199e Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying (Junie B Jones: Book 4) Park, Barbara 1 52 Junie B.'s curiosity about her teacher's private life gets her in trouble.
3201e Junie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's Birthday (Junie B Jones: Book 6) Park, Barbara 1 64 That meanie Jim has invited everyone in Room Nine to his party--except Junie B.!
2999e Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus (Junie B Jones: Book 1) Park, Barbara 1 54 Junie is so scared of the school bus and the meanies on it that when it's time to go home, she doesn't.
3200e Junie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake (Junie B Jones: Book 5) Park, Barbara 1 59 When Junie B. wins the Cake Walk at a carnival, she chooses the one wrapped in sparkly aluminum foil. How was she supposed to know it was a lethal weapon?
3002e Junie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her Pocket (Junie B Jones: Book 15) Park, Barbara 1 56 Junie B.'s class is taking a field trip to a farm. Find out what Junie B. is afraid of. 
3296e NFS Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal (Junie B Jones: Book 10) Park, Barbara 1   Lucille invites Junie B. and her friend Grace to sleep over at her very rich nanna's house, where everything is beautiful, expensive, and breakable.
3003e Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day (Junie B Jones: Book 16) Park, Barbara 1 59 Will Junie B. as Captain Field Day be able to lead her class to victory?
3104e NFS Junie B., First Grader One Man Band (Junie B Jones: Book 22) Park, Barbara 1 72 When Junie B. cannot play in the school kickball tournament because of a sore toe, she brings her talents to the halftime show.
172e NFS Just For Kicks Verdick, Mary 1 60 Eight short stories written for girls roughly 12-14 years of age and each describes a different common situation that girls can face, such as, shoplifting, relationships, self doubt.
2579e Just Like Martin Davis, Ossie 2 263 A boy growing up in 1963 wants to join Martin Luther King, but his father objects.
1175e NFS Just So Stories to be Read Aloud Kipling, Rudyard 2 94 The Classic Tales--delightful and nonsensical animal stories.
1139e NFS Katie the Kitten Jackson, Kathryn; Jackson, Byron 1 5 A golden book.
2839e NFS Kaya and Lone Dog (American Girl: Kaya, Book 4) Shaw, Janet 1 84 Kaya befriends a stray dog, but can she keep it? Story set in 1764.
2840e Kaya Shows the Way (American Girl: Kaya, Book 5) Shaw, Janet 1 80 Kaya is reunited with Speaking Rain, and they have some things to talk about.
2837e Kaya's Escape (American Girl: Kaya, Book 2) Shaw, Janet 1 80 Kaya and her sister are kidnapped, forcing Kaya to make hard choices.
2838e Kaya's Hero (American Girl: Kaya, Book 3) Shaw, Janet 1 84 Kaya admires brave Swan Circling, but worries she'll never measure up.
2694e Keepers of Light  Cooper, Louise 3 359 With her unique powers, Shar is driven to unlock the secrets of The Maze -- a magical gateway through time.
2977e Kid Who Invented the Popsicle, The Wulffson, Don L. 1 97 Stories of more than 100 inventions, such as the ice cream sundae, invented because of a law forbidding the sale of ice cream on Sundays.
3650e NFS Kids Pick the Funniest Poems Lansky, Bruce 1 139 A collection of funny poetry for kids. It’s a classic because it’s the first collection of poems selected by kids! It includes clever creations from some of the most popular names in children’s poetry.
3769 NFS King & Kayla and the Case of the Mysterious Mouse Butler, Dori Hillestad 1 24 King is a dog and a detective just like his owner, Kayla.
2246e Kirsten Learns A Lesson (American Girl: Kirsten, Book 2) Shaw, Janet 1 63 After immigrating from Sweden to join relatives in an American prairie community, Kirsten endures the ordeal of a strange school through a secret friendship with an Indian girl.
2267e Kirsten Saves the Day (American Girl: Kirsten, Book 5) Shaw, Janet 1 59 Ten-year-old Kirsten is proud and excited when she finds a bee tree full of honey, one of the natural treasures of her Minnesota frontier world, but she exposes herself to great danger by trying to harvest the honey by herself.
2222e NFS Kirsten's Surprise (American Girl: Kirsten, Book 3) Shaw, Janet 1 53 Kirsten and her family celebrate their first Christmas in their new home on Uncle Olav's farm in mid-nineteenth-century Minnesota.
2331e NFS Kiss Kiss Dahl, Roald 2 429 Collection of 11 macabre but humorous stories.
2697e Kit Learns a Lesson (American Girl: Kit, Book 2) Tripp, Valerie 1 68 Effects of the Depression (1934) on household and community.
2776e Kit Saves the Day (American Girl: Kit, Book 5) Tripp, Valerie 1 71 Story of Kit facing the Depression and her adventures with the hobos. (1934)
2696e Kit's Surprise (American Girl: Kit, Book 3) Tripp, Valerie 1 94 In 1932, Kit faces a very different Christmas because of her family's financial problems and allows her pride to estrange her from her best friend.
3161e NFS Knight At Dawn, The Osborne, Mary 1 42 Jack and his sister use the magic treehouse to travel back to the Middle Ages. Magic Tree House Series #2.
2570e NFS Knock Knock Jokes and Tongue Twisters Phillip, Bob 1 63  
2042e NFS Langston Hughes, American Poet Walker, Alice 1 18 When Langston Hughes was a boy, his grandmother told him true stores of how African people were captured and brought to America enslaved. She told him about their fight for freedom and justice.
3007e Last Battle, The (Chronicles of Narnia: Book 7) Lewis, C. S. 2 229 Evil threatens to end Narnia.
2462e NFS Latkes and Applesauce Manushkin, Fran 1 24 The beloved story of a joyous Hannukah celebration.
2390e NFS Laughing Time Collected Nonsense Smith, William Joy 2 91 A collection of wacky poems and lopsided limericks.
3324e NFS Leaf Dance: Raggedy Ann & Andy Pearlman, Bobby; Moore, Christina 1 7 Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy, and all their toys think it is a perfect day to go outside and have a party.
3815 NFS Leanin' Dog, The Nuzum, K. A. 2 235 In wintry Colorado during the 1930s, eleven-year-old Dessa Dean mourns the death of her beloved mother, but the arrival of an injured dog and the friendship they form is just what they need to change their lives forever.
2830e Lemming Condition, The Arkin, Alan 1 54 A young lemming is haunted by doubts about the purpose of the great march westward to the sea.
3586 NFS Lend A Hand: Poems about Giving Frank, John 1 25 Simple acts of kindness are the first steps to changing the world. This collection of original poems celebrates the joys of bridging the invisible boundaries among people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.
3009e Leprechauns Don't Play Basketball (Bailey School Kids: Book 4) Dadey, Debbie; Jones, Maria T. 1 51 Mr. O'Grady has lots of tricks and a treasure. Is he a leprechaun?
2959e Libby on Wednesday Snyder, Zilpha Keatley 2 265 Eleven-year-old Libby struggles to fit in with her accelerated eighth grade program, placed there by her bizarre and creative family.
860e NFS Light in the Attic, A Silverstein, Shel 1 99 A collection of poems.
2823e Lili--The Orphan Hen Curley, Joan J. 1 30 Story of what it feels like to be an orphan. Includes the culture of Guam.
2960e Lily and the Lost Boy Fox, Paula 1 194 Eleven-year-old Lily and her 13-year-old brother are staying on a Greek island when another American boy comes along and disrupts their lives.
2653e Lion and the Ostrich Chicks Bryan, Ashley 1 61 African folktales.
3186e Lioness Rampant (Song of the Lioness: Book 4) Pierce, Tamara 3 423 While Alanna seeks a legendary gem, she discovers that she indeed has a future worthy of her mythic past.
3452e NFS Listen for the Bus: David's Story McMahon, Patricia 1 24 A real-life look at David, who is blind, as he begins kindergarten.
2199e Listen For The Singing Little, Jean 2 315 A special bond between brother and sister who have vision problems. Sequel to From Anna.
2688e Little Creatures Napoli, Donna Jo 1   Little Angel must earn her wings by helping a girl with a problem of capturing animals.
2223e Little House in the Big Woods (Little House: Book 1) Ingalls Wilder, Laura 1 170 Laura tells of pioneer life as a little girl in the late 1800's.
2311e NFS Little House in the Ozarks (Little House Sequel) Ingalls Wilder, Laura 5 484 Articles on an array of topics, from the boring task of baking bread and the need to conserve natural resources, to the changes motor cars brought to her small town and role of the women in the work force and politics, sparkles with Wilder's timeless wit and wisdom.
2563e Little House on Rocky Ridge (Little House Sequel) MacBride, Roger Lea 3 314 The beginning of Rose's life from South Dakota to Missouri. (Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter.)
2913e Little House on the Prairie (Little House: Book 3) Ingalls Wilder, Laura 2 290 Laura Ingalls and her family are heading to Kansas! Leaving behind their home in the Big Woods of Wisconsin, they travel by covered wagon until they find the perfect spot to build a little house on the prairie.
2515e NFS Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn (Baby-Sitters Club: Book 15) Martin, Ann M. 2 160 Assisting her two young charges to prepare for the upcoming Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant, Dawn finds trouble when her fellow baby-sitters begin helping other little girls to compete in the pageant.
141e NFS Little Prince, The de St. Exupery, Antoine 1 95 An aviator whose plane is forced down encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.
2771e Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, The Swift, Hildegarde 1   A little lighthouse on the Hudson River regains its pride when it finds out that it is still useful and has an important job to do.
2443e NFS Little Town on the Prairie (Little House: Book 7) Wilder, Laura Ingalls 4 328 The little settlement is now a growing town. Laura, now 15, is growing up too.
1171e Little Women Alcott, Louisa May 2 358 The story of four sisters growing up in the 1860's, and the changes and effects the Civil War brought about.
2624e Littles and the Great Hallowe'en Scare Peterson, John 1 63 A big Halloween plan to scare the family.
2717e Littles Give a Party, The Peterson, John 1 68 The Littles attempt to throw 80-year-old Granny a birthday party on the 4th of July.
2715e NFS Littles Go to School, The Peterson, John 1 51 Tom and Lucy Little get taken to school in Henry Biggs' gerbil cage.
2625e Littles Take a Trip, The Peterson, John 1 66 The Littles discover they're not the only little people in the world.
2626e Littles to the Rescue, The Peterson, John 1 63 The Littles join forces to rescue Aunt Lily from the Ground Tinies.
2493e Littles, The Peterson, John 1 45 Members of this family are tiny people who live in walls of Mr. Biggs' house.
2718e Locked in the Library (Arthur: Book 6) Brown, Marc 1 45 Will Arthur and Francine find their way out of the library after closing time?
2408e Long Winter, The (Little House: Book 6) Wilder, Laura Ingalls 3 360 Laura and her family face the Dakota Territory blizzards.
3821 Look Both Ways Reynolds, Jason 2 198 A group of middle school students face many challenges on their walk home from school. Many issues are touched upon, including bullying, domestic violence, mental illness, homelessness, anxiety, death, stealing and foster care.
3419e NFS Looking at Lincoln Kalman, Maria 1 25 Wanting to know about the real man behind the sixteen president's legendary character, a little girl learns about Lincoln's beliefs regarding universal freedom as well as lesser-known aspects of his life, from his love of Mozart and his wife's vanilla cake to his pet dog and the way he kept notes in his stovepipe hat.
2211e Louis Braille Davidson, Margaret 1 57 Story of the inventor of Braille.
2980e Louis Braille Lantier, Patricia 1 72 Blind at the age of 3, Louis Braille invented the raised dot alphabet so he could read.
3651e NFS Louis Braille Lantier, Patricia 1 67 The life of the nineteenth-century Frenchman, accidentally blinded as a child, who originated the raised dot system of reading and writing used by the blind throughout the world.
3143e NFS Louis Braille: The Blind Boy Who Wanted to Read Fradin, Dennis 1 16 Biography of 19th century Frenchman who as a boy created a system by which the blind could read.
3022e Lucinda's Secret (Spiderwick Chronicles: Book 3) DiTerlizzi, Tony; Black, Holly  1 77 Mallory, Jared and Simon need the Guide back, and Aunt Lucinda is just the one to help them. She's got secrets of her own, and then the elves kidnap Simon. Or is it Jared?
3054e NFS Lucky Lottery, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 12) Roy, Ron 1 73 Dink and his two friends help Lucky find the culprit who stole Lucky's winning lottery ticket. 
3456e NFS Lulu and the Cat in the Bag McKay, Hilary 1 67 When a mysterious bag is left on Lulu's doorstep, the last thing her grandmother expects to be in it is a cat--a huge, neon orange cat. But Lulu knows this cat doesn't mean any harm and in fact it needs a lovely new home.
2820e Lyddie Paterson, Katherine 2 294 When ten-year-old Lyddie and her younger brother are hired out as servants to help pay off their family farm's debts, Lyddie is determined to find a way to reunite her family.
3590 NFS Madam and Nun and 1001: What is a Palindrome Cleary, Brian P. 1 14 Hannah is a palindrome like Mom and Dad and Sis. So begins this walk into the world of palindromes.
2716e Madeline in London Bemelmans, Ludwig 1 11 Pepito has moved to England, and his mother won't let him keep one of his birthday presents.
2533e NFS Magic Dreidels, The Kimmel, Eric 1 32 A Hanukkah story.
2341e Magic Schoolbus Inside the Earth, The Cole, Joanna 1 38 On a special field trip in the magic school bus, Ms. Frizzle's class learns first hand about different kinds of rocks and the formation of the earth.
2315e Magical Melons Brink, Carol Ryrie 3 251 A book about frontier life with the seven Woodlawn children. Sequel to the Newbery Medal novel Caddie Woodlawn.
3006e Magician's Nephew, The (Chronicles of Narnia: Book 6) Lewis, C. S. 2 220  A young boy and a neighbor girl get tricked into traveling into other worlds. The beginning of the Narnia story.
3169e NFS Malted Falcon, The Bruce Hale 1 106 Chet Gecko and his partner try to find a missing valentine and the winning ticket to a fantastic dessert. Gecko Mystery.
3629 NFS Mama's Nightingale Danticat, Edwidge 1 15 A serious, yet hopeful story about the sadness of a little girl, Saya, whose Haitian mother has been sent away to a prison for undocumented immigrants. With the help of her father and a newspaper reporter, Saya learns about the power of words and stories. The book echoes the author's own experiences.
2906e Man Who Loved Clowns, The Wood, June Rae 3 272 A troubled 13-year-old girl loves her uncle who has Down Syndrome, but he sometimes embarrasses her.
3708 NFS Mango, Abuela, & Me Medina, Meg 1 19 Mia's abuela has left her sunny house with parrots and palm trees to live with Mia and her parents in the city. It's still hard for Abuela to learn the words she needs to tell Mia all her stories. Then Mia sees a parrot in the pet-shop window and has the perfectio idea for how to help them all communicate a little better.
5021e Marie Curie and Radium Parker, Steve 1 61 Science Discoveries Series. The life and work of Marie Curie from early childhood to her discovery of radium.
2324e NFS Mary Anne Saves the Day (Baby-Sitters Club: Book 4) Martin, Ann M. 2 183 Mary Ann becomes assertive when a fight breaks out in the Babysitters Club.
2689e Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery (Baby-Sitters Club: Book 17) Martin, Ann M. 1   Mysterious happenings, beginning with a chain letter, have Mary Anne and her friends worried.
2499e NFS Matilda Dahl, Roald 3 212 Matilda is a little girl (5 1/2) who is too good to be true.
3439e NFS Matilda Bone Cushman, Karen 2 194 Taking place in medieval England, orphaned Matilda is not at all pleased when she arrives at Blood and Bone Alley to become an assistant to Red Peg the Bonesetter. She is a religious, well-educated girl who can't picture herself doing dirty chores or helping sickly patients. Self-centered Matilda thinks no one understands her. But Peg does, and gives her time to get used to this new way of life and teaches her through kindness and friendship. Grades 3-7; 8-12 years old.
3823 Max Einstein The Genius Experiment Patterson, James; Grabenstein, Chris 3 360 Max Einstein is not your typical genius. She . . .  Hacks the computer system at NYU to attend classes; Builds inventions to help the homeless; And talks to Albert Einstein! (Okay, that's just in her imagination). But everything changes when Max is recruited by a mysterious organization! 
3624 NFS Maya's Blanket Brown, Monica 1 22 Little Maya loves her special blanket (manta) which was made by her grandmother (abuelita). Over time the manta goes through many changes until it is finally only useful as a bookmark (marcador de libros). When she loses her bookmark, Maya realizes that she can write the story down. And when she is grown with a little girl of her own, she tells that story to her. The book is written in Spanish and English.
2517e NFS Me and the Terrible Two Conford, Ellen 2   No one, Dorrie vows, can take the place of her best friend who has moved to Australia, so when twin boys move into the empty house next door, the war is on.
3013e NFS Me Too! Harper, Jamie 1 13 A story of having a brother or sister, and how learning from each other can be the best part of growing up. For grades 2-4.
3185e Mean, Green, Mystery Machine Gelsey, James 1 28 A What's New Scooby-Doo? Junior Chapter Book. The Mystery Machine is chasing Scooby and the gang all over Coolsville and just might drive them up a wall!
2358e Meet Addy (American Girl: Addy, Book 1) Porter, Connie 1 59 The story of Addy, a young African girl, who's enslaved in North Carolina and escapes to freedom with her mother.
2158e Meet Felicity (American Girl: Felicity, Book 1) Tripp, Valerie 1   The story of a colonial girl who lives in Virginia in 1774.
2530e Meet Josefina (American Girl: Josefina, Book 1) Tripp, Valerie 1 84 The story of a girl living in 1824.
2836e Meet Kaya (American Girl: Kaya, Book 1) Shaw, Janet 1 76 Kaya learns a lesson about bragging. American Girl series set in 1764 among the Nez Perce.
2487e Meet Kirsten (American Girl: Kirsten, Book 1) Shaw, Janet 1 54 Kirsten is a pioneer girl who settles on the frontier.
2681e Meet Kit (American Girl: Kit, Book 1) Tripp, Valerie 1 73 Kit learns to adapt to her family's new economic status. (1932)
2446e Meet Molly (American Girl: Molly, Book 1) Tripp, Valerie 1   Molly lives in 1944 with WWII shortages.
2473e Meet Samantha (American Girl: Samantha, Book 1) Adler, Susan 1 51 An introduction into the darker aspects of American history.
2954e Meltdown (Mindwarp: Book 10) Archer, Chris 1 149 Denise wakes up in the hospital thinking her name is Toni Douglas and the Omegas are coming to kill her. Is it worse to be crazy or sane?
3314e NFS Michelle Hopkinson, Deborah; Ford, A.G. 1 15 Short biography of Michelle Obama. Includes a tactile picture of Michelle Obama.
3391e NFS Mighty Miss Malone, The Curtis, Christopher Paul 3 438 Deza is the smartest girl in her class in Gary, Indiana, singled out by teachers for a special path in life. But the Great Depression hits Gary hard, and there are no jobs for black men. When her beloved father leaves to find work, Deza, Mother, and her older brother Jimmie go in search of him, and end up in Hooverville outside Flint, MI. The twists and turns of this story reveal the devastation of the Depression and prove that Deza truly is the Mighty Miss Malone. A 2012 Newbery Award winner for middle school readers.
3014e NFS Million Dollar Kick, The Gutman, Dan 3 163 Whisper hates sports. So when she wins a chance to kick a goal for a prize of a million dollars, she is torn. Should she try it? For intermediate readers.
2556e Mine For Keeps Little, Jean 3 257 A 9-year-old girl with cerebral palsy meets life's challenges.
2540e Minn of the Mississippi Holling, Clancy 1 156 The journey of a snapping turtle from the Mississippi River in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.
2014e NFS Mirandy and Brother Wind McKissack, Patricia 1 12 A young African American girl hopes to win a prize at a cake walk.
3590 NFS Mirror, Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse Singer, Marilyn 1   There are two sides to every story, from Cinderella to Beauty and the Beast. Read these fairy tale poems from top to bottom, then reverse the lines and read from bottom to top to get the other point of view. This collection shows the reader that both stories and language can be magical.
2612e Mish-Mash Cone, Molly 1 94 A dog gets into funny situations.
3150e NFS Miss Spider's Tea Party Kirk, David 1 4 The other bugs refuse to come to the tea party for fear of being eaten!
3055e NFS Missing Mummy, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 13) Roy, Ron 1 66 The kids help catch the thieves who stole treasure from the mummy exhibit.
861e NFS Missing Piece Meets the Big O, The Silverstein, Shel 1 11 The missing piece sat alone waiting for someone to come along and take it somewhere... The different ones it encounters -- and what it discovers in its helplessness.
184e Misty of Chincoteague Henry, Marguerite 1 146 A timeless horse tale.
2440e Molly Saves the Day (American Girl: Molly, Book 5) Tripp, Valerie 1 67 Molly learns about team work and facing fears.
2513e Molly's Surprise (American Girl: Molly, Book 3) Tripp, Valerie 1 61 Even though he is away serving in an English hospital during World War II, Molly's father finds a way to make the family Christmas very special.
2683e Monster Blood II (Goosebumps: Book 18) Stine, R. L. 1 130 It's Baaack... Evan Ross can't stop thinking about Monster Blood and what happened last summer. It was so horrible. So terrifying. Too bad Evan's science teacher doesn't believe him. 
3619 Monster Cookbook, The Philipson, Kathy; Ramet, Barbara; Pence, Kay 1 114 Recipes for kids.
414e NFS Monster Series, The Blance, Ellen; Cook, Ann 1 46 Meet Monster. Monster is tall, skinny, and not at all ugly like other monsters. He moves to the city and finds a house, a friend, and even a lady monster. Monster is a special monster.
2849e Moon of the Gray Wolves, The George, Jean Craighead 1 36 The gray wolves struggle to survive during November on the Alaskan Tundra.
2751e Moon of the Monarch Butterflies, The George, Jean Craighead 1 35 Non-fiction. The monarch butterfly's spring migration.
3393e NFS Moon Over High Street, The  Babbitt, Natalie 1 151 Joe Casimir needs help with the choice he has to make. But how do you choose the person who will help you make that choice? Mr. Boulderwall, the millionaire, knows exactly what he wants Joe to choose. And millionaires are experts at making choices--aren't they? Joe can't find good advice from relatives, but good advice is right across the street. There are many good things waiting. You'll see. For upper elementary readers.
3652e NFS Moon Runner Marsden, Carolyn 1 86 A quiet, lyrical story that sensitively explores issues of friendship and being true to oneself.
3420e NFS Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95 Hoose, Phillip 2 307 Documents the survival tale of an intrepid shorebird who has endured annual migrations between Argentina and the Canadian Arctic throughout the course of a long lifetime while his species continues to decline.
3700 NFS More Caps For Sale Slobodkina, Esphyr 1 18 Those mischievous monkeys are at it again, continuing the story of "Caps for Sale". New tale of the peddler, his caps, and a band of very funny monkeys.
2514e NFS More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Schwartz, Alvin 2 88 Twenty-eight short stories that are funny, macabre, or just plain spooky. Read if you DARE.
2856e More Tales of Uncle Remus Lester, Julius 3 201 The further adventures of Brer Rabbit, his friends, enemies, and others.
3729e NFS Mouse and the Motorcycle, The Cleary, Beverly 1 121 A young mouse named Ralph is thrown into a world of excitement when a boy and his shiny toy motorcycle check in to the Mountain View Inn. 
3442e Mouse Soup Lobel, Arnold 1 24 Weasel is ready for his dinner, and poor Mouse is it. Can he stop the weasel from serving up mouse soup for supper?
2665e NFS Mouse Tales Potter, Beatrix 1 44  
3107e NFS Mr. Docker Is Off His Rocker! Gutman, Dan 1 68 Mr. Docker, a new science teacher, is a crazy inventer who blows things up. My Weird School series.
3158e NFS Mr. Hynde Is Out of His Mind! Gutman, Dan 1 63 A.J.'s class gets a new music teacher who thinks he has what it takes to become famous. My Weird School #6.
2629e Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle McDonald, Betty 1 118 A woman has cures for children's misbehavior.
2634e NFS Mrs. Toggle's Zipper Pulver, R. 1   A story about a teacher.
2796e Much Ado About Aldo Hurwitz, Johanna 1 68 Aldo's 3rd grade class studies crickets and chameleons, until Aldo tries to save the crickets.
2782e Muggie Maggie Cleary, Beverly 1 39 A 3rd grade girl wonders why no one ever wrote a book to help 3rd graders read cursive writing.
3412e NFS Music of Dolphins, The Hesse, Karen 1 153 After rescuing an adolescent girl from the sea, researchers learn she has been raised by dolphins and attempt to rehabilitate her to the human world.
2828e Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West Henry, Marguerite 2 224 The true story of Annie Bronn's fight to save the wild mustangs from the greedy slaughter of men.
2093e My Brother Sam is Dead Colier, James; Colier, Christopher 2 247 Impetuous and idealistic, 16-year-old Sam defies his Tory father to join the Continentals in their War.
3425e NFS My Family Double Set Mora, Pat 1 37 2 books: Here, Kitty, Kitty!, and Wiggling Pockets.
2202e NFS My Father's Dragon Gannett, Ruth Stiles 1   Elmer Elevator leaves home to save a baby dragon.
2559e NFS My Favorite Goodnight Stories Yeatman, Linda 1 143 A collection of popular traditional tales suitable for use as bedtime stories.
2574e NFS My Hairiest Adventure (Goosebumps: Book 26) Stine, R. L. 1 134 Larry finds a bottle of tanning lotion which makes him grow spikey dark hair on hands and face.
2418e My Little Poetry Book VBTI 1 20  
2774e My Second Picture Dictionary Jenkins, W.; Reid, H. C. 8 334 Alphabetically arranged words with brief definitions and illustrative sentences.
2562e Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Conaway Judith; Doyle, A. Conan  1 54 What is the secret of a goose that swallowed a priceless blue gem? How is a woman killed when she is alone in a locked room? Why does a mysterious club only include people with red hair? These puzzles are all solved by the greatest detective the world has ever known.
630e NFS Mystery of the Laughing Shadow, Alfred Hitchcock Arden, William 2 179 A young adult mystery solved by boys who call themselves the "Three Investigators."
3031e Mystery of the Stolen Bike, The (Arthur: Chapter Book 8) Brown, Marc 1 41 Francine is embarrassed by her hand-me-down bike and lies about it being stolen. Arthur Chapter Book #8.
2546e Nancy Hanks of Wilderness Road LeSueur, M. 1 52 A story of Abraham Lincoln's mother.
3451e NFS National Geographic Kids: Ultimate Weird but True   2 204 Packed with 1,000 amazing facts and eye-popping photos that prove truth really is stranger than fiction.
2019e NFS New Coat For Anna, A Ziefert, Harriet 1   A mother collects her valuables to help get Anna a coat just after WWII.
3105e NFS New Student Starfish Miglis, Jenny 1 43 When Patrick wants to come along with SpongeBob to boating school, Patrick goofs off in class and lands them both in detention. SpongeBob Squarepants Series.
2468e NFS Newbery Christmas, A Greenberg, Martin; Waugh, Charles 2 260 Stories written by authors honored as winners of the John Newbery Medal for their contribution for literature for children. This collection comprises stories by authors today's children know and love.
2578e Night in Terror Tower, A (Goosebumps: Book 12) Stine, R. L. 1 136 A brother and sister are left behind by their tour guide all alone inside an old gloomy prison tower.
2536e Night of the Living Dummy II (Goosebumps: Book 31) Stine, R. L. 1 133 Amy's ventriloquist dummy, Dennis, keeps losing his head--for real. So Amy begs her family for a new dummy. That's when her dad finds Slappy in a local pawnshop.
1648e Night Without Stars, A Howe, James 2 235 Donald, who was disfigured by burns, helped Maria get through her own surgery.
3056e NFS Ninth Nugget, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 14) Roy, Ron 1 75 When visiting a ranch, the kids find a mystery involving the theft of a gold nugget.
2729e No Se Permiten Ninas Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan 1 15 Spanish Language Series.
2591e North American Indian Mythology Burland, Cottie 2 282 The histories of the Inuit and other fishers and hunters of North America.
3814 NFS Northward to the Moon Horvath, Polly 2 247 When her stepfather loses his job in Saskatchewan, Jane and the rest of the family set off on a car trip, ending up in Nevada after improbably being given a bag full of possibly stolen money.
2795e Not My Dog Rodowsky, Colby 1 49 An eight-year-old girl has to give up her dream of a puppy and take in a relative's dog.
2637e Not-Just-Anybody Family, The Byars, Betsy 2 173 A lesson about suspense.
2452e NFS Number the Stars Lowry, Lois 2 164 A 10-year-old girl is smuggled out of Denmark with other Jews in 1943.
2834e Numbering All The Bones Rinaldi, Ann 2 212 A 13-year-old girl is a slave during the Civil War.
2281e Nutcracker Hoffman, E. T. A. 1 122 The classic Christmas story.
2881e Olive's Ocean Henkes, Kevin 1 186 The author and story originate in Madison, Wisconsin. A 12-year-old girl, after the death of a classmate, seeks more information about both their lives.
3455e NFS Olivia Sharp: Nate the Great's Cousin--The Green Toenails Gang Weinman-Sharmat, Marjorie; Sharmat, Mitchell 1 34 Wealthy Olivia Sharp, agent for secrets, uncovers several secrets on a trip to Carmel, California to help a friend become a member of an exclusive club.
3709 NFS Olivia Sharp: Nate the Great's Cousin--The Sly Spy Sharmat, Marjorie; Sharmat, Mitchell 1 36 Olivia Sharp is back! Rather than solve mysteries like her cousin Nate, Olivia helps friends with their problems by detecting what's wrong beneath the surface. You'll be won over by Olivia's spunk, eccentricities, and can-do spirit.
3813 NFS Omnivore's Dilemma Young Readers Edition, The Pollan, Michael 4 564 What's for dinner?" seemed like a simple question--until journalist and supermarket detective Michael Pollan delved behind the scenes. From fast food and big organic to small farms and old-fashioned hunting and gathering, this youg readers' adaptation of Pollan's famous food-chain exploration encourages kids to consider the personal ang global health implications of their food choices.
2573e On The Banks of Plum Creek (Little House: Book 4) Ingalls Wilder, Laura 2 298 Laura's family lives in a house in the ground and the land is swarmed with grasshoppers.
295e NFS On The Run Montgomery, Herb; Montgomery, Mary 1 60  
817e NFS One Cool Sister Mooney, Thomas J., Editor 1 51  
2577e One Day At Horrorland (Goosebumps: Book 5) Stine, R. L. 1 133 Werewolf Village. The Doom Slide. The Coffin Cruise. These are just a few of the famous attractions awaiting Luke and Lizzy Morris at HorrorLand, the amusement park where terror comes free with every ticket. 
2070e Only One Woof Herriot, James 1 24 Story of a sheep dog.
3447e NFS Only You Cruise, Robin 1 9 A parent describes everything there is to love about a child, from a stretch and yawn in the morning to dreams at night.
2620e Ooze, The (Ghosts of Fear Street: Book 8) Stine, R. L. 1 121 Al's experimental stink-bomb does not explode, it begins to ooze.
3057e NFS Orange Outlaw, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 15) Roy, Ron 1 69 While visiting an uncle in NY the kids help uncover who is responsible for stealing a valuable painting.
2123e NFS Oscar, Cat About Town Herriott, James 1 18 A girl finds a stray cat and keeps him, but he sneaks into town.
2670e Other Kitten, The St. John, Patricia 1 52 An opportunity to get a free kitten ends up in a fight.
3623 NFS Our Great Big Backyard Bush, Laura; Bush Hager, Jenna 1 37 Written in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our national parks, this book recounts the story of a family's summer vacation to five parks. Jane, the oldest child who spends a lot of time online, thinks the outdoors is boring, but learns eventually that what she discovers is actually quite exciting.
3772 NFS Our Very Own Dog McCardie, Amanda 1 23 If you have a new dog companion--or want to adopt one--here’s a story full of facts that tells you everything you need to know.
2933e Out of Darkness Freedman, Russell 1 71 The biography of a 19th century blind Frenchman who developed a raised dot system for reading and writing.
2925e Out of Time (Mindwarp: Book 9) Archer, Chris 1 169 The six super-powered teens find out they don't have much time left to save the world.
3703 NFS Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets Alexander, Kwane 1 66 Original poems that pay homage to twenty famed poets who have made the authors' hearts sing and their minds wonder.
2623e Overlooking Stoneybrook McLernon, C. M. 1 59 Jenny, age 10, takes on work like driving the mail wagon when her brother goes to the Civil War.
3289e NFS Owen & Mzee Hatkoff, Isabella 1 18 The inspiring true story of two great friends, a baby hippo named Owen and a 130 year old giant tortoise named Mzee (Mm-ZAY).
2641e Owl At Home Lobel, Arnold 1 32 Owl is a plump little home-body.
3457e NFS P. S. Be Eleven Williams-Garcia, Rita 2 329 Eleven-year-old Brooklyn girl Delphine feels overwhelmed with worries and responsibilities. She's just started sixth grade and is self-conscious about being the tallest girl in the class, and nervous about her first school dance. She's supposed to be watching her sisters, but Fern and Vonetta are hard to control. Her uncle Darnell is home from Vietnam and seems different. And her pa has a girlfriend. At least Delphine can write to her mother in Oakland, California, for advice. But why does her mother tell her to "be eleven" when Delphine is now twelve?
2231e Pagoo Holling, H. C. 1 120 Pagoo is a hermit crab in the ocean, and his story is told from birth to adulthood.
5024e Pan Y Mermelada para Francisca Hoban, Russell 1 22 English title: Bread and Jam for Frances. Frances gets what she wants--and grows tired of it.
3058e NFS Panda Puzzle, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 16) Roy, Ron 1 75 Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose investigate the kidnapping of the baby panda at the zoo.
2224e Past Eight O'Clock -- Goodnight Stories Aiken, Joan 1 114 A collection of eight short stories based on lullaby and bedtime song themes.
3413e NFS Peak Smith, Roland 2 352 A fourteen-year-old boy attempts to be the youngest person to reach the top of Mount Everest.
2065e People Could Fly, The Hamilton, Virginia 1 164 A collection of African American folktales.
2586e Phantom of the Auditorium (Goosebumps: Book 20) Stine, R. L. 1 142 Zeke is playing The Phantom in the school play.
2938e Phantom Tollbooth, The Juster, Norton 3 234 Milo is bored until he journeys to a land where he learns the importance of words and numbers.
2157e NFS Phyllis Wheatley Richmond, Merle 2 134 Story of a poet.
3622e NFS Picture Book of Rosa Parks, A Adler, David A. 1   The Story of Rosa Parks.
2848e Pictures of Hollis Woods Giff, Patricia Reilly 2 182 A troubled 12-year-old orphan stays with an elderly artist who needs her.
2862e Pilgrims at Plymouth, The Penner, Lucille Recht 1 52 Offers young readers a "you are there" experience in American history.
3148e NFS Pinduli Cannon, Janell 1 12 A young hyena and her clever tricks for survival.
2476e NFS Pioneers on Early American Waterways McCall, Edith 1 113 True stories based on the exploits of Davy Crockett, Mike Fink, and other characters from early history.
844e Pippi Longstocking Lindgren, Astrid 2 132 The adventures of Pippi--a delightful girl.
3008e Pirates Don't Wear Pink Sunglasses (Bailey School Kids: Book 9) Dadey, Debbie; Jones, Marcia T. 1 56 The kids find a treasure map at summer camp and Captain Teach sure looks like a pirate.
3209e NFS Pirates! Matthews, John 1 94 Filled with facts and legends about pirates throughout the ages.
3386e NFS Planet Middle School Grimes, Nikki 1 150 For twelve year's Joylin's life was just fine--a rough game of basketball was just enough to put a smile on her face. But then, overnight, her body parts started changing without her permission. Now all she can think about is boys. A heartwarming story, told in poems for middle school readers.
2545e NFS Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy 1 41 Amelia takes baseball rules literally--but ends up saving the day.
3421e NFS Pocket Poems Katz, Bobbi 1 57 A collection of short poems by such authors as Emily George, Emily Dickinson, Gwendolyn Brooks, Charlotte Pomerantz, Nikki Giovanni, and Eve Merriam.
2583e Poetry Middle schoolers 1 67 Compiled from middle school work.
3806 Polar The Titanic Bear Corning, Daisy; Spedden, Stone 1 44 A story of a boy, his teddy bear, and their escape from the Titanic's sinking.
2704e Pony Pals: A Pony in Trouble Betancourt, Jeanne 1 68 Anna sees a bear during a camp out.
2703e Pony Pals: I Want a Pony Betancourt, Jeanne 1 103 Hoping to become friends with pony riders Pam and Anna, Lulu dreams of owning a pony.
2680e Pony Pals: Keep Out, Pony! Betancourt, Jeanne 1 57 When a shortcut trail between Pam's backyard to Anna and Lulu's pony paddock is blocked by a neighbor's new sheep pen, the girls fear that Pam will be left out of future Pony Pal excursions.
2668e Pony Pals: The Ghost Pony Betancourt, Jeanne 1 73 When digging at the farm, Anna and her friends find a horseshoe. Could there be a ghost horse?
2667e Pony Pals: The Pony and the Bear Betancourt, Jeanne 1 66 Anna is on night watch during a Pony Pals camp out. Suddenly she hears a rustling sound and her pony Acorn gets restless.
2666e Pony Pals: The Winning Pony Betancourt, Jeanne 1 87 Lulu missed her pony, Snow White, while she was on vacation. When she returns, Snow White is missing!
2669e Pony Pals: Western Pony Betancourt, Jeanne 1 73 A story about loyalty and sportsmanship.
3310e NFS Pooh Goes Visiting Milne, A. A. 1 15 When Winnie-the-Pooh visits his friend Rabbit, he gets stuck in the entrance hole.
3311e NFS Pooh's Neighborhood Zoehfeld, K. W.; Cuddy, Robbin; Milne, A. A. 1 14 Winnie the Pooh takes a tour of the Hundred Acre Wood on his way to make a neighborly visit to Piglet.
2997e Poppy Avi 1 160 Poppy the deer mouse wants to move the family next to a corn field, but an owl terrifies them.
3672 NFS Primary Bible Stories   2 116 Bible stories.
2955e Prince Caspian (Chronicles of Narnia: Book 2) Lewis, C. S.  2 247 Four children journey into magical lands and encounter all sorts of enchantments to rescue a missing prince.
2590e NFS Princess Gorilla and a New Kind of Water Aardema, Verna 1 15 King Gorilla decrees that no one may marry his daughter until a suitor strong enough to consume a barrel of strange, intoxicating water is found.
2264e Pueblo, The Yue, Charlotte; Yue, David 1 112 Describes the life of the Pueblo Indians.
2097e NFS Puss in Boots Poole, Josephine 1    
3384e NFS Quickie Goes to the Big Game Driver, Donald 1 20 Written by the Green Bay Packer, who was known as Quickie as a child. These books offer lessons in good sportsmanship, and other life skills. Biographical information is included in print for parents and teachers. For early readers; three books produced in one braille volume.
3059e NFS Quicksand Question, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 17) Roy, Ron 1 80 The kids try to find the thief who stole money from the town.
3422e NFS Rabbit and the Robot--The Sleepover Bell, Cece 1 62 New readers who like silly stories will race through this funny adventure about a rabbit who likes to be in control and an obliging robot who calmly keeps their friendship humming.
3671e NFS Rabbit Gets Lost Gaines, Isabel 1 18 Thinking that Tigger is just too bouncy, Rabbit, Piglet, and Pooh take him out to the forest to give him a scare.
2588e Rabbit Makes A Monkey Of Lion Aardema, Verna 1 16 A retelling of a Swahili tale.
3620 Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep Forssen Ehrlin, Carl-Johan 1 30 A new way of getting children to sleep.
3846 NFS Rainbow Days Stevens, Dianne 2 165 The true story of nine months in the life of an eleven year old girl growing up in the 1950's. Dianne is still grieving the loss of her mother two years earlier. She finds solace in the company of two girls in her new school. Together they experience the ups and downs of friendship, struggle with some basic questions of life's meaning, and experience marvelous adventures in the last fling of childhood.
3345e NFS Raleigh's Page Armstrong, Alan 2 342 Andrew has grown up near the Plymouth docks hearing the sailors talk about America. Knowing that Andrew's heart is set on going to the new world, his father sends him up to London to serve as page in the house of Walter Raleigh. Can Andrew prove himself fit to go on an expedition to the New World?
2497e Ralph S. Mouse Cleary, Beverly 1 106 Ralph is bored staying home, so he goes to school with his owner.
2813e Randall's Wall Fenner, Carol 2 94 Talented but poor, Randall builds a psychological wall that a classmate tries to break through.
3359e NFS Reaching for the Sun Zimmer, Tracie Vaughn 1 132 Josie, who lives with her mother and grandmother, has cerebral palsy. She befriends a boy who moves into one of the rich houses behind her old farm house.
2354e Read-Aloud Treasury, The Calmenson, Stephen 2 102 Over thirty popular Mother Goose rhymes and poetry from renowned authors like Arnold Lobel and Jack Prelutsky.
242e NFS Real Life Adventures Verdick, Mary 1 51 A guide to finding good children's books.
2937e Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom Paterson, Katherine 4 318 Abducted by bandits, a 15-year-old boy is rescued by a mysterious girl who introduces him to a secret society partly based on Christian principles and dedicated to the overthrow of the government.
3617e NFS Red Boots for Christmas Greene, Carol 1 8 Tale of a cobbler waiting for a very special Christmas present.
800e NFS Red Ghost and Other True Animal Stories, The Olfinoski, Steven 1 21  
1632e Remember Me to Harold Square Danziger, Paula 2 181 Kendra's parents have invited Frank, a 15-year old she's never met, to stay with them. And they've planned a goofy scavenger hunt for the kids, including Kendra's bratty younger brother.
2529e NFS Reptiles Do The Strangest Things Hornblow, Leonora; Hornblow, Arthur 1 58 Descriptions of the strange habits of some of the world's more unusual reptiles, including the tuatara, hognose snake, horned toad, basilisk, and the Komodo Dragon.
2461e Ribsy Cleary, Beverly 1 150 Henry Huggin's lost dog stars in this delightful story.
3727e NFS Riddles and More Riddles! Cerf, Bennett 1 20 Contains funny, laugh-out-loud riddles that kids will love to read and retell over and over again.
3020e NFS Right Dog for the Job, The Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw 1 26 A golden retriever is trained as a service dog to help someone who has trouble moving their arms or legs and later as a guide dog for a man who is blind.
2542e Rikki Tikki Tavi Kipling, Rudyard 1 42 A 19th-century English family discovers a young mongoose half drowned from a flood. They revive it and decide to keep it as a pet. 
2410e NFS Ring, The Story of a St. Bernard Wilson, Nena 1 64  
6e NFS Rip Van Winkle Irving, Washington 1 40 A man who sleeps for twenty years in the Catskill Mountains wakes to a much-changed world.
1620e River, The Paulsen, Gary 1 152 Government researchers want Brian to reenact his North Woods survival skills.
3735 NFS Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes Fison, Josie; Dahl, Felicity 1 65 Who but Roald Dahl could think up such mouthwatering and deliciously disgusting foods as Lickable Wallpaper, Stink Bugs Eggs, and Eatable Pillows? Now there's a practical guide to making these and other delicacies.
188e NFS Rocket in My Pocket, A Withers, Carl 2 138 A collection of contemporary folklore that includes over 400 verses created by children and passed along for generations.
701e NFS Rodeo Road Montgomery, Herb; Montgomery, Mary 1 50 Twenty short stories that portray a rodeo cowboy's career from kids' rodeos through competition on the professional rodeo circuit. 
2334e Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Taylor, Mildred O. 3 365 An African-American family fights to stay together in the mid-1930's.
1185e Rooster Crows, The Petersham, Maud; Petersham, Miska 1 59 A book of American rhymes and jingles.
3773 NFS Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet, The Deedy, Carmen Agra 1 21 La Paz is a happy, but noisy village. A little peace and quiet would make it just right.
1668e Rootabaga Stories Part 1 Sandburg, Carl 2 190 Fanciful and humorous short stories.
1669e Rootabaga Stories Part 2 Sandburg, Carl 2 178 Fanciful and humorous short stories.
3218e NFS Rosa Parks: My Story Parks, Rosa; Haskins, Jim 2 210 Dec. 1 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated bus, sparking the Montgomery Alabama bus boycott.
2773e Ruby the Copycat Rathmann, Peggy 1 20 It's the first day of school, and Ruby is new. When her classmate Angela wears a red bow in her hair, Ruby comes back from lunch wearing a red bow, too. Ruby's teacher knows a better way to help Ruby fit in.
2532e NFS Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer May, Robert L. 1 27 The tale about a reindeer with a shiny red nose.
2878e NFS Runaway Racehorse, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 18) Roy, Ron 1 76 A racehorse disappears just before the race, then shows up too late and too slow. What's going on?
3385e NFS Running Dream, The Van Draanen, Wendelin 3 412 Jessica thinks her life is over when she looses a leg in a car accident. She is not comforted by the though of walking with a prosthetic leg. Who cares about walking when you live to run? People who don't know what to say act like she's not there. She could handle it if she wasn't aware she had done the same to a girl named Rosa, who has cerebral palsy. Rosa is more than her wheelchair. She has a lot to give and so does Jessica. How can the two help each other reach their dreams?  
2455e NFS Sally Ride: Shooting For The Stars Hurwitz, Jane; Hurwitz, Sue 2 148 Profiles the life of America's first woman astronaut.
2488e Samantha Learns A Lesson (American Girl: Samantha, Book 2) Adler, Susan 1 58 Samantha wants to win the gold medal in the speaking contest, but she's worried about Nellie, the poor servant girl who has become her friend but cannot read.
2474e Samantha Saves The Day (American Girl: Samantha, Book 5) Tripp, Valerie 1 60 Story of Samantha, an orphan raised by her grandmother; her world, friends, and family.
2489e Samantha's Surprise (American Girl: Samantha, Book 3) Schur, Maxine 1 63 Samantha has high hopes for the best Christmas ever. Things start to go wrong when her Uncle Gard announces he is bringing the beautiful Cornelia home for the holidays. 
3448e NFS Sassy: The Dazzle Disaster Dinner Party Draper, Sharon M. 1 173 Sassy Simone Sanford plans a fabulous dinner party for her fourth grade class, but it turns into a recipe for disaster when her dog eats the food, her friends make a mess, and the new girl in school is missing.
2541e NFS Scary Stories 3 -- More Tales to Chill Your Bones Schwartz, Alvin 2   A collection of folklorist Alvin Schwartz's most alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and supernatural events of all time.
2519e Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Schwartz, Alvin 2 106 Alarming tales of horror, dark revenge, and the supernatural.
3358e NFS Scat Hiaasen, Carl 3 483 Nick and his friend Marta decide to investigate when a mysterious fire starts near a Florida wildlife preserve and an unpopular teacher goes missing.
3060e NFS School Skeleton, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 19) Roy, Ron 1 76 The entire school becomes involved in a mystery when the school skeleton disappears.
3702 NFS School's First Day of School Rex, Adam 1 13 It's the first day of school and everyone's just a little bit nervous, especially the school itself. What will the children do once they come? Will they like the school? Will they be nice to him?
3167e Scooby-Doo! and the Caveman Caper Gelsey, James 1 45 Scooby-Doo and friends investigate the disappearance of an Olympic athlete's skates, which seem to have been stolen by a caveman.
2260e Sea Star: Orphan of Chincoteague Henry, Marguerite 1 150 A wild colt rescued by children is raised by a mare who has lost her own way.
3026e Searching for Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Book 2) Wrede, Patricia C. 2 337 Cimorene and company set off to find the missing Kazul, King of the Dragons.
2924e Second Sight (Mindwarp: Book 4) Archer, Chris 1 139 A teen's visions come true ... and then she has one of an alien trying to kill her.
457e NFS Secret Box, The Cole, Joanna 1 10 9-year-old Rachel dreams of owning and racing a sled dog one day. 
2155e Secret Soldier, The McGovern, Ann 1 39 The story of Deborah Sampson, who fought in the American Revolution.
2566e See You In Heaven Holmes, Mary 1 61 Historical fiction recounting the experiences of a slave family in 1836.
2952e Seeing Stone, The (Spiderwick Chronicles: Book 2) DiTerlizzi, Tony; Black, Holly 1 75 A magic stone helps Mallory and Jared see creatures and rescue Simon.
411e NFS Several Tricks of Edgar Dolphin: An I Can Read Book Benchley, Nathaniel 1 9 Edgar was a clever young dolphin but he didn't like to play his games in a small tank on the ship where he was captive.
3029e Shades of Gray Carolyn Reeder 3 228 Twelve-year-old Will loses his entire family in the Civil War and moves in with an aunt and uncle he considers traitors.
2673e Shape-Shifter (Mindwarp: Book 5) Archer, Chris 1 136 Teen wakes up to find nine months of his life missing ... and an alien inside him.
3843 NFS She Persisted Around the World: 13 Women Who Changed History Clinton, Chelsea 1 18 In this companion book to 13 Women Who Changed the World, the reader is introduced to a group of incredible women who have shaped history across the world. Scientist Marie Curie and human rights' activist Malayla Yousafzai are among those women, past and present, who perisisted.
3842 NFS She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World Clinton, Chelsea 1 15 This book celebrates thirteen American women who helped shape our country through their tenacity. Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller and Sonia Sotomayer are among the women highlighted; women who, despite great obstacles, achieved their dreams through persistence.
2159e NFS Shh! We're Writing the Constitution Fritz, Jean 1   Candid look at people and events that shaped our Constitution.
2491e Shiloh Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds 1 159 When Marty finds a lost beagle he tries to hide it from his family and the dog's mean-spirited owner.
3243e NFS Show Way Woodson, Jacqueline 1 10 The making of "Show Ways" or quilts which once served as secret maps for freedom-seeking slaves.
2266e NFS Silver Whelan, Gloria 1 28 A Stepping Stone Book.
2970e Silver Chair, The (Chronicles of Narnia: Book 4) Lewis, C. S. 2 271 A magical journey by two young children to rescue the king's son from the spell of the Winter Witch in the Underworld.
3409e NFS Sing Me A Story Rosenberg, Jane 2 293 Delightful retellings for children of the greatest operas--whether the tales are read as introductions to a opera or to relive a production already seen.
2835e Sister of the Quints Pervsner, Stella 2 177 Thirteen-year-old Natalie's life undergoes chaotic changes when her stepmother has quintuplets.
3715 NFS Six Dots: A story of Young Louis Braille Bryant, Jen 1 34 Louis Braille was just five years old when he lost his sight. He was determined to live like everyone else, and more than anything he wanted to be able to read. So he invented his own alphabet!
3291e NFS          
Jenkins, Steve ch na, sci   0618033769  
2584e Slavery - American Short Stories Middle School Work 1 71 Short stories and plays by different authors.
3631 NFS Slowest Book Ever, The Pulley Sayre, April 1 152 This book is made for sampling, page flipping and rereading. It can be read from back to front or the middle to the end or beginning. Read it slowly, reread it. The book offers its readers slow nature, slow animal thoughts, slow plant facts, slow geology facts and other wonderfully slow stuff. Enjoyed by children who like reading facts about anything and everything.
2642e Snowy Day Bauer, Caroline Feller 1 49 A collection of stories and poems having snow as a common theme.
149e Snowy Day, The Keats, Ezra Jack 1 7 The adventures of a little boy in the city on a very snowy day.
1125e Soccer Sam Marzollo, Jean 1 14 In a perceptive tale of friendship and sports, Sam's visiting Mexican cousin overcomes the language barrier by teaching soccer to his new friends.
2498e Something Big Has Been Here Prelutsky, Jack 1 113 A collection of short, silly poems for all ages.
2021e NFS Something Special For Me Williams, Vera B. 1 7 The money jar will be used to buy something special for Rosa.
2557e Sophie's Snail King-Smith, Dick 1 52 Four-year-old Sophie struggles with older brothers.
3701 NFS Sounds of All Things, The Uhlberg, Myron 1 34 Experience the sights and sounds of 1930s Brooklyn and Coney Island thought the eyes--and ears--of a hearing boy and his deaf parents.
2743e Space and Beyond Montgomery, R. A. 1 85 A boy born on a spaceship is on a mission to another planet. Choose Your Own Adventure.
2808e Sports Pages Adoff, Arnold 1 32 Free verse poetry about sports.
2753e Spring on the Mountain, The Allen, Judy 3 210 On holiday in a cottage by the mountain, three 12-year-olds are fascinated by the legends that surround it.
3164e NFS Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #1: The Rising Force Wolverton, Dave 1 172  A few weeks before Obi-Wan turns 13, he will be told he's to old to begin training as a Jedi Knight.
3252e NFS Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #2: The Dark Rival Watson, Jude 1 125 While thankful for Obi-Wan's life-saving help on the trip to Bandomeer, Qui-Gon must put aside his mixed feelings over the young apprentice and take care of his peace mission.
2312e Statue of Liberty, The Miller, Natalie 1 28 Describes Auguste Bartholdi's conception of the Statue of Liberty, its construction in France, and its eventual erection and dedication in New York Harbor.
3149e NFS Stink, The Incredible Shrinking Kid McDonald, Megan 1 58 The shortest kid in class learns about the shortest U.S. President.
2025e NFS Stones and Minerals - A Child's Book Swenson, Valerie 1 31  
2818e Stones of the Moon, The Allen, Judy 1 164 While David's father is excavating, he becomes fascinated by a ring of stones nearby.
298e NFS Stop Thief! Butterworth, William 1 57  
2585e Stories and Plays Middle schoolers 1 95  
2280e Stormy, Misty's Foal Henry, Marguerite 2 255 A foal, born in the aftermath of a great storm, and her famous mother help raise money to repair the storm damage on Chincoteague Island and restore the herds of wild ponies on Assateague Island.
2056e NFS Story of Little Bighorn, The Stein, R. Conrad 1 22 Custer's last stand.
2270e NFS Story of My Life, The Keller, Helen 3 176 The Story of Helen Keller.
2979e Story of My Life, The Keller, Helen 2 191 Helen Keller's triumph over her blindness and deafness 
2325e NFS Story of Rachel Carson, The Foster, Leila 1 26 Rachel Carson was always curious about the world around her. As a girl, she loved being outside, exploring and learning more about the universe.
2323e Story of the Battle of Bull Run, The Kent, Zachery 1 21 Events in the Civil War leading up to the first major battle, at Bull Run in 1861, and describes that clash and its aftermath.
2069e NFS Story of the Boston Tea Party, The Stein, R. Conrad 1 22 Describes the events leading up and through this historic event, which helped start the American Revolutionary War.
2101e NFS Story of the Declaration of Independence, The Richards, Norman 1   Outlines the events that led to the American Revolutionary War and the writing of the document that separated the America from Britain.
3172e NFS Story of the Other Wise Man, The Van Dyke, Henry 1 52 A timeless classic of a Persian Magi Artaban's journey from his home in Ecbatana.
2317e Story of the Underground Railroad Stein, R. Conrad 1 17 Discusses the network of groups and individuals throughout Ohio and the New England states who aided slaves escaping from their captivity during the nineteenth century.
3625 NFS Storyteller's Candle, The (La velita de los cuentes) Gonzales, Lucia 1 35 This warmhearted Spanish/English bilingual story is told from the perspective of two newly arrived Puerto Rican children who are made to feel at home in New York City because of a gifted storyteller and librarian, Pura Belpre, the first Latina hired by the New York City public library system.
2263e Strider Cleary, Beverly 1 116 In a series of diary entries, Leigh tells how he comes to terms with his parents' divorce, acquires joint custody of an abandoned dog, and joins the track team at school.
2617e Summer Braille Fun Damm, Mary Ann 1 41 An activity book.
3134e NFS Summer Braille Fun (Revised) Damm, Mary Ann 1 94 Revised 2007. Puns, jokes, games, etc.
3323e NFS Summer of Riley, The Bunting, Eve 1 178 Shortly after he gets the perfect dog, Riley, eleven-year old William must fight for his dog's life after Riley is taken away because he chases and injures an elderly neighbor's old horse.
2165e NFS Superfudge (Fudge Series: Book 3) Blume, Judy 3   Farley Drexel Hatcher--otherwise known as Fudge--thinks he’s a superhero, but his older brother, Peter, knows Fudge is nothing but a big pain!
3166e NFS Surprise Island (Boxcar Children Mystery: Book 2) Warner, Gertrude 1 135 A summertime stay at their grandfather's island home is filled with adventure and new delights for a family of youngsters.
2347e NFS Tailor of Gloucester, The Potter, Beatrix 1 30 When the tailor becomes sick and cannot finish the waistcoat for the Mayor, the mice finish it for him.
3233e Taking Care of Your Dog Pope, Joyce 1 32 Book is packed with practical information you need to know about choosing, housing and feeding your pet.
2483e NFS Tale of Ginger and Pickles, The Potter, Beatrix 1 11 An animal story for preschoolers and early readers.
2374e NFS Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, The Potter, Beatrix 1 14 Jemima gets saved from the fox's cooking pot.
2377e NFS Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse, The Potter, Beatrix 1 14 Two mice venture into the unknown.
2382e Tale of Little Pig Robinson, The Potter, Beatrix 1 55 A young pig winds up on a ship in the Caribbean and escapes to an island.
2375e NFS Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse, The Potter, Beatrix 1 14 A mouse is obsessed with cleanliness and is invaded by creatures.
2380e NFS Tale of Samuel Whiskers or The Roly-Poly Pudding, The Potter, Beatrix 1 28 Tom Kitten happens upon the rats' quarters and is nearly made into a roly-poly pudding for their dinner.
2335e NFS Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, The Potter, Beatrix 1 16 A squirrel teases Mr. Owl.
2381e NFS Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan, The Potter, Beatrix 1 30 Imagine being invited to a party and knowing that you could not stomach the meal. That is exactly what happens to this poor little dog, but her plan to avoid the pie does not end as she expected.
2988e Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Blume, Judy 1 146 Ten-year-old Peter has a terror of a little brother, but all the adults seem to think the two-year-old is an angel!
2879e NFS Talking T. Rex, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 20) Roy, Ron 1 85 Money from a dinosaur tour disappears, and the kids set out to help their friends.
3187e Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Book 4) Wrede, Patricia C. 2 384 Queen Cimorene's son has a magic sword, but what is he suppose to do with it?
2821e Tanika and the Kiskadee Curley, Joan J. 1 40 Living on an island, Tanika tells her story of friendship with the local birds.
2907e Tarantula in My Purse, The George, Jean Craighead 1 129 A collection of autobiographical stories about raising a houseful of children and wild pets.
2822e Tarek and the Talking Egyptian Horns Curley, Joan J. 1 30 Tarek decodes the meaning of the horns used by vehicles in Cairo, Egypt.
2186e NFS Teach Us Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy 1   Amelia becomes a substitute teacher for a day.
2631e Ten Tales of Christmas Miller, Lynne G. 1 130 Stories and poems to read under the Christmas tree.
2005e NFS Thank You, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy 1 40 Amelia prepares for a visit from Great-Aunt Myra.
2395e Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tate, Eleanora E. 2 269 The children of Gumbo Grove Elementary School discover the contributions of many famous Afro-Americans during Black History Month.
3593 NFS Thanks Gracias Mora, Pat 1   Straight from the heart of a child flows this delightful bilingual celebration of family, friendship and fun. Share the joy, and think about all the things for which you can say "Gracias! Thanks!"
848e NFS Then Again, Maybe I Won't Blume, Judy 2   A funny, touching story of a boy who has problems. A novel for young people.
2671e There Was Timmy! Scott, Sally 1 19 The story of a mischievous small dog and his family. A small format book for young readers.
3230e These Happy Golden Years (Little House: Book 8) Wilder, Laura Ingalls 2 355 Laura has her first experiences as a teacher, and is courted by Almanzo Wilder.
2438e They Dance in the Sky Monroe, Jean; Williamson, Ray 2 223 For countless generations, Native American storytellers have watched the night sky and told tales of the stars and the constellations. The stars themselves tell many tales—of children who have danced away from home, of six brothers who rescue a maiden from the fearful Rolling Skull, of the great wounded sky bear, whose blood turns the autumn leaves red, and many more.
2832e Things Not Seen Clements, Andrew 3 354 Bobby wakes up one morning to discover that he is invisible.
3334e NFS Things That Are (Sequel to 'Things Not Seen') Clements, Andrew 2 218 Still adjusting to being blind, Alicia must outwit an invisible man who is putting her family and her boyfriend, who was once invisible himself, in danger. 
3146e NFS Think Cool Thoughts Perry, Elizabeth 1 10 On the hottest night of the summer, Angel, her aunt and mother drag mattresses to the rooftop in hopes of cooler weather.
3628 NFS Three Questions, The Muth, Jon 1 18 Nikolai is a boy who believes that if he can find the answers to his three questions, he will always know how to be a good person. He asks his animal friends these questions: "When is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do?" The simple Zen-based exploration shows a child who, in doing good deeds, finds inner peace. This simple and direct message is a wonderful reminder for children of all ages.
3779 NFS Through Grandpa's Eyes Maclachlan, Patricia 1 13 John's favorite house is his grandfather's -- not because it is fancy or new but because he sees it through his Grandpa's eyes. Grandpa is blind, and so when John visits him he gets to see things from a new perspective. This house is the place where John gets to experience the special way Grandpa sees and moves in the world.
3774 NFS Thunder Underground Yolen, Jane 1 37 A collection of poems that takes readers on an expedition underground, exploring everything from animal burrows and human creations, like subways, near the surface--to ancient cities and fossils, lower down--to caves, magma, and Earth’s tectonic plates, deeper still below our feet. 
2234e NFS 'Til All the Stars Have Fallen Booth, David 2 112 A book of poetry.
3390e NFS Titanic Stewart, Melissa 1 50 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. This book describes the history of this famous vessel--from its discovery at the bottom of the ocean in 1985 and back in time to its building, maiden voyage and the ensuing tragedy. Filled with fun and interesting facts about this famous ship. For readers ages 8 and up. 
2943e To Talk in Time Namovicz, Gene Inyart 3 204 Twelve-year-old Luke freezes whenever he has to talk to strangers, but if he doesn't, someone could get rabies.
2279e NFS Toad Food & Measle Soup McDonnell, Christine 2 88 Five interwoven episodes true to children's experiences.
3327e NFS Today at the Bluebird Cafe Ruddell, Deborah; Rankin, Joan 1 10 A world of birds unfolds in 22 vivid poems that capture the unique personalities of birds from backyard bluejays to toucans.
2420e NFS Tom Jefferson Third President of the United States Monsell, Halen Albee 2 129 Focuses on the childhood of America's third president.
2531e NFS Too Many Tamales Soto, Gary 1 25 Maria and her mother make tamales for Christmas.
3830 Too Much Space! Roth, Jonathan 1 80 Meet space-school attendee Bob and his alien bestie Beep in this start to an outrageously funny and action-packed chapter book series that’s great for “kids who love funny stories.
2942e Totally Haunted Kids Nash, Bruce; Zullo, Allan 1 161 True ghost stories.
2759e Toughboy and Sister Kirkpatrick Hill 1 102 Two children must fend for themselves in the wilderness when their father disappears.
3236e Tower Treasure, The (Hardy Boys) Dixon, Franklin 2 220  
2644e Trapped In Bat Wing Hall (Goosebumps: Book 3) Stine, R. L. 2 169 Readers are invited to choose one of 20 spooky endings when the Horror Club goes on a scavenger hunt.
2809e NFS Treasure Island Stevenson, Robert Louis 2 520 A tale of a treasure map, a perilous sea journey, a mutiny lead by Long John Silver, and a scramble for buried treasure.
3423e NFS Trilogy of Kindness, A Glaser, Linda; Couric, Katie; Woodson, Jacqueline 1 41 Books of Kindness: Hannah's Way, The Brand New Kid, and Each Kindness.
2318e NFS Trouble in a Fur Coat Oke, Janette 2 169 Two bear cubs spend a fun-filled first year with their mother.
2516e Troubling A Star L'Engle, Madeleine 3 433 As Vicky gets caught up in a mystery involving drugs, she discovers that life is fragile.
2657e Truth About Stacey, The (Baby-Sitters Club: Book 3) Martin, Ann M. 2 196 Stacy tried to keep her diabetes a secret.
3290e NFS Tsunamis Bonar, Samantha 1 31 Explains why tsunamis occur, the damage this natural disaster can inflict, some famous tsunamis, and how people can protect themselves against these giant waves.
2173e NFS Tuck Everlasting Babbitt, Natalie 2 143 Winnie stumbles upon a mysterious family and their remarkable secret: The Tucks have found everlasting life. But is it a blessing or a curse?
3633 NFS Turtle of Oman, The Nye, Naomi Shihab 2 232 This book tells the story of Aref Al-Imri, an elementary school student living in Oman. When his parents tell him that he will be moving from Oman to Ann Arbor, Michigan, he becomes very sad and refuses to pack his suitcase. His mother reaches out to his beloved grandfather for help. Together, Aref and his grandfather go on a series of adventures. At each stop, his grandfather finds a small stone to slip into Aref's suitcase, mementos of home. 
5019e Tut Tut (Time Warp Trio: Book 6) Scieszka, John 1 78 A story about Ancient Egypt and time travel.
3336e NFS Twilight (Twilight Saga: Book 1) Meyer, Stephenie 6 746 When 17 year old Bella leaves Phoenix to live with her father in Forks, Washington, she meets an exquisitely handsome boy at school for whom she feels an overwhelming attraction and who she comes to realize is not wholly human.
2859e Twin in the Tavern, The Wallace, Barbara Brooks 3 248 A young orphan, at the mercy of an unsavory tavern owner, tries to solve the mystery of his past.
2676e NFS Twits, The Dahl, Roald 1 57 Two mean and messy people play nasty jokes on each other.
2589e NFS Two Ways To Count To Ten Dee, Ruby 1 11 A tale about jungle beasts learning to count, showing that being strong is not the same as being smart.
2605e Una Sorpresa Para Josefina Tripp, Valerie 1 89 American Girl series. Spanish language.
3389e NFS UnBEElievables Florian, Douglas 1 35 Come inside the honeycomb--a busy, buzzy, bee-filled home--and learn about the unexpected wonders of these tiny insects' lifestyles, families and communities. In fourteen funny, fact-filled honeybee poems and paintings, the poet explores the natural history of these often unappreciated critters, revealing them to be a totally cool--and totally important--part of our ecosystem. For elementary readers, grades 2-5.
2640e NFS Uncle Elephant Lobel, Arnold 1 46 A young elephant shares happy times with his Uncle while waiting for his parents.
562e NFS Uncle Shelly's Story of Lafcadio Silverstein, Shel 1 52 The fable of a lion with world famous marksmanship who discovers success is not to his liking.
2534e NFS Uncle Vova's Tree Polacco, Patricia 1 38 A family gathers to observe the Russian traditions of Christmas.
3061e NFS Unwilling Umpire, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 21) Roy, Ron 1 83 Dink tries to prove the innocence of an umpire accused of stealing autographed baseballs.
2327e USS Arizona, The Stein, R. Conrad 1 25 Discusses the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, with an emphasis on the fate of the USS Arizona.
3023e Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots (Bailey School Kids: Book 1) Dadey, Debbie; Jones, Marcia T. 1 57 A new teacher comes to the third grade who lives in a haunted house and has a coffin in the basement. She might be a vampire!
3062e NFS Vampire's Vacation, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 22) Roy, Ron 1 75 Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose investigate a mystery of a man Josh believes is a vampire.
1637e Van Gogh Cafe, The Rylant, Cynthia 1 41 Seven short sketches of life at the Van Gogh Cafe.
712e NFS Velveteen Rabbit or How Toys Become Real, The Williams, Margery 1 18 Real isn't how you are made--it's how a thing happens to you. When the toy rabbit is REALLY loved, it becomes real. A story that can be enjoyed by children and adults.
3108e NFS Visitors (Nightmare Room: Book 12) Stine. R. L. 2 146 Every night Ben searches the sky for aliens, but he doesn't know there's a real one much closer than he thinks!
2969e Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The (Chronicles of Narnia: Book 3) Lewis, C. S. 2 274 King Caspian sails through magic waters to the End of the World.
3775 NFS W is for Welcome: a Celebration of America's Diversity Herzog, Brad 1 38 A is for America, a dreamer's destination, made up of people who are here due to immigration. Following the alphabet, this book uses poetry and expository text to celebrate America's diverse population.
2555e Walking The Bridge of Your Nose Michael Rosen 1 59 Tongue-twisters, riddles, and nonsense verses.
3593 NFS Water Rolls, Water Rises & Gracias Mora, Pat 1 19 Water Rolls, Water Rises - A poetic bilingual celebration of the movement, moods, and majesty of water on Earth. Gracias-Thanks - Straight from the heart of a child flows this delightful bilingual celebration of family, friendship and fun.
2870e We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo Girard, Linda Walvoord 1 18 A nine-year-old boy adopted from Korea as an infant describes what it's like to grow up adopted from another country.
2568e Weasel DeFelize, Cynthia 1 128 Weasel is a government agent who has killed many Shawnees. Nathan, age 11, vows to end this.
3587 NFS Wednesday Bertier, Anne 1 29 Every Wednesday, Little Round and Big Square get together to play their favorite game. As soon as one of them says a word, they transform themselves into it.
2575e NFS Welcome to Camp Nightmare (Goosebumps: Book 9) Stine, R. L. 1 153 Camp Nightmoon is turning into Camp Nightmare! 
2799e We'll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente Engel, Trudie 1 72 The life story of baseball great player, Roberto Clemente.
2607e NFS Werewolf of Fever Swamp, The (Goosebumps: Book 14) Stine, R. L. 1 132 Most dogs don't howl at the moon, or disappear at midnight, or change into terrifying creatures when the moon is full. Or do they?
3004e Werewolves Don't Go To Summer Camp (Bailey School Kids: Book 2) Dadey, Debbie; Jones, Marcia T. 1 68 The director of summer camp is very hairy and wears dog tags. When he goes out at night a lone wolf howls. Is he a werewolf?
2384e NFS West From Home Wilder, Laura; MacBride, Roger  2 138 Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
2940e Whales: Nomads of the Sea Sattler, Helen Roy 1 161 All about whales.
2789e What am I made of? Bennett, David 1 21 A simple explanation of how our bodies are made up, inside and outside.
2932e Whatever Happened to Humpty Dumpty? Greenberg, David T. 1 34 Twenty familiar nursery rhymes lengthened and twisted to hilarious and macabre ends. 
2274e What's The Big Idea, Ben Franklin? Fritz, Jean 1 29 The life and achievements of Ben Franklin.
3707 NFS When Green Becomes Tomatoes-Poems for all Seasons Fogliano, Julie 1 43 Flowers blooming in sheets of snow make way for happy frogs dancing in the rain. Summer swims move over for autumn sweaters until the snow comes back again. The seasons come to life in this book of poetry.
2067e NFS When I Was Young in the Mountains Rylant, Cynthia 1   Reminiscences of the pleasures of life in the mountains as a child.
3637 NFS When Sophie's Feelings Are Really, Really Hurt Bang, Molly 1   This is the story of Sophie, who is teased for drawing a unique picture of a tree. Sophie's teacher helps her classmates see the value of accepting the beautifully different picture. In turn the children learn that it is not good to tease one another for being different or doing things differently.
2915e When the Boys Ran the House Carris, Joan Davenport 1 136 When their mother is ill and their father is out of town, four brothers ages 2 to 12 take over household responsibilities.
51e NFS When We Were Very Young Milne, A. A. 1 66 A collection of poetry.
2846e When Will This Cruel War Be Over? Denenberg, Barry 2 146 The Civil War diary of Emma Simpson of Gordonsville, VA in 1864. Fiction.
2398e NFS Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Asher, Sandy 1 112 Helps young writers begin.
560e NFS Where the Sidewalk Ends Silverstein, Shel 2 101 A collection of poems that are tender, funny and sentimental.
2678e White Magic (Magical Mysteries: Book 2) Stanton, Mary 2 191 contracted, 240 uncontracted Misuse of magic can result in unsuspected consequences, and Natalie learns some life lessons in this tale of a dressage competition and coping with prejudice.
3063e NFS White Wolf, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 23) Roy, Ron 1 77 While visiting a friend the kids investigate why three white wolf cubs were stolen.
2787e Who Comes With Cannons? Beatty, Patricia 2 202 The civil war is about to begin and Truth is involved in the underground movement.
127e NFS Who Look at Me Jordan, June 1 18 A poem exploring the condition, feelings, and ideas of blacks in a white society.
3436e NFS Who Really Discovered America? Krensky, Stephen 1 55 Designed for young readers, this book is an informative study of the first real Americans before Columbus.
3840 NFS Who Says Women Can't Be Computer Programmers? Stone, Tanya Lee 1 22 In the early nineteenth century lived Ada Byron: a young girl with a wild and wonderful imagination. Ada was tutored in science and math. This book celebrates the brilliant woman who imagined computers 100 yesrs before they existed and is, today, recognized as the first computer programmer.
3704 NFS Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson's Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions Barton, Chris 1 23 A love for rockets, robots, inventions, and a mind for creativity began early in Lonnie Johnson's life. Learn about his career as an engineer and his work with NASA and his invention of the popular Super-Soaker.
3364e NFS Why?: The Best Ever Question and Answer Book about Nature, Science and the World Around You Ripley, Catherine 2 104 Everyday childhood activities, such as an excursion to the park, splashing in a bathtub or fixing a snack in the kitchen, can excite many questions in young children. The tenth anniversary edition of Why? provides child-friendly explanations for nearly 100 of these everyday mysteries for a whole new generation of children.
2564e Willow Wind Farm: Betsy's Story Pellowski, Anne 2 233 Anna Rose's 7-year-old niece has a special year with family.
42e Wind in the Willows, The Grahame, Kenneth 2 300 Toad, Mole, Rat and Badger are friends who live in the English countryside.
2397e NFS Winding Valley Farm Pellowski, Anne 3 240 A story of farm life in early twentieth-century Wisconsin.
3591 NFS Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh Walker, Sally 1   The original Winnie was, indeed, a real bear that was cared for by veterinarian Harry Colebourn. When Harry had to leave for service during World War I, Winnie went along with him to London. This is just the beginning of the real story of how Christopher Robin and Winnie, short for Winnipeg, got together and inspired the creation fo Winnie-the-Pooh.
2941e Winter Camp Hill, Kirkpatrick 1 158 Eleven-year-old Toughboy and his sister survive the Alaskan winter at a friend's trapping camp. Sequel to Toughboy and Sister.
3585 NFS Winter Candle Ashford, Jeron 1 16 The families at Juniper Court Apartments always seem to need a candle. Themes of sharing, friendship and cultural traditions are explored in this book.
3207e NFS Winter Lights Hines, Anna Grossnickle 1 20 Poems.
2565e NFS Wisconsin Story, The English, Billie Joan;  Calhoun, Sharon Cooper  5 385 Traces the history of Wisconsin from prehistory to the present day.
2851e Witch Week Jones, Diana Wynne 3 344 What if they still burned witches--and you just discovered that you were a witch?
2648e Witches, The Dahl, Roald 2 204 A 7-year-old boy has run-ins with some witches.
2102e NFS Witch's Daughter Vol. 1-2, The Bawden, Nina 3   Perdita was proud of being a witch's daughter and of her second sight. Janey, too, had a second sight, and she was blind.
529e NFS Witch's Spell, The Delage, Ida 1 8  
3437e NFS Wizard of Oz, The Baum, L. Frank 1 190 After being transported by a cyclone to the land of Oz, Dorothy and her dog are befriended by a scarecrow, a tin man, and a cowardly lion, who accompany her to the Emerald City to look for a wizard who can help Dorothy return home to Kansas.
2968e Wizards Don't Need Computers (Bailey School Kids: Book 20) Dadey, Debbie; Jones, Marcia T. 1 38 The librarian has a long white beard and a wand! Is he really Merlin from King Arthur's time?
2998e Woman Who Rides Like a Man, The (Song of the Lioness: Book 3) Pierce, Tamora 2 319 Alanna is captured by a desert tribe, and must fight a duel and ancient customs in order to survive.
3194e Wrath of Mulgarath, The (Spiderwick Chronicles: Book 5) DiTerlizzi, Tony; Black, Holly 1 95 The Grace children learn that their Mom is missing and set out to find her among mystical creatures.
3333e NFS Wrinkle in Time, A L'Engle, Madeleine 2 266 Meg Murray and her friends become involved with unearthly strangers and a search for Meg's father, who has disappeared while engaged in secret work for the government.
3064e NFS X'ed-Out X-Ray, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 24) Roy, Ron 1 74 The kids attend a concert during which a diamond pendant is stolen and soon are on the thieves trail.
2855e Year of Impossible Goodbyes Choi, Sook Nyul 3 219 A young Korean girl survives the oppressive Japanese and Russian occupation of North Korea during the 1940s.
3589 NFS Year of the Fortune Cookie, The Cheng, Andrea 2 165 Anna Wang, an 11-year-old Chinese American girl, learned how to be a big sister when her parents adopted a baby from a Chinese orphanage. Now Anna (who is learning to speak Chinese) has the opportunity to travel to China with her teacher who is adopting a little girl from the same orphanage. The trip becomes an occasion to explore her own identity.
3065e NFS Yellow Yacht, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 25) Roy, Ron 1 73 The kids help catch the thieves who have stolen gold from the king and queen of Costra.
2761e You Bet Your Britches, Claude Nixon, Joan Lowery  1 16 Companion book. Shirley and Claude lead a settled life with their adopted son, Tom, until Shirley goes to town to retrieve Tom's sister, Bessie, and the two run into more than their share of trouble with criminals.
2608e You Can't Scare Me (Goosebumps: Book 15) Stine, R. L. 1 134 Courtney is a total show-off. She thinks she's so brave; and she's always making Eddie and his friends look like wimps. But now Eddie's decided he's had enough. 
2333e NFS Your Foot's on My Feet Terban, Marvin 1 26 This book makes it fun to learn correct plurals of more than 90 irregular nouns.
3382e NFS Yucky Worms French, Vivian 1 18 Who would want to be friends with a wiggly, slimy, yucky worm? You can't even tell which end is which! There is more to worms than meets the eye. Find out where worms live, how they move, and why gardeners consider them friends in this humorous and informative book. For younger children.
3066e NFS Zombie Zone, The (A to Z Mysteries: Book 26) Roy, Ron 1 75 Reports of zombies alarm people of a swampland village. What is going on?
3021e NFS Zoo School Hornik, Laurie Miller 3 270 When inspectors try to close the school down because of irregularities, the students at the strange new Zoo School are surprised at how much they have learned.
3189e NFS Zoomrimes: Poems about Things That Go Cassedy, Sylvia 1 32 26 poems, all of which describe a means of transportation or something that travels.

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