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Recent Additions

All titles in UEB unless notated with an "e" after the number
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(Last Updated 10/3/2017)
Num Title Author Vols Pgs. Description
7192 All the Light We Cannot See Doerr, Anthony 5 806 A novel about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II. Marie Laure lives with her father in Paris within walking distance of the Museum of Natural History where he works as the master of the locks (there are thousands of locks in the museum). When she is six, she goes blind, and her father builds her a model of their neighborhood, every house, every manhole, so she can memorize it with her fingers and navigate the real streets with her feet and cane. 
7140e Benediction Haruf, Kent 4 440 Set on the high plains of Colorado this is a story about the grace that lies within us all.
7144e Big House, The Colt, George Howe 5 760 A century in the life an an American summer home.
7193 Dead Loudmouth Houston, Victoria 2 300 It's a bright summer morning in Loon Lake when Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris is called to the scene of a horrific accident that occurred in the dead of night at a local gentleman's club. The club is owned by one of the victims, a member of the private Deer Creek Fishing and Hunting Preserve and the scion of a wealthy Wisconsin family. When the county coroner is unavailable due to a car accident, Chief Ferris deputizes her close friend and fellow fly-fisherman, retired dentist "Doc" Osborne, to step in.
7173 Dead Rapunzel Houston, Victoria 3 356 It's the dead of winter in Loon Lake when a wealthy widow is run down and killed by a logging truck on an icy street. The truck driver insists he saw a man shove the woman into the path of his truck.
7191 For The Benefit of Those Who See Mahoney, Rosemary 4 587 Rosemary Mahoney tells the story of Braille Without Borders, the first school for the blind in Tibet, and of Sabriye Tenberken, the remarkable blind woman who founded the school. Fascinated and impressed by what she learned from the blind children of Tibet, Mahoney was moved to investigate further the cultural history of blindness. As part of her research, she spent three months teaching at Tenberken's international training center for blind adults in Kerala, India, an experience that reveals both the shocking oppression endured by the world's blind, as well as their great resilience, integrity, ingenuity, and strength. By living among the blind, Mahoney enables us to see them in fascinating close up, revealing their particular "quality of ease that seems to broadcast a fundamental connection to the world.
7154e Home in the Valley L'Amour, Louis 2 282 Six short stories taking place on the western frontier.
7182 Horse Called Willing, A Martin, Rebecca 2 248 When Lady's carefree gallop across the pasture ended in disaster, the family needed another horse. That's how Willing arrived at their Amish farm. Willing was a model of ... stubborness. Through the adventures, struggles, and surprises that followed, Joel learned about willingness, getting along with others, and, most important of all, that God does all things well.
7139e Lord of Snow and Shadows Ash, Sarah 6 994 A saga filled with epic adventure and unforgettable characters. Far-reaching in scope and imagination, Lord of Snow and Shadows embarks on a journey like no other—into a shape-shifting world teeming with political intrigue, astonishing magic, and passions both dark and light. 
7149e Love's Enduring Promise Oke, Janette 3 363 Their family growing, Clark and Marty look to bind each other together with love and faith. 
7189 Perfect Life, A Steel, Danielle 3 471 A celebrity mother and her blind daughter face the challenges of love, loyalty and family.
7186 Robert B Parker's Blind Spot Coleman, Reed Farrel 4 550 A murder in Paradise draws Jesse Stone into the private lives of one of the town's most prominent families - and nearer to the unnerving suspicion that one of his old friends is intimately involved in the crime.
7161e Rose Harbor in Bloom Macomber, Debbie 4 535 Since moving to Cedar Cove, Jo Marie Rose has truly started to feel at home, and her neighbors have become her closest friends. Now it's springtime, and Jo Marie is eager to finish the most recent addition to her inn.
7200 Shack, The Young, William P. 3 456 Mackenzie Allen Philips' youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later in the midst of his Great Sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. 
7185 NFS Tale of Two Cities, A Dickens, Charles 4 723 Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities portrays a world on fire, split between Paris and London during the brutal and bloody events of the French Revolution. 

Adult Non-Fiction

Num Title Author Vols Pgs. Description
7180 199 Promises of God   1 74 This compact book offers the perfect pick-me-up with God's guarantees in scripture.
7145e Becoming a Contagious Christian Hybels, Bill; Mittelberg, Mark 3 412 Evangelism doesn't have to be frustrating or intimidating. Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg believe that effectively communicating our faith in Christ should be the most natural thing in the world. We just need encouragement and direction. 
7141e Becoming A Contagious Church Mittelberg, Mark 4 462 Increasing your church's evangelistic temperature.
7184 Behind Our Eyes, A Second Look Chamberlin, Kate, Editor 4 566 The second literary anthology of stories, poems and essays by writers with disabilities.
7152e Heart of Meditation, The Durgananda, Swami 3 358 This guide to the inner being reveals techniques for moving beyond troublesome thoughts, finding keys to unlock practices like mantra repetition, and learning how to troubleshoot your own meditation practice.
7166 HOPE the Best of Things Tada, Joni Eareckson 1 42 If hope is scarce in your life, this booklet will draw you toward a fresh perspective on suffering, true scriptural encouragement, and this author's hard-won insights about the goodness of God.
7169 Hope Within Your Heart Compiled & edited by Grimaldi, Jennifer 1 34 Inspirational poems about hope.
7163e NFS Keeping Your Child Safer in the World   1 74 Tips for Children, Teens, and Parents.
3656e NFS Louis Braille A Touch of Genius Mellor, C. Michael 4 430 The first ever biography of Louis Braille to include thirty-one of his extant letters, some written by his own hand, and translated into English for the first time.
7165 One Hope, One Purpose Sword, Sue 1 66 Christian Appalachian Project is an interdenominational non-profit organization that serves the prople in need in Appalachia. Read these short inspirational stories of the prople and families helped by this project.
7201 Pastors Handbook, The NIV Moody Bible Institute 2 260 Instructions, forms and helps for conducting the many ceremonies a Minister is called upon to direct.
7194 Power of Now, The Tolle, Eckhart 3 385 A guide to spiritual enlightenment.
7171 Pure Joy The Dogs We Love Steel, Danielle 1 154 Presents an endearing love letter to the pet dogs who have enriched the author's life, in a volume that celebrates the laugh-inducing moments, poignant exchanges, and heartfelt farewells shared by her family.
7168 Riches of His Grace, The Compiled & edited by Grimaldi, Jennifer 1 29 Inspirational poems about God's grace.
7190 Simple Truth, The Johnson, Samya 1 136 The Quran and the Bible side-by-side.
7183 Sunroom, The Lewis, Beverly 1 168 Becky Owens is a young pianist on the verge of adolescence when she learns devastating news about her beloved mother. The daughter of a country preacher in Lancaster County, Becky knows the significance of sacrifice, and in her "arrangement" with God, she vows to exchange her most cherished possession for her mother's life. They can only visit through the hospital's sunroom window. A realization of the power of music and a lesson in unconditional love compel Becky to rethink her bargain with God, and the sunroom becomes a place where miracles happen.
7197 Touching the World Birchall, Cathy; Smith, Bernard 6 847 Story of a blind woman who set off with her companion to become the first blind person ever to circle the world on a motorbike.
7167 Walk Home With Me Sword, Sue; Sword, Candace Delona 1 55 Read about this Christian home repair/home building ministry through which volunteers and staff repair and build homes for low-income families in rural Central Appalachia.
7162e NFS Women and the Word Gench, Frances Taylor 2 153 A presentation of women as models of faith as seen in the stories of the Gospel of John..
7143e Zealot Aslan, Reza 5 689 A fascinating, provocative, and meticulously researched biography that challenges long-held assumptions about the man we know as Jesus of Nazareth.


Num Title Author Vols Pgs. Description
3653e NFS 26 Fairmount Avenue DePaola, Tomie 1 39 Tomie's family starts building their new house at 26 Fairmount Avenue in 1938, just as a hurricane hits town, starting off a busy, crazy year. 
3626 NFS Abuelita, Full of Life Costales, Amy 1 21 Jose is not sure what to expect when his grandmother from Mexico moves in, except that he will certainly have to change his ways. What he disovers is that he doesn't mind one bit. Abuelita is full of surprises, and full of life. This book is written in Spanish and English.
3618e NFS Animal Friends: A Collection of Poems for Children   1 17 Animal Friends - A collection of poems for children.
3647e NFS Birthday Storn, The Draper, Sharon 1 139 Sassy and her sparkle sack are back for another adventure with an ecology theme! It's summer vacation, and Sassy and her family are headed to Florida to visit Grammy for her birthday.
3551e NFS Black Beauty Sewell, Anna 2 304 A heartwarming tale told from the perspective of a horse named Black Beauty whose courage and perseverance sustain him as he travels from one owner to the next, often experiencing cruelty and mistreatment.
3637 NFS Blue Day Book for Kids, The Greive, Bradley Trevor 1   This story explains what blue day feels like, what may cause it and how to get over it. The story is told with great humor and is useful in helping young children understand uncomfortable feelings and what can be done about them.
3583 NFS Book With No Pictures, The Novak, B. J 1 15 This is a simple and ingeniously imaginative book that can inspire laughter as it introduces young children to the idea that words are a source of great fun.
3592 NFS Case For Loving, The Alko, Selina; Qualls, Sean 1 21 In 1958 Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter decided they wanted to marry. Unfortunately for them, it was against the law in Virginia. A white man and a black woman could not marry. This is the true story of Richard and Mildred and their fight to make unconstitutional the laws which prevented interracial marriage.
3648e NFS Case of the Lost Boy, The Hillestad Butler, Dori 1 73 King has a very big mystery to solve. His family is missing, and he's been put in the P-O-U-N-D. Why doesn't his beloved human (Kayla) come to get him? 
3588 NFS Code Talker Bruchac, Joseph 3 343 A novel about the Navajo Marines of World War II. 16 year old Ned Begay enlisted in the U.S. Marines during World War II and was trained as a code talker, using his native language to radio battlefield information and commands in a code kept secret until 1969.
3530e Complete Winnie-the-Pooh, The Milne, A. A. 2 318 Contains Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner.
3578e NFS Conquering the Sun's Empire Ordway III, Frederick I.; Wakeford, Ronald C. 1 190 Exploring the solar system.
3630 NFS Crenshaw Applegate, Katherine 1 177 This is a story of a 10-year old boy, Jackson, whose imaginary friend (a seven-foot-tall talking cat) helps him cope with a family crisis--an impending eviction notice. Crenshaw is the companion that Jackson needs to realize that the weight of the world is not on his shoulders.
3632 NFS Death of the Hat, The Janeczko, Paul 1 88 Poetry, scholars claim, is one of the oldest living art forms. This book offers a rich and varied collection of poetry from across many epochs. Some poems may be recognizable, but others will be new to readers.
3649 NFS Death of the Hat, The Janeczko, Paul 1 88 A look at poems through history inspired by objects—earthly and celestial—reflecting the time in which each poet lived.
3584 NFS Do You Still Love Me? Burg, Sarah Emmanuelle 1 11 Carrot is having a bad day. This morning her mommy and daddy had an argument, and she feels terrible. Do they still love each other? Carrot wonders. Do they still love her?
3627 NFS Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl's Courage Changes Music Engle, Margarita 1 13 Born in Cuba in the 1920's, Millo Castro Zaldarriaga dreamed of drumming the rhythms of her native country, but was told that only boys could learn to play drums. Finally her father agreed to find her a teacher who was amazed at her talent and helped her change others' attitudes. Millo became a world famous musician who played alongside many jazz greats. 
3637 NFS Emily's Blue Period Daly, Cathleen 1   Emily's life is a little mixed up. Her dad has moved out and everything is changing. "When Picasso was very sad," says Emily, "he only painted in shades of Blue. And now I am in my blue period."
3655e NFS Family, Familia Gonzales Bertrand, Diane 1 22 Young Daniel doesn't share his dad's excitement over going to the family reunion. What's the big deal? It's just going to be a bunch of old people he doesn't know, sitting around and telling stories about other old people he doesn't know. Once there, though, Daniel is in for several pleasant surprises.
3577e NFS First Book of Stones, The Cormack, M. B. 1 80 Covers types of rocks, formations, what is made from stone, and how to keep your own rock collection.
3654e NFS Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown Danziger, Paula 1 15 Amber Brown is excited to be starting second grade--and a little nervous, too. But Amber Brown decides she's ready for whatever happens, and second grade had better be ready for Amber Brown!
3634 NFS Granddaddy's Turn Bandy, Michael; Stein, Eric 1 15 A young African American boy who idolizes his grandfather walks with him from their farm to town so he can vote for the very first time in his life. Proudly the boy takes a photo of his granddaddy holding his ballot. When granddaddy can't read a very difficult text, he is told that he cannot vote. Fast forward to the little boy now a grown man and old enough to vote for the first time in 1976. He takes the photo of his granddaddy with him to the polls.
3621 NFS Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2 Rowling, J.K.; Tiffany, John; Thorne, Jack 3 347 As an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband, and a father, Harry Potter struggles with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs while his youngest son, Albus finds the weight of the family legacy difficult to bear.
3580 NFS I Am Malala Yousafzai, Malala 2 276 Young reader's edition of Yousafzai's best selling memoir, the Nobel Peace Prize winner retells her experiences at home and at school and discusses the impact of the Taliban presence in Pakistan.
3591 NFS Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla Applegate, Katherine 1 20 The story about Ivan, a gorilla that was taken from its natural habitat in Africa to live captive in a US shopping mall until finally petitioners secured his release to Zoo Atlanta, a premier facility that houses gorillas in natural habitat.
3638 Jungle Book, The Mason, Jane B.;Stephens, Sarah Hines 1 104 Mowgli is a boy who was raised by wolves. He lives in the jungle and spends his days climbing trees, eating honey, and swimming in forest pools. An exciting retelling of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale.
3650e NFS Kids Pick the Funniest Poems Lansky, Bruce 1 139 A collection of funny poetry for kids. It’s a classic because it’s the first collection of poems selected by kids! It includes clever creations from some of the most popular names in children’s poetry.
3586 NFS Lend A Hand: Poems about Giving Frank, John 1 25 Simple acts of kindness are the first steps to changing the world. This collection of original poems celebrates the joys of bridging the invisible boundaries among people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.
3651e NFS Louis Braille Lantier, Patricia 1 67 The life of the nineteenth-century Frenchman, accidentally blinded as a child, who originated the raised dot system of reading and writing used by the blind throughout the world.
3590 NFS Madam and Nun and 1001: What is a Palindrome Cleary, Brian P. 1 14 Hannah is a palindrome like Mom and Dad and Sis. So begins this walk into the world of palindromes.
3629 NFS Mama's Nightingale Danticat, Edwidge 1 15 A serious, yet hopeful story about the sadness of a little girl, Saya, whose Haitian mother has been sent away to a prison for undocumented immigrants. With the help of her father and a newspaper reporter, Saya learns about the power of words and stories. The book echoes the author's own experiences.
3624 NFS Maya's Blanket Brown, Monica 1 22 Little Maya loves her special blanket (manta) which was made by her grandmother (abuelita). Over time the manta goes through many changes until it is finally only useful as a bookmark (marcador de libros). When she loses her bookmark, Maya realizes that she can write the story down. And when she is grown with a little girl of her own, she tells that story to her. The book is written in Spanish and English.
3590 NFS Mirror, Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse Singer, Marilyn 1   There are two sides to every story, from Cinderella to Beauty and the Beast. Read these fairy tale poems from top to bottom, then reverse the lines and read from bottom to top to get the other point of view. This collection shows the reader that both stories and language can be magical.
3619 Monster Cookbook, The Philipson, Kathy; Ramet, Barbara; Pence, Kay 1 114 Recipes for kids.
3652e NFS Moon Runner Marsden, Carolyn 1 86 A quiet, lyrical story that sensitively explores issues of friendship and being true to oneself.
3623 NFS Our Great Big Backyard Bush, Laura; Bush Hager, Jenna 1 37 Written in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of our national parks, this book recounts the story of a family's summer vacation to five parks. Jane, the oldest child who spends a lot of time online, thinks the outdoors is boring, but learns eventually that what she discovers is actually quite exciting.
3622e NFS Picture Book of Rosa Parks, A Adler, David A. 1   The Story of Rosa Parks.
3620 Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep Forssen Ehrlin, Carl-Johan 1 30 A new way of getting children to sleep.
3617e NFS Red Boots for Christmas Greene, Carol 1 8 Tale of a cobbler waiting for a very special Christmas present.
3631 NFS Slowest Book Ever, The Pulley Sayre, April 1 152 This book is made for sampling, page flipping and rereading. It can be read from back to front or the middle to the end or beginning. Read it slowly, reread it. The book offers its readers slow nature, slow animal thoughts, slow plant facts, slow geology facts and other wonderfully slow stuff. Enjoyed by children who like reading facts about anything and everything.
3625 NFS Storyteller's Candle, The (La velita de los cuentes) Gonzales, Lucia 1 35 This warmhearted Spanish/English bilingual story is told from the perspective of two newly arrived Puerto Rican children who are made to feel at home in New York City because of a gifted storyteller and librarian, Pura Belpre, the first Latina hired by the New York City public library system.
3593 NFS Thanks Gracias Mora, Pat 1   Straight from the heart of a child flows this delightful bilingual celebration f family, friendship and fun. Share the joy, and think about all the things for which you can say "Gracias! Thanks!"
3628 NFS Three Questions, The Muth, Jon 1 18 Nikolai is a boy who believes that if he can find the answers to his three questions, he will always know how to be a good person. He asks his animal friends these questions: "When is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do?" The simple Zen-based exploration shows a child who, in doing good deeds, finds inner peace. This simple and direct message is a wonderful reminder for children of all ages.
3633 NFS Turtle of Oman, The Nye, Naomi Shihab 2 232 This book tells the story of Aref Al-Imri, an elementary school student living in Oman. When his parents tell him that he will be moving from Oman to Ann Arbor, Michigan, he becomes very sad and refuses to pack his suitcase. His mother reaches out to his beloved grandfather for help. Together, Aref and his grandfather go on a series of adventures. At each stop, his grandfather finds a small stone to slip into Aref's suitcase, momentos of home. 
3593 NFS Water Rolls, Water Rises & Gracias Mora, Pat 1 19 Water Rolls, Water Rises - A poetic bilingual celebration of the movement, moods, and majesty of water on Earth. Gracias-Thanks - Straight from the heart of a child flows this delightful bilingual celebration of family, friendship and fun.
3587 NFS Wednesday Bertier, Anne 1 29 Every Wednesday, Little Round and Big Square get together to play their favorite game. As soon as one of them says a word, they transform themselves into it.
3637 NFS When Sophie's Feelings Are Really, Really Hurt Bang, Molly 1   This is the story of Sophie, who is teased for drawing a uinique picture of a tree. Sophie's teacher helps her classmates see the value of accepting the beautifully different picture. In turn the children learn that it is not good to tease one another for being different or doing things differently.
3591 NFS Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh Walker, Sally 1   The original Winnie was, indeed, a real bear that was cared for by veterinarian Harry Colebourn. When Harry had to leave for service during World War I, Winnie went along with him to London. This is just the beginning of the real story of how Christopher Robin and Winnie, short for Winnipeg, got together and inspired the creation fo Winnie-the-Pooh.
3585 NFS Winter Candle Ashford, Jeron 1 16 The families at Juniper Court Apartments always seem to need a candle. Themes of sharing, friendship and cultural traditions are explored in this book.
3589 NFS Year of the Fortune Cookie, The Cheng, Andrea 2 165 Anna Wang, an 11-year-old Chinese American girl, learned how to be a big sister when her parents adopted a baby from a Chinese orphanage. Now Anna (who is learning to speak Chinese) has the opportunity to travel to China with her teacher who is adopting a little girl from the same orphanage. The trip becomes an occasion to explore her own identity.


Num Title Author Vols Pgs. Description
7153e No  Sale Beyond TV Dinners Canter, Patricia; Cole, Mike; Hatlen, Betsy; LeDuc, Paula 1 210 Three levels of recipes for visually handicapped cooks.
7181 Dump Cakes & One-Bowl Baking   1 104 Discover recipes for dozens of incrediby easy and irresistibly delicious dump cakes including pound cakes, coffeecakes, snack cakes, and bundt cakes. Each recipe starts with a cake mix.
7187 No  Sale Eat and Stay Slim Better Homes & Gardens 3 219 Sets you on the path to healthy eating and is a sustainable reprogramming of your relationship with food and food portions. It never says you can't have something, but rather gives you lots of choices for what you can eat and be perfectly satisfied.
7164e Everyday Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, The Sharpe, Diane 1 115 An interesting mix of genuine Mediterranean recipes that are specially designed to simplify and add variety to your meals, while achieving your health goals.
7199 Fun with Ramen Noodles   1 108 Recipes made with Ramen Noodles.
7160e Great Chefs of Lodi   2 340 A compilation of recipes appearing in the Lodi Enterprise with everything from appetizers to desserts.
7178 Light & Healthy Microwave Cooking Emal, Janet; Taylor, Elizabeth 3 442 Easy meal planning, microwave recipes with dietary guidelines.
7196 Pillsbury Fast & Healthy Cookbook General Mills 3 421 Flavorful recipes that are higher in fiber and other nutrients than most recipes, yet lower in fat and calories. They're also fast—all can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, with a whole chapter of recipes ready in just 20 minutes.
7188 Quick & Easy Microwave Meals Evans, Susan 1 94 Over 50 microwave recipes for breakfast, snacks, meals and desserts.
7133e Recipes for the Turbo Blend Two Speed Vitamix   2 242 Recipes for the Turbo Blend Two Speed Vitamix.
7150e No  Sale Timeless Recipes With Minute Rice General Foods 1 80 Minute rice recipes.


Num Title Author Vols Pgs. Description
7146e Adorable Baby Sweaters Amer School of Needlework 1 84 4 designs to knit and crochet.
7156e No  Sale Animal Magic   1 50 Knitting animals, including chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, dolphins, reindeer, turtles and bunnies.
7177e No  Sale Baby Bathtime   1 47 Knit toys for the bathtub.
7137e Baskets & Bowls in Crochet Annie's Attic 1 44 Beginning and intermediate skill levels on how to create six different kinds of baskets. Each basket is crocheted with a different material, including jute, fabric strips, cotton, or acrylic yarns, giving each project a distinct look.
7174e No  Sale Classic Quick Knit Throws   1 39 Classic throws to knit.
7159e No  Sale Crocheted Christmas Ornaments   1 35 Various patterns for crocheted Christmas ornaments and snowflakes.
7155e No  Sale Family Affair   1 72 Knit sweaters, cardigans and scarves for children and adults.
7148e Family Knits Bliss, Debbie 2 258 25 handknits for all seasons.
7178 No  Sale Graded Lessons in Macrame Knotting and Netting Walker, Louisa 2   Book on 19th-century string techniques, including netting, knotwork and macramé. Designed for self-study, it is extremely thorough and clear in its descriptions of techniques and processes.
7138e Granny Square Wear Annie's Attic 1 125 Crochet Sweaters, Vest, Pullovers, Skirt, Tote Bag.
7172 I Can't Believe I'm Loom Knitting Norris, Kathy 1 164 Everything you need to know about loom knitting, both circle and long loom. include Hats, Sampler Afghan, Scarves, Felted Basketweave Tote, Hooded Vest, Lattice Pillow, Bejeweled Fingerless Gloves, Garter Wedges Baby Blanket, Ridged Lace Hat, Lace Wrap, and Felted Candy Cane Stocking.
7195 Maggie's Crochet Weldon, Maggie 1 36 Yellow Rose Oven Door Dress Set and Lacy Wraps.
7136e No  Sale Manual for Macrame, A Porter, Marie 2 58 A manual for macrame. 2nd volume is illustrations.
7142e Market Totes Annie's Attic 1 24 Crochet market tote patterns.
7170e Molly   1 12 A knit tam pattern.
7175e No  Sale Oodles of Scarves   1 63 Scarves to knit.
7158e No  Sale Precious Preemies   1 41 Knit patterns for preemies, including booties, baptismal gown, bonnets, sweaters, overalls and diaper covers.
7157e No  Sale Selection of Sweaters and Cardigans   1 67 Sweaters and cardigan patterns to knit.
7202 SOUTH MAID Enchanged Christmas Ornaments Coats & Clark 1 70 16 Christmas ornaments to crochet.
7176e No  Sale Tree of Life pattern for Cardigans, pullovers, and afghan.   1 61 Tree of life knit patterns for adult cardigan, child's bunny, owl and tree of life pullovers, and an afghan.
7198 Trim the Tree Annie's Attic 1 161 Whimsical and traditional crocheted ornaments to trim your tree with.
7147e Year of Baby Afghans, A Leisure Art 1 96 12 baby afghan crochet designs.


Num Title Author Vols Pgs. Description
3608e Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy 1   A literal-minded housekeeper causes chaos in the Rogers household when she attempts to make sense of some instructions.
3615e Animal ABC's Patrick, Denise Lewis 1   Animal ABC's. A Board book.
3573 Anybody Can Play Stevenson, Jocelyn 1   Bert and Ernie think of new games to play inside on a rainy day.
3599 Baby Animals on the Farm Alexander, Liza 1   As Grover searches all over the farm for a missing kitten, he meets many animals with their new babies.
3525 Baby Sister Says No Mayer, Mercer 1   Little Critter is having a bad day. His baby sister follows him everywhere and stops him from doing what he wants to do.
3540 Barn Party O'Brien, Claire 1   The Chicken Sisters are planning a party and invite all the barnyard animals. But mean old Rooster thinks that only neat, clean animals should be allowed to attend. 
3545 Berenstain Bears and Mama's New Job, The Berenstain, Stan; Berenstain, Jan 1   When Mama Bear decides to turn her hobby into a business, each member of the Bear family tries to help a little more around the house.
3659 Berenstain Bears and the Baby Chipmunk Berenstain, Stan & Jan 1   The Bear family adopts a curious baby chipmunk. 
3660 Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm Berenstain, Stan & Jan 1   The Bear family is visiting Farmer Ben today. Brother and Sister have so many questions about how the farm works, and Farmer Ben has a lot to teach them. They never knew hard work could be so much fun!
3667 Biscuit's Valentine's Day Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1   I'ts Valentine's Day and Biscuit and the little girl have a lot of special deliveries to make.
3665 Bottoms Up! Lewman, David 1   Bikini Bottom is chock-full of waterlooged humor that will reel in the fans - lift the flaps and get hooked!
3532 Buzzzzzzzz said the Bee Lewison, Wendy Cheyette 1   A bee sits on Duck, and when duck QUACKS at it to scat, it doesn't listen! So Duck sits on Hen. Hilarity ensues as each animal sits on another.
3643e Caillou: Tell Me Where Savary, Fabien 1   Find the baby hiding under the flaps all around the house.
3568 Come Out to Play   1   Mother goose rhymes from Ladybug.
3544 Copycat Fish, The Donovan, Gail 1   Rainbow Fish is angry that Tug copies everything he does, especially when their teacher, Miss Cuttle, picks them to work on a project together.
3555 Corduroy Freeman, Don 1   A girl named Lisa fell in love with a little brown bear wearing green overalls with one button missing.
3666 Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever Freeman, Don 1   Halloween is almost here, and Corduroy can't wait! He is going to have a party. 
3598 Curious George 2 Follow That Monkey   1   George's elephant friend Kayla misses her family-and on this whirlwind adventure, George will stop at nothing to help her find them!
3549 Curious George Takes a Job Rey, H. A. 1   Curious George takes a job as a dishwasher and a window washer.
3606 Dandelion Seed's Big Dream, The Anthony, Joseph 1   A seed dreams of becoming a dandelion.
3560 Darcy and Gran Don't Like Babies Cutler, Jane 1   Darcy and Gran are not happy about the idea of a new baby coming, but they change their minds after the birth.
3576 Day in the Life of Oscar the Grouch, A Hayward, Linda 1   Oscar the Grouch describes the things he likes about living in a garbage can on Sesame Street, as well as the things that make him grouchy.
3548 Doctor De Soto Steig, William 1   Dr. De Soto, a mouse dentist, copes with the toothaches of various animals except those with a taste for mice, until the day a fox comes to him in great pain.
3575 Dog Who Found Christmas, The Jennings, Linda 1   Poor Buster the dog has been abandoned on Christmas Eve. Cold and frightened, he wanders in search of comfort. He is chased away from every door. Finally he follows carolers to the home of an old man who wants a dog just as much as Buster wants a home.
3554 Donkey - Donkey Duvoisin, Roger 1   A little donkey, unhappy that his big ears stick straight up, asks other farm animals for advice on how to improve his appearance.
3601 Doris's Dinosaur Wells, Rosemary 1   When Mrs. Jenkins proposes the class paint dinosaurs, Doris's unusual artistic talent is not recognized until the class visits a modern art museum.
3579 Down on the Farm with Grover Sipherd, Ray 1   When Grover takes care of his uncle's farm for the summer, he discovers being a farmer isn't as easy as he thought.
3534 Eloise Has a Lesson Thompson, Kay 1   It's time for Eloise's lesson. Today her tutor, Philip, wants her to learn math, but Eloise has a better idea!
3614e Emperor's Egg, The Jenkins, Martin 1   Describes the parental behavior of Emperor penguins, focusing on how the male keeps the egg warm until it hatches and how the parents care for the chick after it is born.
3602 Excuse me, I'm trying to read! Amani, Mary Jo 1   This book is full of charm, humour and cuteness, with its wonderful African flair, gorgeous pictures and message to encourage reading.
3535 Fall Leaf Project McNamara, Margaret 1   The first-graders of Robin Hill School love to look at all the different fall leaves. When they hear that in some states the leaves don't change color, they come up with a plan to share fall with other first-graders.
3524 Fire Engines Rockwell, Anne 1   Describes the parts of a fire engine and how fire fighters use them to fight fires.
3533 First Grade Friends Recess Mess Maccarone, Grace 1   A story of poor Sam, who needs to go to the boys' room, but since he cannot read or spell, he worries that he will not know which door to enter. 
3661 First Thanksgiving, The Hayward, Linda 1   The story of the Pilgrims is vividly retold in simple language for beginning readers.
3600 Fix It, Please Weiss, Ellen 1   With all the characters of Sesame Street wanting their broken things fixed, Luis, who runs the Fix-it Shop, doesn't have time to work on his broken clock.
3574 Franklin Wants a Pet Bourgeois, Paulette, Clark, Brenda 1   Franklin can count forwards and backwards. He can zip zippers and button buttons. And ever since he was small, he really wanted a pet.
3663 Geese Find the Missing Piece Maestro, Marco and Giulio 1   School time riddle rhymes.
3644e Good Night, Sweet Butterflies Bentley, Dawn 1   Good Night, Sweet Butterflies is the perfect way to get young ones to go to sleep.
3635 Goodnight, Good Dog Ray, Mary Lyn 1   It's time to say goodnight. But what if a dog isn't sleepy? This book captures how a reluctant pup warms to bedtime in a way that young children will recognize immediately--and find as reassuring as their own bed.
3567 Grover's Book of Cute Little Baby Animals Ford, B. G. 1   Grover reads a library book that introduces the characteristics of a variety of baby animals.
3605 Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Marzollo, Jean 1   Because Martin Luther King worked so hard for freedom and helped so many people to gain it, we honor him every year on his special day.
3657 Hello Baby! Hola Bebe Jenkins, Steve 1   After meeting a bevy of baby animals- including a clever monkey, a sleepy leopard, and a dusty lion cub-the baby in this story discovers the most precious creature of all . . . itself, of course!
3609e Henry and Mudge in the Sparkle Days Rylant, Cynthia 1   In the winter Henry and his big dog Mudge play in the snow, share a family Christmas dinner, and gather around a crackling winter fireplace.
3541 Henry and Mudge Take the Big Test Rylant, Cynthia 1   Henry and his 180-pound dog Mudge are best friends forever. And they're off to a school for dogs so Mudge can learn some manners!
3610e Henry and Mudge The First Book Rylant, Cynthia 1   Henry, feeling lonely on a street without any other children, finds companionship and love in a big dog named Mudge.
3611e Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon Rylant, Cynthia 1   In the autumn Henry and his big dog Mudge watch the leaves turn, meet with some Halloween spooks and share Thanksgiving dinner.
3640e I Can Count!   1   Tactiles for counting 1 through 10.
3563 I Want to Be a Fire Fighter Maifair, Linda Lee 1   Grover learns how fire fighters put out fires, steer hook and ladder trucks, wash fire trucks, and handle the hoses.
3564 It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Schulz, Charles 1   Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin, Snoopy has a run in with the Red Baron, and all Charlie Brown gets for trick-or-treat is a rock.
3639e Just Grandpa and Me Mayer, Mercer 1   Family fun and love are in abundance when Little Critter and his grandfather head to the big city!
3556 Just Me and My Cousin Mayer, Gina; Mayer, Mercer 1   A visit to a cousin's house turns out not to be so bad after all.
3641e Little Donkey Close Your Eyes Wise Brown, Margaret 1   Join animals from around the world, including a little monkey, some silly sheep, and an old black cat, as they end their busy days and close their eyes to sleep.
3597 Little Engine That Could, The Piper, Watty 1   When the other engines refuse, the Little Blue Engine tries to pull a stranded train full of dolls, toys, and good food over the mountain.
3559 Little Peep Kent, Jack 1   A chick is warned by the other barnyard animals never to annoy the old rooster, because without him to bring up the sun, there may be no future.
3550 Little Sister Daly, Kathleen 1   David's little sister, Liz, proves that she is more than just a pest when she rescues a baby from walking over a bed of sea urchins at the beach.
3646e Littlest Pumpkin, The Wright, Suzette 1   A story with tactiles about a little pumpkin.
3529 Look What I Can Do Hayward, Linda 1   The Sesame Street characters are able to do many things such as folding clothes, feeding pets, and painting pictures.
3547 Marcellus' Birthday Cake Simeon, Lorraine 1   Marcellus, a five-year-old African-American boy who decides to bake himself a birthday cake, learns some lessons about the difficulties of baking in an illustrated tale that includes a cake and icing recipe for young bakers.
3595 Marley & Me Marley to the Rescue   1   Marley is always getting into trouble. But when trouble comes to his friends, it's up to the frisky dog to save the day!
3662 Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin   1   Marley's family wants their giant pumpkin to win a prize at the fair. But on the big day, their silly dog sends the pumpkin on a wild ride instead!
3527 Merry Christmas Mom and Dad Mayer, Mercer 1   Little Critter approaches Christmas with the intention of being a good helper. When he makes a mistake, he has a logical explanation.
3594 Miss Moore Thought Otherwise Pinborough, Jan 1   Examines the story of how librarian Ann Carroll Moore created the first children's room at the New York Public Library.
3552 Miss Nelson is Back Allard, Harry; Marshall, James 1   When their teacher has to go away for a week, the kids in room 207 plan to "really act up."
3565 Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook Garland, Michael 1   When the new teacher, Miss Smith, reads to her class, Zack and his classmates are amazed to find that the storybook characters come to life.
3537 Mittens Schaefer, Lola M. 1   Mittens is a small, shy kitten in a big, new house. Will he find a place just for him?
3616e Mommies Say Shhh! Polacco, Patricia 1   Animals make many different noises, but when they make too much noise their mommies quiet them down. A board book in uncontracted braille.
3543 More Bunny Trouble Wilhelm, Hans 1   When his baby sister crawls away while he is supposed to be watching her, Ralph and the other bunnies stop decorating Easter eggs to search for her.
3658 My Five Senses Atkinson, Mary 1   A book about your senses.
3636 My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay Best, Cari 1   Zulay, who is blind, wants to be treated like other kids in her first grade inclusive class. And, mostly, she is. She and her three best friends love to sing and dance, and help each other in math, reading and art. Zulay also receies instruction from a special teacher and with her help participates in Field Day activities as her friends cheer her on.
3531 Nanny Goat's Boat Moncure, Jane Belk 1   A book of rhyming.
3522 Never Talk to Strangers Joyce, Irma 1   Discusses different situations to help make important distinctions between people who are "safe" and people to avoid.
3546 Noah's Ark Lorimer, Lawrence 1   A retelling of the Bible story of Noah and the huge ark God asked him to build.
3561 Nobody's Mother is in Second Grade Pulver, Robin 1   Second grade is about the age where children are torn between wanting mom to visit school, but aware their friends might think it uncool.
3562 Norman Fools the Tooth Fairy Carrick, Carol 1   Norman wanted a visit from the tooth fairy. He had a loose tooth, but it was taking so long to come out. Then Norman had an idea. Why couldn't he fool the tooth fairy?
3526 Now I Know All About Seeds Kuchalla, Susan 1   Introduces children to the wonderful world of nature and plants all around them.
3528 Nuts to You! Ehlert, Lois 1   It's summer in the city, and a rascally squirrel is up to all sorts of tricks. But when he sneaks inside an apartment window, he'll need one nutty solution to get back out!
3557 Owly Thaler, Mike 1   When Owly asks his mother question after question about the world, she finds just the right ways to help him find the answers.
3582 Paper Bag Princess, The Munsch, Robert 1   Elizabeth is a beautiful princess who has to use courage and a lot of brains to outwit the dragon who has kidnapped her prince who turns out to be not-so-charming.
3607 Parts Arnold, Tedd 1   A five-year-old boy thinks his body is falling apart until he learns new teeth grow and hair and skin replace themselves.
3642e Percival the Plain Little Caterpillar Brawley, Helen 1   Percival slept for a very long time. He dreamed of green and red and blue and pink and purple and yellow. And when he woke up, something wonderful had happened!
3612e Peterkin Meets a Star Boon, Emilie 1   A child plucks a star from the sky and takes it home for his own; but the star is not happy in its new environment.
3536 Picnic! A Day in the Park Holub, Joan 1   Summer is the perfect time for a picnic -- and everyone knows that ants love a good picnic! Watermelon and corn on the cob -- yum! But when the sun starts to set, the ants must find their way home after a long afternoon in the park.
3664 Principal from the Black Lagoon, The Thaler, Mike 1   Anticipation turns a trip to the principal's office into a playfully frightening adventure!
3553 School Bus Driver from the Black Lagoon, The Thaler, Mike 1   Rex Fenderbender is the new school bus driver, and rumour has it that he drives as if he's racing in the Indy 500 and that he makes the kids rebuild the engine when it breaks down. Are the rumours true? The students will soon find out.
3570 Sesame Street Circus of Opposites, The Kingsley, Emily Perl 1   The Sesame Street Muppets perform daring circus acts demonstrating such opposite concepts as big/little, up/down, and clean/dirty.
3572 Show and Tell Relf, Patricia 1   On show and tell day at school, everyone has brought something fun and exciting to school, and Bert especially wants his to be a surprise.
3581 Silly Milly Lewison, Wendy Cheyette 1   A funny book for beginning readers. It has simple, repetitive words with rhyming sentences.
3523 Snow Day McNamara Margaret 1   The kids in Mrs. Connor's class love the snow! And they love snow days even more! But when the snow will not stop falling, Nia realizes that staying at home is not so much fun after all.
3558 Something Good Munsch, Robert 1   Something good" is exactly what Tyya, Andrew and Julie want to put into their shopping cart.
3569 Thanksgiving Treat Stock, Catherine 1   There seems to be no place for the smallest child in a family's busy preparations for Thanksgiving, until Grandpa steps in and they perform a vital task everyone else has forgotten.
3520 Three Bears, The Ingoglia, Gina 1   The classic story of Goldilocks and the three bears.
3645e Touch the Universe Grice, Noreen 1 59 A NASA book of Astronomy.
3538 Tummy Trouble Page, Josephine 1   Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone decide to give themselves treats for doing tricks. Now three crates of treats are empty and there's tummy trouble all around.
3541 We Eat Dinner in the Bathtub Medearis, Angela Shelf 1   A young boy visits a friend who lives in a topsy-turvy house.
3603 What Grandmas Do Best; What Grandpas Do Best Numeroff, Laura 1   One side of this upside-down book celebrates all of the things grandmas do for their grandchildren. Turning the book over and around produces a similar celebration of grandpas.
3571 When is Saturday? Kovacs, Deborah 1   Grover wants to know when Saturday is.
3604 White Cane Day Grender, Kristin 1   This book for very young children presents White Cane Day from a child's point of view.
3566 Why the Banana Split Walton, Rick 1   So why did the banana split? Well, for the same reason that the jackhammers hit the road, the lettuce headed out, and the skipping ropes skipped town. Here's a hint: it's bigger than a breadbox and named Rex.
3613e Will You Come Back for Me? Tompert, Ann 1   Four-year old Suki is worried about being left in day care for the first time until her mother reassures her that she loves her and will always return for her.
3539 Wind Bauer, Marion Dane 1   Though you can't see the wind, you can certainly feel it when the wind blows! But where does wind come from? 
3596 Worm and Farmer Maguire Dinardo, Jeff 1   The farmer loves his garden. Worm loves to work in her home. Can the two learn to work together?


Num. Title Author Vols Pgs Description
5072 WISCONSIN: Our State, Our Story Motovilott, John 5 670 History & Geographic story of Wisconsin.
5073e Making Connection: A Strategic Approach to Academic Reading/Second Edition Pakenham, Kenneth J. 6 878 High intermediate level academic reading skills book.
5074e Grammar and Beyond Workbook 2A Zwier, Lawrence; Holden Harry 2 260 Based on extensive research, Grammar and Beyond ensures that students study accurate information about grammar and apply it in their own speech and writing. This is the first half of Workbook Level 2. In the Workbook, learners grain additional practice in the grammar from the Student's Book, including practice correcting common learner errors.
5075e Grammar and Beyond Workbook 2B Zwier, Lawrence; Holden Harry 2 298 This is the second half of Workbook Level 2

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